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Will Smith needs therapy

Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock/Clutchpoints

Will Smith finally apologizes.

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HOLLYWOOD — A viral video shows Will Smith apologizing to Chris Rock for smacking the sh*t out of him at the Oscar Awards. The bitch-slap transpired in the aftermath of Chris cracking a G.I. Jane joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s baldhead. The 50-year-old actress suffers from Alopecia Areata. I swear, every time I see Jada it makes me wanna shoot pool. Will, 53, reached out to Chris multiple times. But to no avail. “Chris, I apologize to you,” the cuckhold said while gazing into the camera. “My behavior was unacceptable and I’m here whenever you’re ready to talk.” The “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” alum also sought forgiveness from Chris’ mother and the entire family; including comedian Tony Rock. Social media reaction was vicious. One viewer wrote, “He’s batshit crazy, his wife is a crazy nymphomaniac and groomer, his son is crazy. This family is nuts.” Another chimed in with, “Is he apologizing to Chris or Hollywood?” A third observer added, “You can’t apologize for slapping a man in front of millions of people. It will be on the Internet forever.”

A close source said Jada coerced Will to make amends. Not because it’s the right thing to do. But because the slap is razing her talk show métier. “Jada has also been pushing Will to apologize because it has become this really dark cloud over her Red Table Talk series,” the insider said before adding, “It would be impossible for him to move forward successfully unless he [addressed the slap].”

Will received a 10-year ban from the Oscars.

Should Chris accept his apology?

Is it time to let it go?

Watch the clip.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. why is he apologizing for, wasn’t it just a big ass advertisement for pfizer and their alopecia treatment they recently came out with?

  2. Everybody deserves a second chance when you have done wrong and try to do right because you messed up and know it…I feel bad for both of them…

  3. Where all the fuck boys and thots that were defending Will when it happened? All that BS about being a man and a husband. This is what should have been said from the start. We as a culture hate ourselves sooooo much we supported Will in that fucked up moment.

  4. he apologizing now ,,,cause his money slowed down ,,,,,he looks angry he has to do this shit,,,, so maybe he can star in movies and tv shows again,,,

  5. Most people are completely missing this point. CHRIS ROCK IS THE BULLY HERE. He’s been attacking Will and his family for years. Chris’s public attacks started around 2011 on David Letterman’s show, then the 2016 Oscars, now again at the 2022 Oscars. These are publicly known but behind the scenes there may be so many more. Chris covered these with comedy so you think he’s the victim. He’s not. If you’re siding with Chris, do your research first. Was Will supposed to let Chris continue using Will’s family, in a negative personal way, as comedy material. Most people wouldn’t. They would put a stop to it. That’s what Will did. We shouldn’t be mad at him, we should have the compassion that we would give ourselves for doing the same.

    Will needs to address what led up to the slap and why he was so triggered. It could’ve been handled behind the curtains but since it wasn’t he needs to speak on it. Industry insiders and those close to Will already know the bullying he’s endured over the years but the public doesn’t. Chris’s public bullying goes back to David Letterman’s show 2011 where he expressed jealousy over Will’s getting so many gigs. Then, the 2016 Oscars when he made fun of Jada on stage for boycotting the ceremony. He singled her out, telling her that she “wasn’t invited” when all she was doing, like many others was boycotting because of the lack of diversity at the Oscars that year. He didn’t attack anyone else just her.

    Mike Tyson beat the bullying guy on the airplane. We’re not mad at Mike because we’ve identified the right bully…it was the other guy. The same here. Chris Rock is the bully, not Will. Chris Rock started this, Will finished it. And now people are mad at Will because they don’t know the truth about what Chris has been saying about Will and his family.

    Will needs to address this in future videos or interviews. If Will doesn’t explain why this happened, people are going to continue siding with Chris as only the victim when he’s the bully here. Chris was clearly in the wrong to joke about Jada’s physical appearance at this major event. This was not his comedy tour. He meant this to be personal and hurtful to her. That’s why this joke was made off the top of his head and wasn’t in rehearsals.

    What other woman has ever been used as a punchline at the Oscars like this? The fact that Chris felt comfortable insulting Jada and talking crap about Will’s family over and over AGAIN says it all. We let bullies win way too much in this society. Chris is the bully here and people need to know that. Speak on it, Will or anyone who understands this!

  6. Will was always that black man that wanted to be a real Phillip Banks, Cliff Hufstable type father and have that Banks or Hugstable type family. He wanted to keep that black family household together and make it look like the Brady Bunch from the outside looking in. Your happiness comes 1st Will. Fvck your weird azz inconsiderate wife and kids and work on you right now.

  7. Yeah, them weird ass kids was the beginning, then the Red Table talk, him unnecessarily admitting he wanted to kill his father, then the slap was the straw that broke the camel’s back smh plus Bad Boys 3 was garbage! Perfect recipe to kill a mega Hollywood career. He’d gotta divorce Jada just to get get any dignity back from the fan base, he looks like a clown from Bel Air

  8. Lemme guess “I so sorry, me a cuck dat do whaaaa eber my lady tells me to do!!!!”

  9. yall been punked! chris rock is moving up the ranks in freemasonry..this was a humiliation ritual. will didnt even touch him..they all into it together.

    will sold out long time ago….


