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Jilted ex murders nursing student then kills himself

Tamara Sawyer killed by ex/YouTube

Nursing student fatally shot. 

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HOUSTON — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. The city of Houston, Texas is in mourning after 22-year-old Deaundre Minger murdered his ex-girlfriend, 23-year-old Tamara Sawyer, before blowin’ his own brains out. The murder-suicide transpired October 9th around 3 p.m. in the 4100 block of Rain Willow Court. According to police reports, Deaundre showed up at Tamara’s residence unannounced because he wanted to talk. Then Tamara inexplicably allowed him inside despite the fact her current boyfriend was already there. Ain’t that a bitch? If I’m the current boyfriend, I would’ve shut that sh*t down and/or smoked his ass. I don’t share coochie with nobody. Nevertheless, Tamara took Deaundre into her bedroom and shut the door. Ten minutes later, family members heard three gunshots. That’s when they barged in and found Tamara fatally shot. Realizing he f*cked up, Deaundre made it crystal clear if he couldn’t have her no one will.

“After several failed attempts to get the ex-boyfriend to drop his weapon, family members went to retrieve a phone to call 911 and then heard another gunshot,” the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

“They return and found the ex-boyfriend deceased with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

Social media reaction was fierce. One reader wrote, “No way I’m letting my ex in my house while my boyfriend is there.” Another chimed in with, “Date a thug, die by a thug.” A third person added, “That’s why you leave their UNANNOUNCED asses outside.” Tamara, an aspiring nurse, was a student at Houston Community College. Deaundre, a thug, had no goals and ambitions.

They broke up a month ago but dated off and on since high school.

Sad story.

Watch disturbing coverage.

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  1. he was an ex for a reason, never let them know where you are and what you next move is.

  2. Domestic violence is on the RISE.. Ladies protect yourself.. !!! get out & get away from these monsters asap!!! You do not Owe or have to be submissive to these demons! You do not have to allow them in your life.. They are demonic forces sent our way to destroy us.. get out asap. Domestic violence is on the Rise once again

  3. So she breaks up with him moving on with her life and then allow the moron back into her house who does that. I hate she dead but that was just dumb as hell. These young black men killing these beautiful black women because you praise them for that that’s the kind of man you want I want a thug I want a man with a gun in hand and a video game in front of my TV that’s the way black women think well this Young generation anyways

  4. Sadly, this kind of situation has become all to common. Males who have control issues and cannot handle rejection really need to be watched. They need to be arrested at the first sign if unwillingness to accept a breakup.
    They refuse to act right in a relationship, yet the become murderous with rage when they get rejected and left.
    Makes NO sense.
    May the victim rest in peace and her family/friends be consoled.

  5. This is sad but def something doesn’t add up about this story..there’s got to be more to it bc how did the current bf just allow the ex to go in the bedroom alone with her? I wonder if the ex really shot himself or someone got the gun from him and shot him for shooting Tamara. Either way it’s a messed up situation. Lord wrap your arms around this family..RIP Tamara

  6. oh my God this is so very heart broken 💔 😢 😞 I wish she never opened up the door 🚪 for him. Domestic violence is so very serious and so very wrong. I was in a bad relationship with my grown kids dad. He was hitting me and taking his anger out on me when somebody else made him mad. If you are in a domestic violence situation please get out because you’re life depends on it.

  7. So sick of violent, useless men. Teach your boys anger management, tolerating frustration + disappointment. My friend’s ex-husband killed her after being separated for 10 years! Always was a selfish *sshole. Raise better boys without such fragile egos.

  8. Once upon a time long, long, long, long ago couples would break up and each would go their separate ways. The End.

  9. I never let unannounced people in my house. They be outside my door like “It’s me cuz,its me,I gotta pee”.I go get my loudest house shoes and walk back and forth without saying a word.
    🗣️GET YOUR UNANNOUNCED PISSY ASS AWAY FROM MY DOOR,IM UNAVAILABLE.I don’t know who ppl think they are.I don’t go to nobody’s house unexpected so give me that same respect.
    This story is sad😢

  10. If she had a new man in a month then dude probably figured she was cheating that’s fast as fuck to hop on a new dick let alone a relationship after breaking up. This a revenge killing.

