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Angry mom exposes baby daddy for starvin’ her kids

Baby mama under attack/YouTube

Baby mama slams baby daddy.

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ATLANTA — A viral TikTok video shows a quarrelsome black chick in Atlanta cussin’ out her baby daddy because he bought their son a Happy Meal from McDonald’s while refusing to buy sustenance for her other 3 kids who aren’t his. Ain’t that a b*tch? The fecund damsel, scheduled to receive her food stamps on the 11th, said it’s discourteous to purchase fast food for one kid and not all; hence her rationale for exposing the sperm donor of her youngest child. “Look y’all. Every f*cking day my baby daddy come here with one f*cking meal for my child,” she said. “But I have 3 other kids. We have one kid together but he only want to come and bring one thing at McDonald’s. But what about my other kids?” Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “Girl bye! That man ain’t obligated to feed yo’ tribe.” Another chimed in with, “No one said to have all those kids.”

A third observer added, “I thought she got her food stamps on the 7th?”

Was dad in the wrong?

Should the little boy be allowed to ingest McDonald’s in front of his siblings?

Watch crazy footage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Show this video to child protective services, say that you want full custody of your son because the mother can’t even feed him.
    Take your son and enjoy your life together and let him see the mother whenever he feels like it.
    Run from a woman like this.

  2. Hmm maybe next time you should keep your legs closed and you wouldn’t have this problem with 3 other kids

  3. Please Make it Make Sense!!!!
    So if he was to buy his child some sneakers, is he responsible to buy for the others? If he was to take his child to Disneyland is he supposed to take the others? If his mother wanted to spend time with her grandchild is she supposed to spend time with the other kids that not her grands???? Make it make sense.

  4. This Dad should get full custody of his son with this video! It’s disgusting w** just admitted on camera she will make one of her children to suffer because of her poor decisions. She will not ever allow one child to have a better life than the rest when he has the opportunity to. So what happens when one of her kids gets accepted in the college and the rest don’t?? She going to make him hang behind with the rest because “that’s not fair”?? I bet this Dad can’t even buy his son school clothes or a pair of shoes without this trash loser mother stealing his shit from him (and probably selling it) because ‘you can’t have these things because your siblings don’t have them! you’re not allowed to have a father that takes care of you because I chose bums to father all my other children!. You will all suffer together equally because I’m a dumb whore! I won’t allow you to have a father that loves you because my other kids don’t have fathers that love them!” Bitch should lose custody of that child immediately!!!

  5. See this is why abortion needs to be legal. Women that dumb shouldn’t have kids.

  6. The problem with the situation is they both knew who they was dealing with period!! They both dumb and they both need help. Not one is better than the other!!

  7. She said she gets food stamps on the 7th & the 11th I hope she ain’t sellin em 🤦🏾‍♂️

  8. Man i feel really bad for the kids they had to live with this devil.. I hope the dad takes it to the court to keep the child with him he’s really caring and calm omg i would’ve lost my shit hearing her annoying ass voice SCREAMING LIKE A FUCKING CROW DUMBASS

  9. “It ain’t more than enough food in that bag for everybody” tells you everything you need to know!! Uneducated dummy of a women who keeps having kids when she can’t take care of them. Saying he sounds dumb?!?! She’s got like 3rd grade English waiting on food stamps! At least he’s trying to see his child and make HIS child happy… where is the other dad or dad’s?

  10. This is a prime example why you don’t have kids with single moms with multiple children. Personally, I would have said this: fine, I’ll just pay the child support and I’ll go on with my business. This guy is being punished for trying to be there for HIS child. These ratchet bw are why men are starting now to go MGTOW.

  11. It’s times like this her parents should’ve taken advantage of Roe v Wade…why didn’t her dad pull out is beyond me…what a delusional clown sorry excuse of a birth person she is

  12. “Expose who he really is” girl u expose yo self by being a bad and dumb mother. He helping HIS OWN SON, his son, not the other kids that arent his. This world has come into more shit bruh

  13. Hey Bitch. Use a condom.

    Your life choices are your problem, his choices are his and he’s doing the responsible thing.

    Give your baby daddy’s a call if you wanna feed your other crotch goblins.

  14. Under zero circumstances should an adult bring one meal to a place where 4 children are hungry. Shit like this reminds me why some form of slavery is necessary. Where common decency lacks, it needs to be enforced. You don’t go so low as to violating innocence. Those siblings are your kid’s blood. Nakers ain’t shit.

  15. You broke a##! All you did was expose yourself. Your other kids are not his responsibility. He ain’t got to bring no one else anything but his son. Call the rest of your baby daddies to bring them food. “Them are your sons siblings” this is the dumbest person ever. Get a job and feed your kids.

  16. HAHA BIHHHHH. Go and call your other baby daddies and tell them bring they ass McDonald’s. Bernie Mac said it best, F^*+! THEM KIDS!!!

  17. If you been a mother you know the harm being caused by this…I had two kids by two different men…… daddy one didn’t come into the pic till my oldest was 12…before baby daddy 1 stepped up…baby daddy 2 became my husband and took care of me and his stepdaughter…in order to keep my kids from thinking they were different I told my husband if he did for one he had to do for all….this a hard one cause I think the child getting the McDonalds brags about it which causes friction….y’all stupid if you siding with the daddy cause you know how hurtful this could be

  18. This is why guys need to be very cautious in who they put their seed in.

  19. 😂You saw how quiet she got when he asked her where the other baby Daddy’s at?? She lowkey mad that he wants his child and not her and her other kids. She wanted him to simp.

  20. Prime example of a shitty human being. This poor excuse of a mother.

  21. Where do women get off thinking that a dude is supposed to take care of someone else kids? A had a chick with this exact mentality

  22. Sis got 4 kids. I know she get more than 600 a month in stamps… where all the stamps go???

  23. She sound stupid dumb as fuck. He needs to take his kid from her. This is the shit I be talking about. These chicks are sick as fuck. She sound uneducated he just need to take his kid fuck her dum ass. Where the other kids father!

  24. Why doesn’t he just buy a pack of hamburger beef and she can fry hamburgers for everyone? He can probably pay the same amount for a pack of beef as he pays for nasty McDonalds. Problem solved. Question is will she get her ass in the kitchen and cook?!

  25. He wasn’t wrong, but same time McDonald’s cheap af. Use their app and you get Hella deals. I couldn’t let some kids go hungry to prove a point especially over 5 to 10 bucks. And a real sibling would split the food 3 ways. If I got it and my brother doesn’t he gets half.

  26. Aye broad…… slim is not obligated to buy your other kids shit 4 real. Aight y’all was together at 1 time but y’all are not now so what in thee section8 fuck type of shit are you on! Call those other nukkas and have their asses bring food or get your bucket head ass izzup & got get them somn Mickey D’s!

  27. THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN U BREAK UP. Those little bastards ain’t his kids. He’s being a good father by taking care of his. You should be a good mother and take care of your other children. That’s not his responsibility. How does your brain even work like that? 😂😭 “ignant”

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