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Taco Bell manager poured boiling water on mom & kid

Taco John's

Manager drenches customers/YouTube

Taco Bell is gettin’ sued. 

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DALLAS — Taco Bell is being sued by a black mother and her daughter after a manager drenched their asses with boiling hot water during a dispute. The donnybrook transpired on June 17th in Dallas, Texas. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows Brittany Davis and her 16-year-old kid having contretemps with a white cashier over an erroneous order. When Brittany and her partner-in-crime went behind the counter, a female manager grabbed a “scalding bucket of water” and poured it on ’em. Dayuuummm! Brittany and the young girl scurried towards the exit like cockroaches. Both suffered acute third-degree burns, causing their “skin to bubble the size of softballs.” Ouch! To add insult to injury, employees mocked the maimed females as they effectuated an egress. According to the lawsuit, “As this family was leaving the parking lot, a Taco Bell employee came outside the front door, laughing, clapping and taunting the family – adding insult to horrific injury.”

Brittany is seeking $1 million in damages. Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump is representing her. So this promises to become “Black Lives Matter” litigation. Prior to gettin’ doused, Brittany told investigators she went through drive-thru three times to have the entrée rectified. An employee eventually let ’em inside the locked dining area where all hell ultimately broke loose.

The manager is claiming self-defense.

Are you Team Brittany or Team Taco Bell?

Watch disturbing footage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. There should be a law for restaurants that as soon as customers start going over the counter or assaulting employees, all employees have the right to defend themselves anyway possible

  2. If you are not there for work then you dont belong behind the counter period. She defended herself her fellow employees and the store from two self entitled dummys.

  3. Jesus christ I think that was oil not water do u have any idea what that would have done to those ladies melted there flesh off gave them 3rd degree burns scared for the rest of there lives the lady who did this is disgusting and should be locked up!!!!

  4. looks like people are finally getting fed up with being attacked while they’re simply trying to earn an honest living

  5. Once you pass the threshold of the counter you deserve whatever happens to you.

  6. I didn’t always feel this way but now you have to be the craziest person in these situations and willing to do anything in the moment and worry about the consequences later. It’s better to defend yourself in a court of law than to be 6 feet under.

  7. the employee was totally right, you cross the counter, you get the boling water, period!

  8. Two cows 🐄 harass fast food workers. You got lucky b1tches. It ain’t Mcdee’s but you should got a free fifty piece. In your face. Lawsuit dismissed.

  9. If missing ingredients get people this angry, just wait until the food shortages. The right to defend yourself does not come from government. It’s an inalienable right.

  10. The young lady had to do what she could at the moment. When those two went beyond the counter it could have been anything; guns, knives, violent beat down. But no, the young lady stopped it right then and there protecting the entire crew. Outstanding job young lady; as an American and a veteran I am proud of you and your initiative.
    ☝ in my book!

  11. The taco bell employee’s were white trash nothing more who think they can do whatever they want but sometime in their life they will get a taste of the their own medicine

  12. This is the plan for all fast food employees. If someone tries to rob the place, boiling oil to the their face.

  13. I COMPLETELY support this employee. How many videos are there of women just like this who flip out go behind the counter like they own the place and start trashing stores and beating on the employees…you see them almost every day! One little thing and these women snap and go full throttle crazy on these poor people. I sure hope Taco Bell fully supports them too, not to mention the judge.

  14. Self defense. Because maybe these employees have seen all the videos of people freaking out at fast food places and destroying the joint. Maybe the employee decided “you know what? NOT TODAY”. And maybe if this happened more often, people would show a little more respect.

  15. I love how the other employee just keeps making the tacos while this is all going on. That’s a focused and dedicated employee right there. They should all get a raise.

  16. People in here keep saying “self defense” and then use “they came behind the counter” as justification.

    Is the counter a part of somebody’s self?

  17. Keep these ( “ victims of social injustice “) on notice. Well done, staff. There is no other way to deal with these people. They carry themselves as entitled to do harm as they see it fit. So many low income fast food workers have been continuously targeted and subjected to abuse by these folks. Too bad it was not some super hot oil instead! .

  18. 100% self defense. People are really really getting sick and tired of this BS.

  19. They walked behind the counter, that is an aggressive move, who knows what their intent was? The employee obviously felt threatened. Crazy how you can be sued for defending yourself.

  20. They got that hot sauce to the face haha hahaha hahaha!! Those two got what they deserved but that lady needs to quit or change locations bc I’m sure they have some pookie & ray ray boyfriends that will shoot that store upppp smh

  21. Wow, that fearless woman is a hero. After she threw the hot water at the two perps, she hurriedly went back for a refill. It looks as though she was on the phone with the police when this was all taking place. Smart lady and quick thinker.

  22. When ” Keeping it Real Goes Wrong ”
    – That’s not even real food people are getting ignorant over. That water however… was real, was really hot and probably really hurt. Those two and everyone they know learned a valuable lesson.

  23. Usual suspects,this is why i refuse to work any kind of customer service ever again.I fully support what the employee did,bet those women wont go behind a counter at a restaurant ever again.

  24. I worked at Taco Bell as a kid. I fantasized about doing that everyday. Glad she got the chance.

  25. If they get fired, we need to set up a gofund me for that employee. They think they can do whatever they want. Love how they ran out like cockroaches.

  26. Love it! More western females need checked like that, the sense of entitlement is out of this world

  27. Badass employee, we need more like her. It’s about time businesses start fighting back against these thugs that think they can intimidate any/everyone around them.

  28. Those type of customers can be so f—-kn RUDE! and then they started endangering the employees by trespassing into their work space. This was a case of self defense and taking care of their safety.

  29. What the heck did they think was going to happen? Like the woman wasn’t going to defend herself?

  30. zombies startin to rear their ugly heads……. get ready america

  31. That employee bravely defended her post, coworkers and place of employment. Slight overkill but resourceful and warranted. I’m giving this employee a 10 out of 10 because it’s better to have overkill than fall short of defending yourself.

  32. wait til the food shortage hits home y’all gone see some even crazier sh*t

  33. When I was a teenager I worked at Arby’s. I worked the drive thru sometimes. One time a couple women came through the drive and when they got to the window, they started harassing me immediately. They said I got the order wrong, so I read it back to them and fixed my mistake..I was never rude. I was always willing to fix a mistake and never took it out on the customer. Well it turns out they were literally just messing with me for no reason. They wanted me to change the order back and so I did. But they were being really rude and aggressive. I stepped away momentarily to start bagging the order up and before I could turn the corner they threw trash at me through the drive thru window. They were laughing so hard like they were proud of what they’d done. My manager came over to the window with the trash in hand and asked if they just threw it at me. They laughed and were like “Yeah so what ****#!” My manager said “Oh yeah well you can have it back!” Threw the trash at them, locked the drive thru window and walked away to help me clean off my work pants. They had thrown some sort of liquid on them too. Instant justice.

  34. Everybody’s a badass until the boiling water hits their face 🤓
    Should’ve been nacho cheese 🤔

  35. You can see the racist agenda in these comments. All of you are a bunch of cowards. This was not self-defense. Nobody knows what was said on the camera and if you’re going to use self-defense then don’t be a coward and throw boiling hot water on somebody you fight them. Nobody even knows what was said from either party. All yall know is that they are black so I’m guessing it’s justified. All y’all some cowards!!

  36. You have weirdos in the comments screaming self defense when there wasn’t an initial attack. The manager is a psycho lunatic that needs to be locked away. I hope you all keep the same energy when a Karen gets some hot water to the face or something worse the next time she’s having one of her moments.

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