  11. I’m sure those family members are devastated being right there when it happened. Unbelievable and so tragic. Rest peacefully Queen. 🙏🏽💜

  12. I don’t understand why he was invited inside & why she would go in a Room with him since he’s her Ex. 🤔

  13. Why? Why are there so many weak minded men in today’s society. Learn to accept the word “NO”. No she didn’t want to be with you anymore for some reason… accept it and move on.

  14. Since the pandemic was announced, the rate of frequency for Black Women & Girls being murdered by way of Domestic Violence is on average 4-5 Women/Girls per day. Nevermind the countless other disparities pulling away at us, there is a New Lynching happening. Only instead of a rope, it’s a gun. Instead of an angry White Mob, it’s an Psychotic Black Male who was once considered a Boyfriend or Husband. Something Sinister is on Demon Crunch Time. Protect yourselves Soul Sistas, yes there are Good Black Men in the world, but recognize the ones are ain’t! Sometimes all you get for a warning is a weird vibe, use it to your advantage and get away as far as can.

  15. My God the amount of stories like this is literally overwhelming. So many beautiful black women losing their lives to sick individuals😢😢 something has to change man. My condolences to her family & friends but I don’t understand why let him in & let him come all the way into her bedroom?? There must be more to this story smh.

  16. I believe that without a shadow of doubt that there is a lot of men that’s jealous of women and it’s secretive.. they know that some women that are more successful than they are and they know this .. this is why they hate to see women get educated.. it’s envy and the are secretly hating these women because of it… a man jealous of a woman can be deadly..they want a woman under their feet.. and if they can’t do that .. they will help a woman get underground.. permanently.

  17. Another insecure Black man this is happening a lot but it’s been going on for a long time. Be careful ladies if you’re smarter and have a good job they will be insecure and won’t let you end the relationship I was lucky to get out of my abusive marriage years ago.

  18. These dudes are deranged. Manipulative. Trash humans. He can rest in hell along side Kevin Samuels

  19. This shit is really getting out of hand when are u black man are going to stop killing these beautiful black women man ole man crazy R.I.P BabyGirl 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  20. My words…’s that simple a victim I’m safe and single when these men want to get u nothing or NO one is going stop them..unless u license to carry u may have a chance.. mental health issues or not

  21. Many years ago I was in an abusive relationship and was unable to leave. He was extremely abusive and told me he would kill my entire family if I left. And to this day, over 40 years later, I know without a doubt he would have done it. How did I get away? He was arrested in 1977 for serial rape. So multiple women, including one 12-year-old child, had to suffer through a life changing event for me to get my freedom. It’s been 45 years since he was arrested. I still check every year to make sure he’s still there. These monsters don’t give up until they have completely devastated many lives.

  22. Those “on again off again” relationships are just bad ideas. You got rid of him once, be done with it. RIP baby girl.

  23. Dang you woman need to start getting them dudes evaluated before you start dating them this is very sad rest in peace sweet angel she was so beautiful my respect 🙏 😢 goes out to her family condolence

  24. Why was he there if her actual boyfriend was there ??? This story doesn’t make sense

  25. Broke up (1) month ago, came over to family house while she had her new boyfriend over?? In her bedroom?? Is it more to the story?? Sad… My condolences to the family..🙏🏾

  26. When you break it off with them, they want to kill you. They don’t want you getting with a new man. Sad.

  27. Man, these chicks are playing with fire. They have only broken up a month ago and she introduced him to her new boyfriend. The 304s are a trip.

  28. Wait..her current Boyfriend allowed her and ex boyfriend go inside a bedroom? Something is missing here..

  29. I would not have even opened the door. She probably felt like they had a history and it would be ok. It’s a no for me though ✔️

  30. I’m so grateful for singlehood!!🤣🤣 🙄 I am so grateful that I don’t deal with men of color except maybe a hi and bye! GTFOMF!! 🙄 IF YOU HAVE A CLINGY ONE THEN YOU’RE DONE!!

  31. Women are allowed to end relationships with men. The use of the word “jilted” – which means to heartlessly end a relationship – is victim-blaming.

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