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Marvel Studios’ Wakanda Forever teaser is released

Female Black Panther draws criticism/Marvel

Black Panther now a female.

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HOLLYWOOD — Marvel Studios released the teaser for “Wakanda Forever” and fans are pissed because the original Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman, died two years ago from derrière cancer and Letitia Wright — who plays King T’Challa’s kid sister, Shuri — is rumored to take over the throne as the female variant of the Feline Avenger. Not to mention there’s hardly any black men in the trailer. Here’s something else to keep an eye on: Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie was crowned King of Asgard instead of Queen in “Thor: Love and Thunder.” which makes you wonder if the new Panther will garner such a masculine depiction. The woke sequel also features archvillain Namor the Mexican Sub-Mariner (Tenoch Huerta) coupled with the return of Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o), Okoye (Danai Gurira) and Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett).

Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross is back as the token white guy.

There’s no sign of my n*gga Erik Killmonger.

Social media reaction was fierce.

One viewer wrote, “There better not be one scratch of homosexuality in this film.”

Another fan chimed in with, “If there really was a Wakanda, most of the people would have Monkey Pox, AIDS, or Ebola.” A third observer added, “So they gonna have a female Black Panther??? Damn, they’re gonna ruin this movie.” If you recall, film critics implored director Ryan Coogler to recast T’Challa instead of using a female protagonist as Black Panther. Do you agree?

Watch the emotional teaser.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Fictional country real life Negroids can never achieve, let alone even the movie forever!, should be the title. Yibambe!

  2. This shit made me emotional, and I had my doubts I think this may be Marvel’s strongest film franchise (again)

  3. interesting note: Namor is Marvel’s original first mutant in the 60’s even before the X-Men, & he is as strong as Superman. Namor came out a year & a half before Aquaman. Originally Namor is a villain turned anti-hero, & he is madly in love with Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman of the Fantastic 4.

  4. First one sucked big monkey balls…not wasting time on this ✌🏽

    First one felt like a big budget Nigerian movie😂

  5. @The COBRA: T’Challa is recast, the character dies protecting Wakanda from the flood attack…he is assumed dead, BUT, it’s a plot to weed out the real threat, a Secret Invasion, that put Atlantis against Wakanda, he returns, with a genetic facelift to get to the real enemy, but the process is irreversible to go undetected…and we have a new face, but same T’Challa.

  6. Hollywood ruined the marvel stories, it aint nothing like the comic book. Instead of coming up with a good story like the comic:
    “With the Avengers defeated they retreat to T’Challa’s homeland of Wakanda and Namor decides that since the African nation is harboring enemies of mutantkind, it wis necessary for Atlantis to invade. This invasion devastates Wakanda and also marks the beginning of T’Challa’s rivalry with Namor. But unlike most superhero rivalries this one carries with it the weight of two highly advanced nations. The two kings aren’t just fighting over their personal differences anymore, their subjects are dying too.”

  7. Now the stupid negro’s are gonna run to the theater in dashikis yelling “wonkanda forever” while giving Woke Disney (white people) another billion dollars in revenue. The effeminate beta male negro’s love gynocentric movies because it reminds them of the toxic matriarchy they’ve come from. The male negro has the mentality of a male hyena…..loves being led by the female.

  8. My girlfriend pointed out how no Heterosexual Black Men are in this movie & that they’re blatantly promoting feminism that Wakanda’s just full of Women, “fighting” a War against Men.

  9. This is not a female role, black panther is a man and I didn’t see too many men in this teaser. I’m so disappointed. Kill the franchise

  10. If this was realistic, the black men would gày 👨🏿 🏳️‍🌈…the black women would be obese studs 👩🏿 🏳️‍🌈 and they would be doing drive by shootings with vibranium guns while holding them sideways while yelling the “n” word to each other.

  11. Not seeing that nonsense.

    Niggas dying broke doing super hero films.

    The progress is making white folk billions.

    Black panther getting paid in food stamps to do marvel films.

    That man died broke.

  12. ohhh lawd here comes all the ppl dressed like african kings and queens just to see a movie 🤦‍♂️🤣

  13. Chadwick on an interview on the Breakfast club said Black Panther was bigger than him. They should have re-casted him.