  11. nobody is buying it Will…do you and everyone a favor and kick that b!tch to the curb…let Tupac’s ghost be jada’s husband and your children’s baby daddy….

  12. Sometimes in modern history , an event happens that clarifies a bigger problem. Blacks fight in stores, restaurants, streets, clubs, backyards, but the family fight at Disney over line braking between 2 black families went national news. Will Smith is forever linked to THE SLAP HEARD AROUND THE WORLD. Blacks are fvcking angry all the time and you can’t say “400 years…” and keep fighting like animals, getting arrested or killed. It’s called civilization because your suppose to be civil.

  13. Will Smith is SUCH a weak man!!!!!! He is forever damaged in my opinions of him! BECAUSE NOW WE KNOW HIM!!!! Jada has BROKEN him and THAT is a Weak Man!

  14. Fake slap to keep Hollywood relevant. No one would’ve known about the Oscars if it wasn’t for that shyt. These people sold their souls

  15. Will needs to divorce Jada. Will was the man back in the day, but he’s been lame as hell for the last 15 years.

  16. Lmao.. Will Smith would regain all the respect he once had if he would just divorce that dumb btch Jada and move onl. She even had the nerve to publically say she didn’t know Will would do that and doesn’t condone violence while simultaneously smirking and feeling herself after he did it.

  17. Hell u taught Chris a lesson I bet he won’t talk about nobody else’s fckn
    Wife 🤔

  18. Will, you still kissing her after she was sexing and sucking off that rapper!! SIMP

  19. Gosh it sickens me that everyone seems to know what Will should do at this point. A fact is: it doesn’t matter WHAT he is doing because he can’t make it right in peoples eyes. If he says sorry it HAS to be fake, he is acting, he does not mean it, it’s scripted… bla bla bla. If he does nothing he is a coward. If he is sticking with his wife he is an idiot. If he is leaving her he is an …. you see where im going? None of you smartypants KNOW ANYTHING! None of us is walking in their shoes! Sure it was no glory moment. Its not funny to make a joke about a disease (comedian or not) and it is also not funny to slap someone in the face for that. But after all, it was a single slap! Other people did much worse before and have not been attacked like that. If that would have been at a private party in someones backyard, nobody would think about it anymore. They would have cleared it out immeadiately and could go back to normal, cause this is what men do. But since it was seen by millions of people all over the world it became a huge drama and everyone thinks its ok to judge. Like none of you guys ever made a bad decicion. Seriously… get a life…

  20. Smith wants Oscar ban lifted. Producers aren’t offering him any roles. This apology is about the Benjamins.

  21. Is Chris Rock ever going to apologize for making fun of someone else’s medical condition? Think of all the kids at school that get bullied for having alopecia who saw Chris Rock basically saying to the world it’s okay to make fun of people for losing their hair. Will Smith was absolutely wrong to hit Chris Rock – but Chris Rock is in the wrong too.

  22. I grew up loving everything Will did. But I lost all respect for him after I found out the truth about what he did to the real aunt Viv (Janet Hubert) from The Fresh Prince. He’s a narcissist wrecking ball. Anyone who can’t stand a colleague who gets any kind of light besides him is a little cry baby piece of shit. Fuck you Will, Anyone who is jealous of others and goes out of their way to double cross them is a fucking degenerate. I don’t feel bad for you at all. You have wanted the world to be about you since you were a teenager. You slap about as hard as you rap .

  23. i think CHRIS should forgive Will for slapping him because he shouldnt have made of fun of jada for being bald theres a million topics you can joke about

  24. This is a broken man. I don’t condone what he did, but you can tell he has been emotionally manipulated and is lost. Men…. don’t be afraid to reach out or go to therapy if you’re hurting internally. We deserve help too. Stay peaceful kings

  25. Chris Rock doesn’t want to talk until he gets paid. He wants a Netflix special.

  26. Whatever. Chris Rock cracked on his woman and he lost it. He is just a man. Say your sorry, offer up a little change to Chris Rock if it will make it right with him and let’s move on. You have done good for decades and this one incident does not define you, no matter what haters want to say.

  27. I hated what Will did but Will has always been a good dude and I grew up listening to his music, watching his TV show and all his movies and I don’t want him to have to suffer any further. God Bless you Will

  28. Why would Chris Rock respond to Will Smith’s apology? CR does not want to be always known as the guy that got slapped on national TV. He has his own career. He does not have to talk to Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. He did nothing wrong. So Chris Rock, I support you by keeping silent. If you talk, this story will never go away.

  29. That was a pretty fake apology if I ever saw one. Did you see how dead his eyes looked as he apologized to Chris? Pshh and you call yourself an actor, at least make it believable.

