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Cam has women in check

Jasmin Brown under attack/YouTube

Jasmin Brown under fire.

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CHARLOTTE — Cam Newton’s girlfriend, Jasmin ‘Jazzy’ Brown, is catching hell from black chicks on social media after she told the world she’s “submissive” to her man and love “spoiling” his rich ass. The prepossessing redbone voiced the controversial remarks during a recent appearance on “Lovers and Friends” via Shan BOODY’s podcast. If you recall, Jasmin excoriated Cam’s ‘Boss Bitch’ rant a few weeks ago when he suggested women should be more acquiescent. Now she’s experiencing a change of heart. When asked to elucidate what she does for her NFL quarterback, the 33-year-old actress replied: “Everything… packing his bag, unpacking his bag… I pretty much read his mind. So it’s like if I know you, and I study you… Before you can ever ask me for something, I’m already on it… He’s spoiled rotten but I love that. I think my biggest flex is how I treat my man.”

Jasmin also believes in feeding Cam ’til he passes out with a satiated abdomen.

“I love to see him eating the meal that I cooked,” she explained.

“I love seeing him sleep easy. Every night, like clockwork, I scratch this man’s back until he falls asleep.”

Scratch his back?

Social media reaction was nothing short of risible. One viewer wrote, “Doing all that without a ring is STUPID!” Another chimed in with, “Women are like: ‘Girl, you shouldn’t do anything for that $MultiMillionaire. You should be broke, alone, strong and independent like us!'” A third observer added, “I hope that doesnt mean she’s willing to be a baby mama and not a wife.”

Do you share Jasmin’s sentiment?

Is she making a big mistake by being submissive to a man she’s not married to?

Watch the podcast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I am all for a black man who have standards and definitely don’t have a problem with reciprocating and being submissive to my man.👑🤎👑

  2. This is important to see for both black men and black women. Black women see a woman is being what the man she wants requires. She’s successful, and beautiful. She’s fit with no children and not wearing giant eyelashes and ridiculous nails and bizarre makeup. She’s submitting for what she wants. For black men, they see a man who has put his foot down and said openly what he expects and what he doesn’t want. He’s in his purpose and successful. He got Jasmine despite having called women out. Yet she still came to him. Women respect a man standing in his truth. He did not simp to get a beautiful woman.

  3. I remember a few months ago her saying a man better be able to handle her cuz she’s a “WIIIIILD PUSSYCAT!”

    Then Kevin Samuels got on her ass and now she’s someone’s peace🤣🤣🤣

  4. IMO I think this is going to end bad🤷🏾‍♂️ She’s a good girl gone bad. A few years back she’s was truly a dime. Funny, feminine, and faithful, but adopted the “Bad bitch” mentality once she got exposure to bad bitch culture. Just watch some of her old videos. I still think she’s quality underneath the 🧢 , but only with the right (honest) high value man. Don’t get me twisted, I think Cam Newton is a boss, but I don’t think he’s straight up with her about his sexual endeavors. Let’s see what happens when he smashes another chick 👀

  5. She’s being attacked because she talked the most shit about Cam when he made the initial remark.

  6. Women can talk all that nonsense they want; it’s still not going to change anything. As men with standards and self-respect in ourselves; we know what we want, soo if you are not willing to be on our program; well, you know the business.

  7. I’m so blessed to have a wife that has the same thoughts as her. A lot of these women are too much into themselves these days. I feel for my sons who will have to search for a wife with women who thinks submissive means controlling and not being a true help mate that lets a real man lead.

  8. I been married 16 years and my husband has never ever even said the word “submissive”! Why, because he knew I adored him, honored him, an respected him! Period, he married me because I was smart, we could discuss things, agree to disagree and come to an agreement. I had no problem cooking for him sometimes, or washing his clothes or caring for him ever! HE’S MY HUSBAND! These Crack Babies are mentally warped, you want to keep mess up! A real Black Man never has to ever even say they word submissive! Because if his lady is not caring for him the way he needs and wants he should find one who will! But I don’t walk two steps behind my husband, I walk along his side! We catered to each other, spoil each other, clean for each other, care for each other, cook for each other! Get A Life, And A Real Understanding Of What Marriage Is All About!

  9. There’s no problem with how she treats him As long as he’s doing it for her too. I think a lot of women don’t agree with the submissive comment because they think that means he’s being spoiled without showing the same type of love to her

  10. Beautiful and smart.. good job sofar Cam. We gotta keep watching to see if she switches up though. 💯🎯✊🏿👍🏾

  11. I love Jazzy! She keeps it 💯 , funny and has always been about keeping herself fit and ready for the RIGHT man to step to her and match her energy. That is what a mature woman does. Right morals and positive outlook about handling a black relationship is the RIGHT way to go. Too bad other sistas or whomever are slandering her opinion and motives. She is only just trying change the scarred BM vs BW narrative. I appreciate that. Becoz I agree with her 2000%. Again, Congratulations to them both! I pray they keep others out of their business and opinions and can last longer than Michael B Jordan and Lori Harvey. Power to Black couples & relationships!

  12. What’s funny is a lot of these women listen to these social media people and your Cardi’s and Nicki’s meanwhile. Cardi married. And Nicki told them don’t ever deal with a non rich n*gga. She sitting up here married to a broke dude whos been locked up and had a baby by him. Can’t make any of this up lmfao! Women keep other women single.

  13. It’s funny how all these men are applauding Jazzy when they have been mocking black women who submit to men like this. The hypocrisy is overwhelming.
    BM always move the goal post for biracial and non bw. Cam is an F Boy with money. He is no different than Nick Cannon or Future. Why Jazzy feels like she needs to profess her submissiveness to him is beyond me. It seems more like she is trying to secure a bag that he already made clear he is not giving to any women. He didn’t marry the mother of his children or the mothers of the children he created while in that so called committed relationship. Why does she think he will marry her?? Red Flags everywhere!