  14. If they got rid of Chadwick’s role, I can tell this shit about to be corny and the storyline is about to become trash

  15. Inferior whites have nothing positive going for them and that’s why they hangout commenting on black websites. Thinking that being next to excellence will cure them. Sadly the only cure for them is death.

  16. neegas will create an entire fictional country and universe and pretend thats their history before ever going back to Africa. Yall like to romanticize Africa, but won’t move their or even visit. I went 3 times and was treated like a king

  17. Ryan coogler had to make a sacrifice to get into disney and Chadwick was it

  18. @I Fooled You Colored’s Again: Just like you honkeys run to the theater for Star Wars thinking you can levitate stuff off the ground like jedis actually exist. FOH

  19. Recast T’Challa. Hell get Denzel’s son or somebody to play him. I like Boseman too but they need more black men in this besides M’Baku.

  20. Get ready for black people to act like Wakanda is a real country again lol.

  21. They couldn’t wait to get blk men out the picture. More Whyte supremacy.

  22. @LeBron’s_Hairline: Wakanda supposed to be in africa tho right? It’s gives positive images of black people for their kids. White people just hate for black people to feel self empowered by anything.

  23. all these female leads in this movie bruh where is the masculinity at ?🔦
    guarantee the new blk panther is a chick
    the blk community is so damn matriarchal and movies like this reinforces this reality

  24. Too many black women in it. Submariner never had any beef with black panther.

  25. Why do whites always care for black movies???

    Do you ever see blacks ask about the sex and the city movie??

  26. Why can’t blk men just have 1 great main movie superhero? They turned blk panther into a chick . This is definitely going to be a woman empowerment movie ..which is lame 😒

    Well boys .. we only have Kang the conqueror ..blade ..and falcon as captain America to look forward to

  27. This movie is going to be straight up garbage without Chadwick. Don’t waste your time or money.

  28. Angela Bassett bringing the chills. That was a powerful as hell trailer.

  29. Nakia is the new Panther not Shuri, The Shuri actress had conflict due to her not wanting to take the vaccine so I think her role was reduced & the spotlight given to Nakia. Shuri will remain head of science division.

  30. OK, so I think it’s really beautiful the shot of Okoye coming out of the shadows as one of the last lines of Chadwicks final speeches as T’Challa was about Wakanda “coming out of the shadows” at the UN I believe. I also really love the connection between what looks like the atlantians flooding the throne room, and then it looks like the throne room is entirely flooded, and I’m assuming it’s Namor, descending into the throne?? It looks amazing. I think instead of Shuri becoming Black panther, they’ll bring back Killmonger. For a few reasons, one Angela Bassett delivers the line “my ENTIRE family is gone”, so I believe something bad may happen to Shuri, or she may just leave out of despair over her brother, and also we can see there is gold back in theBlack Panther suit as Killmongers suit was previously. Also, during the final shot were they show the black panther claws, we hear the line “and when I wake up”. 🤷‍♀️ Killmonger was resurrected in the comics for the title as a redemption arc, and Michael B Jordan was a hit among fans, who all/many agreed he was killed off too soon/ could’ve been used more. Idk, just my theories here. But for definite, this movie is going to make most/all of us cry. 🤙💜

  31. When do we see the ‘White Klansman’ super-hero??

    The ‘Black Panther’ organization is extremely “racist”, and Marvel knows exactly what it’s doing here.

  32. So NO black male star, but you got a Mexican man in black panther? I’m good

  33. Alright, first of all respect to Chadwick Boseman may he rest in peace. What he did, acting at his best even being sick, all power to him. He really made Black Panther apart of himself. Now however there is a certain concern that Marvel is using his passing as plot instead of actually focusing on the character itself. I really belief they should have recast the character, Marvel have literally done this many times. Am sure Chadwick wouldn’t want this character to just be on him even his brother has mentioned before that they should recast the roll. The show is title Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which means there needs to be a certain length of screen time with the Black Panther. Again Chadwick passing was really painful and respects to him and his family, but the show must go on. And this is a fictional universe with fictional characters, that’s why if you want to continue that legacy of such amazing characters you should recast

  34. REPRESENT! Brothas and sistas! We got to make this The highest grossing movie in cinema history! FOR CHADWICK!

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