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Pastor robbed at gunpoint catching hell for gay slurs

Bishop Whitehead is crooked/YouTube

Whitehead is a con man.

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NEW YORK — Lamor Whitehead, the bishop robbed at gunpoint during church service, once conned an elderly female congregant out of thousands of dollars. The New York pastor was sued by Pauline Anderson in September 2021 after she gave him $90,000 to purchase a home and he used it for his unsuccessful political campaign. Anderson told Whitehead she had bad credit and he promised to help her secure housing. Then she cashed out her retirement and handed him a check. When Anderson requested a refund, Whitehead told her he used the “investment” as a “donation” for his campaign for Brooklyn Borough President. “For the record, anything that was given to me is a Donation unless it’s attached to a contract!” he texted in a message to Anderson. “I was making investments that’s what I Do!”

Sadly, swindling churchgoers is nothin’ new to Whitehead. The rapacious clergyman served five years in the penitentiary for fraud and grand larceny. He was probably sodomized because he acts like a lil bitch. Nevertheless… last month, Whitehead was robbed mid-sermon by a group of gunmen who purloined jewelry worth $1 million. The flamboyant reverend is known for flaunting bling, designer clothes and luxury cars — making him an easy target.

“My wife has not stopped crying. My daughter has not stopped crying yet. My members have not stopped crying yet,” Whitehead told reporters. “Why do we always gotta tear Black men down? As soon as a Black man has a tailored suit, he’s a criminal.”

During an appearance on Larry Reid Live, Whitehead excoriated Pastor Reid and Pastor Geneses Warren when they made a laughingstock of the robbery. He called Reid a “faggot” then poked fun at Warren’s obesity. “You’re a fat slob,” he told her.

Man, I’ve never seen pastors act like that.

No wonder people are stayin’ away from church.

Many are speculating Whitehead staged the robbery.

Do you feel sorry for him?

Is karma biting him in the ass?

Watch Whitehead cuss out Reid and Warren at the 20:00 minute mark.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The devil is making a mockery out of the Church!!And the church folks.🙏🏽God help us all.🙏🏽🙏🏽

  2. Why it DIDNT HAPPEN to other bishops in THE community? THE lord is mád at You for something.

  3. I can say without a doubt these are not gods servants!!! This is just pathetic an gross 🤮!! Just shameful!!!

  4. We gotta call a spade a spade. Larry and Geneses; y’all were wrong. Many of us may have doubts about what truly transpired at that church but that doesn’t give us license to make fun of people being held at gun point. Then here he comes reacting to what y’all said with insults and slurs. I’m praying for ALL OF YALL

  5. This is Satan’s domain and Larry Reid, Mr. Whitehead and that poor excuse for a woman of God proves it.

  6. Wow 1 million really. I’m sure there’s a mother in the church or neighborhood with barely enough food in her refrigerator , but ok .

  7. Whitehead is an absolute fraud and charlatan. There is no pastor on the planet living according to scripture if he’s a millionaire.

  8. This man robbed $90K from one of his own parishioners. Looks like the robber got robbed.

  9. Lawdy lawdy! I have watched this video last me 15 times and it gets funnier. Yes, it’s sad to see these grown folks laughing and bullying the Pastor. He open a can of whoop azz on them and they stopped laughing. I really thought these folks were radio DJ’s not ppl in the church. Sad.

  10. This is a visual representation of why the lord is asking folks to seek him for yourself.. Church has become a hustle and breeding ground for scammers. Be mindful and watchful.

  11. Guy has on over 1 million in jewelry, yet owes a construction company $335,000 and is in default on a 4.5 million dollar multifamily apartment complex. What a Christian life this grifter lives..

  12. Well false preacher. Your not serving Yahweh the way he wants to be served

  13. All three of them should be ashamed of themselves. Stop claiming to members of the five fold ministry. Man appoints, but only God anoints.

  14. This is not men of God behavior! Each and everyone one of them! Men of God would not engage in this conversation & comparing diamonds!!! Is a joke!!! This is disgusting! Larry has the spirit of pride str8 demon on this video!

  15. Neither of them can minister me…… sheep with DEVIL clothing! They are a prime example of sick people in our world. Stop playing with God…….

  16. The so called bishop is being sued for stealing $90,000 from one of the congregants. He is more of a crook than the guys who took the jewelry. Pos

  17. And this is supposed to be preacher. To funny. Anybody that gives these people money are idiots if they watch this because they’re true persons are coming out and it ain’t got nothing to do with Jesus

    Someone that is supposed to practice the teachings of Jesus Christ to the people and students and watch them laugh like regular sinning people do. While a charlatan is taking all the poor people money and fakes. Flexing all his diamonds and stuff in front of the church and whoever else would look. One diamond is a nightmare for children and grown people that have to go in the mines to get them. When you buy them you’re supporting the sad truth of how diamonds really come about gold to. Keep your fancy bling bling cos God would never have anything to do with people like this. Praying on God fearing people..jesus is the only way..