  30. I find it real funny that this same people criticizing Will Smith loved him a couple of years ago. Now that he made a mistake y’all hate him. These people never really loved Will Smith all these people showing Will how they always felt about him. They were waiting for him to mess up for they could say something bad about him. I’m not defending what he did but y’all are more mad about a slap than 10 innocent black people getting killed in a grocery store in buffalo new york that says something right there. Shaking my head for real🤦

  31. I feel like this is more along the lines of my career is being affected; movie deals are falling through; no one wants me on their show; I’m seen in a negative light now… better try and save it or my fame is over. Sad that he didn’t think before he took action. And now this action is most likely going to affect him for the rest of his life.

  32. I felt zero, nada, nothing from this video for Chris Rock to accept… and this video appears to be a “one take”, meaning, he said some mistakes in it, read the questions like a child learning would read aloud… and couldn’t he had made the extra effort to… “Hey, let’s do that again… I messed up.” but, no, he used what he did… AND, he seemed to be more about repairing his image than apologizing to numero uno, Chris Rock.
    Chris, let him bleed some more… he hasn’t learned… squat. ❤

  33. He’s the kind of guy who bottles it all up and then it all comes out at the wrong time and place, and then he feels guilty. A man picks his battles correctly, but now he’s probably going to retreat even more and fall into a deeper despair, and start to deteriorate. I hope someone can help him turn it around, so he doesn’t get sick. I think there’s hope and at some point he can be forgiven.

  34. Jada is such a disgusting ratchet she even said right to will’s face that she didn’t feel like cheating on will was a transgression on her part and the reason she stopped talking to august was he ghosted her. Will obviously feels emasculated and took it out on Chris rock. I’m not a fan of Chris Rock, I find his voice unbearable to listen to and I was actually a pretty big Will Smith fan for many years and tbh I’m not into black comedy or black movies at all. I’ve pretty much lost all respect for Will Smith. DUDE YOU’RE SUPER FAMOUS AND FILTHY RICH!! SHAKE THAT RAT FROM YOUR NECK AND GET YOURSELF A 25 YEAR OLD SMOKE SHOW ACTRESS THAT ISN’T GOING TO HUMILIATE YOU IN FRONT OF THE WORLD! Then maybe I will be a fan of yours again! P.S. If you walk away now maybe you can keep a little bit of dignity…

  35. What pisses me off that Chris Rock is acting like he’s the victim. He’s been after Will for a long time. when Chris has hosted the Awards before he has ALWAYS made Will the center of his jokes. Now he, Chappelle n Kevin Hart have come together against Will. So Chris Rock is now hoping he can destroy the reputation he will never have. So why do my people fall for divide n conquer every time.

  36. Wow I’m really surprised at all the negative comments, like everyone here hasn’t done something they’re not proud of smh. My thoughts and prayers go out to Will and his family. Hopefully he can mend bridges with Chris Rock. 🙏☀️

  37. Fuck outta here, William..How long ago was the slap, and you’re just now apologizing. The only reason he’s apologizing is because he’s feeling the pressure and because his legacy is tarnished. I’m sure he lost several opportunities because of the incident. Also, cut all the philosophical shit. Nobody wants to hear it.

  38. Chris Rock insulting someones wife in front of the whole world, Hmmm I think that slaP was earnt!! Chris Rock dont insult a Mans wife !!! Dont make fun of her medical issue, and use it in Comedy, That was a cheap shot!! Own it Chris Rock !! stop acting like a princess and own what your mouth blurps out !!!! OWN IT

  39. Will should’ve divorced Jada when her “entanglement” happened. That’s the new word now lol. Entanglement. Such a weird family. I feel bad for kids who grow up in Hollywood. Most of them are weird as shit. A lot of them get pushed in to get roles bc of their parents and they can’t act at all. Jaden sure can’t. Some of the kids can though. Like Scott Eastwood can act. Same with Colin Hanks. Jaden is just weirdo along with his sister. Will even pushed for his son to play a younger version of himself in MIB3 but the director Barry Sonnenfeld didn’t want it causing tension between them after they’ve been working together for over 20 years.

  40. It wasn’t even so much the smack that shocked me so much as it was the shouting keep my wife’s name out ur f*cking mouth especially the 2nd time.

  41. I dont forgive him.. Neither should anyone. What he did to chris rick echoes in history. The fact he once made a joke about someone being bald is the most hypocrite bs ive ever seen him do, in not accepting his own actions. The fact this man was best friends with chris rock he acted like he didnt know him when he slap him. Its like when you know someone for the longest yet in 1 sec or mins you going to act like you didnt know chris rock.. As a comedian as a best friend as someone who use to talk highly of will back then. He is a grown @$$ man yet he doesnt know what is right or wrong because of a “build up” or because everyone doesnt like jada.. Tbh reap friends are consider family. So if a family tells you an advice or point perceptive they had and tell you what is wrong when you dont know what is right shouldve been a big sign. I dont watch his movies anymore because he is not what we all think. The fact he went after a woman who never loved him shows how desperate and weak he is. The day he lets go of jada (If) would be the day many will accept him back. Also for jada i dont wish no death nor karma but with her own action she will slip. People are already knowing what kind of monster she is.

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