  14. She literally said she wouldn’t be submissive if he was broke. Idk y y’all acting like she’s the spokesperson for truly submissive women 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  15. Jasmin is absolutely right💯💯 (I don’t see what there is to be upset about?!?🤔🤷🏽 GTFOH) i sware folks have lost their everloving mind today!! Especially on this internet..Now this is a woman who knows how to keep a man…Bless her for using her common damn sense!!..All this other Craziness is null & void!!!

  16. Just saying when people really start believing they are a “queen” your going to have a problem. 1. Question – By definition do Queen’s serve? 2. Answer – No they do not. They do not lower themselves to serve others.

  17. MONEY will make a black woman shut the fuck up quickly. When a BM has money we have the leverage and things go differently in a relationship.

  18. 🧢 cap 🧢.
    She got y’all Ina trick bag.
    She after the bag.
    You can’t compare what multi multi millionaire life to yours. They are in the entertainment industry.
    This whole thing is a super drama.
    Get out the dam matrix.
    She capping capping.

  19. As I’ve already said, if Cam Newton wasn’t rich he would spend his life celibate. Wanting “submission” is not a mindset the average man can afford to have.

    The few men I know who think like this are single and have been for at least five years.

  20. Men run the world 🌎 as far as the Bible concern we gave up a rib for women they should be submissive to men we made the world what it is today for them I know Adam wish Eve would have been submissive maybe she would have not eaten that Apple 🍎

  21. As a Man, I don’t think you can expect her to be Submissive if you can’t afford to take care of her, the Kids and a certain lifestyle by yourself. Now if she can, as a Man you can demand that from a Woman. If she doesn’t want that well then Ex Girl To The Next Girl. That’s just how it’s going to be. Me I can’t afford that type of lifestyle. So I’m just going to have to compromise with her and just try to make it work.

  22. As a former simp, I can say there will always be plenty of SIMPs out there, they have been born and bred for at least a couple of generations. Modern women and simps go hand in hand so a lot of modern women can continue talking until the red pill shift grows large enough to shut it down or they form a “Let Modern Women Love Only Each Other” movement.

  23. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what she said however as a childless woman I will not waste my submission on someone else’s baby daddy/ex-husband or a known whoremonger. That type of man isn’t worthy of submission. In addition according to the Bible the woman is supposed to submit to her husband. The man is the head. A lot of women refuse to follow Gods order and the majority of these women are single mothers and/or possessed with the Jezebel spirit. A man who is serving God and on his purpose deserves submission because if he’s serving God first and foremost he’s showing his ability to lead.

  24. Amen to this..SUBMISSION is such freedom! Especially when you are a strong woman but submit to him and he still respects you and allows you to be strong..I think submission is ingrained in women but men took such advantage of it we stopped being this way..I personally love it!! Dominate me..tsll me exactly what to do sir..and I got u💯💯 cheating no lying just building💯

  25. HOLY BIBLE– Colossians 3:18 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord. 19 Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them. 20 Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing unto the Lord. 21 Fathers, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged.

  26. I honestly feel like she just wasn’t able to articulate it well so sounded a bit simple – what she meant to describe was nurturing – many women don’t know how to articulate their role fully because we never really teach young women the fullness and value of femininity and feminine roles – also femininity is RECEPTIVE not submissive .

  27. Let’s see her do all that for Joe Schmuck that works at Walmart for $10 an hour. Maybe then I’ll believe you. 🤷‍♂️

  28. fresh and fit and Kevin samuels really did a favor to these women and let them start thinking realistically

  29. This woman won’t do this for any man, nor should you expect this treatment unless you are a conqueror. Peasant women don’t treat their working class husbands this way.

    To the most competent males come the spoils.

  30. she only like this cause he pays her bills + on payroll – as a man best to rent the ho – dont buy the cow. women aint worth the drama + baggage.

  31. That’s why any man who has it together you have to go exotical or foreign because the rest of these strong and independent MCoverweight baby Mama’s don’t talk like this!

  32. Shid I want that too ladies take notes, I’m literally thinking about leaving my chick right now because she not doing enough, got me like whats the point I can find pus & companionship anywhere

  33. whut if he comes home with a bag of popeyes and a box of face diapers….is she gonna speak up?

  34. Love is my super power. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahhaahahahhahhhaahahahahaahahahahaahahahahahahahahhahaahaahhaahahhahahahahahahahahahaahahahaahahahahah
    Damn B!tchez be delusional ASF

  35. Sounds like a typical b!+c# that has no job so she does things that money can’t buy like fuck him and wash dishes and he brings home the bacon

  36. A lot of these chicks are married to professional athletes. They understand the importance of securing the bag

  37. Finances is a big determining factor for a lot of women on how they will treat you, how submissive they will be, and how they will bend over forwards and backwards to please you to secure a high maintenance, high material lifestyle! This is not from a place of genuineness, but from a being of treatment of brought behavior! This is someone who loves what you have to offer and not who you are at its core! Be a woman that truly give from the heart and shower love into a man’s life no matter what level he is on, support, encourage him, and watch you 2 blossom into something that will be unbreakable!

  38. This interview is all over the place. This girl is so out of sorts she doesn’t have a clue. She doesn’t even know what she needs from her man. But she knows what he wants… she is air head. And butts don’t cream my dear, that’s called shit.

  39. These women suffer from silly woman syndrome; submission should be reserved for husband/wife. This behavior is community slavery.

  40. She deserves a ring right now!!!! Cam do the right thing and don’t mess this one up.

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