  18. Wow all this outta control behavior from leaders who said yes to God.. to leadership….
    They talk about Jesus…leaders have to be the example of love wisdom integrity….this whole circus just offered social media a weak Christ!!!
    This is horrible

  19. Typical black churches. With these so called pastors and their materialistic nonsense!!! Talking about who’s diamonds are cloudy what cars they drive SERIOUSLY!!! Why do they feel the need to dress and drive cars! It’s all about the money!!!! PERIOD!!! Him being loud and disrespectful shows HIS CHARACTER AND TRUE COLORS!!!! GUILT! That’s all. Are your members wearing Gucci and driving rolls Royce. So why are you! Why do they think being flashy like that supposed to make draw people closer to them and to the word of god. I really don’t understand!

  20. This is just one example as to why the younger generation (Millennials and GenZ) and others are running away from the Church. All of this is just foolishness. That Pastor is worthless… $1M worth of jewelry wearing Pastor, and I bet most of his parishioners could barely keep their head above water. Disgusting.

  21. Mannn u a thug,U ait no preacher, And no man own a church,Nobody walks in church n rob no preacher n the pulpit….I pray the insurance co,Didn’t pay him a dime.AND THEM FOLKS NEED TO GET FROM UNDER HIM…

  22. Why did she sit there and let him talk to her like that ?! I would have cut him off long time. Cursing like the b%tch he is .

  23. larry the liar… defensive because he staged that madness… publicity stunt… nuthin new… tragedy~ this is what niqqas are doing in 2022 in the midst of armageddon… welcome 2 the terrordome🍿🍿 “Getcha popcorn, peanuts, hot dogs,, & cotton candy for the greatest show on earth🎪buncha clowns🤡

  24. This is pure foolishness. People wake up. That’s why these churches have no power. What a shame. I can’t believe people follow individuals like this. Wow. Lord help us

  25. Lets not forget that pastors are not deities.They are humans…flaws and all!

  26. Okay so let me get this straight, they’re arguing over
    Church back drops
    Name calling
    Fake robberies
    Mocking the fake robberies
    Gay pastors
    Y’all can have church because this is a spectacle.

  27. He flashy, boisterous, arrogant, mean. He wanted to talk over everyone and throw elementary comebacks you’re fat, you gay, come on don’t let this guy who is a con man win! He doesn’t care about anything but making and taking 💯

  28. He doesn’t sound like ANY man of God that I’ve EVER met. I’m a preacher’s grandchild, and you would NEVER hear him weight shame ANY person, and he dang sure wouldn’t talk to a female that way. Right, wrong, or indifferent……you’re a bishop, dude…’re suppose to be better and do better. I’ve never heard a man of God address a gay man by the 3 letter f word. Shameful.

  29. All of y’all “saved church folk” are FAKE AND PHONY!! ALL OF YALL! Keeping up MESS and DRAMA. How do you all expect to bring more souls to Jesus if y’all acting MESSY, CADDY, and PETTY like the people on this video?? I’m SO GLAD I converted to ISLAM.

  30. I need to pick my mouth up off the floor!! Anybody can be a pastor now! This was hilarious 😂

  31. The Pastor was most assuredly gay in prison, acting like a woman with all
    of that talking instead of stfu. Men don’t go back and forth like that, calling people fat and ugly and acting crazy

  32. He has a church🤔Wow!!! I would never step foot in his church he is mighty evil..Black folk are so messy and focused on the wrong shit it is such a shame…They do nothing but bring each other down..Smh

  33. A openly gay man that says he is a TOP, a woman that was shackin up with a man, and a thug with criminal record all supposed to be pastors, yet arguing about who church is the biggest and who has the biggest diamonds. If this is what the church is doing these days, I’ll keep staying at home on Sunday.

  34. If you think about it, all three of them represent what’s wrong with the church. They each represent a stereotype about the modern church.

  35. What in the world. Pastor talking like that that is Not of God at all, cussing, and Calling folks out their name. Regardless of what is going on you keep Christ at the center. It doesn’t sit right with me, they came only for You!! Yet the church was filled no one else in the church had anything?! Robbery is a robbery usually they get everything from ALL. My family know what my saying is, A LIE HAS NO FOUNDATION!! ❤️💕

  36. All 3 of them are a HOT MESS. And Larry Reid has his own culpability for always giving this type of thing a platform. None of these people have even a grape of the Spirit.
    P.S. – I hope “Bishop” has no overweight women in his church. Especially if they tithe. Cause he sho nuff lost them.

  37. Now he didnt have to talk about fat folk and gay folk, hold on now Bishop! Calling that lady a fat slob is very disrespectful, smh

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