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Single mother slams baby daddies for not steppin’ up

Single mom claims she needs help/YouTube

Single mom slams baby daddies. 

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WACO — A viral video shows a fed up black chick with 4 baby daddies lambasting deadbeats for coming up short as parents, leaving custodial single moms with the brunt of household responsibilities. The loquacious redbone egressed KWTX-TV before getting inside her car. Confidentiality be damned, she didn’t mince words. “Y’all little $200, $300, $400 of child support a month don’t do nothing,” she ranted. “It don’t help me pick up the kids. It don’t help me drop them off. It don’t help me rest. It don’t help nobody take care of the house when I’m sick.” Social media reaction was venomous. One viewer wrote, “Shouldn’t have had ’em if you didn’t want ’em.” Another chimed in with, “This is the type of woman that produces the Pookies & Ray Rays.” A third observer added, “You chose to sleep with 4 different men and got pregnant. Can’t blame nobody else.”

Babygirl is clearly stressed and havin’ a nervous breakdown.

Do you agree with her?

Are baby daddies doing enough?

Should she relinquish custody?

Is it time for Child Protective Services to get involved?

Watch the diatribe.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. no one should be a single parent and once you get child support involved by the courts and DCSE the money you pay is the only obligation they care about when it come to the child

  2. 🤣😂😂🤣😂😂she burnt out. She got 4 kids and 4 babydaddy’s…..use a condom

  3. 4 different kids by 4 different guys, wow. Instead of pitching n bitching about having to raise all 4 kids on her own she needs to give the dads custody, get them involved in their child’s life and if they refuse to step up hit their asses up for child support, $400 a month for all 4 kids sounds like BS i’m pretty sure that that’s from one guy and not all 4 men. Take note ladies, learn from the mistakes of the single mothers before you otherwise this will one day be you.

  4. You should of been on birth control. You need a husband around to help with them kids. Your bad life choices have created your situation. I pray for the children.

  5. Women scream a lot about they trying to get themselves together, yeah he pays child support through the system & law, when a man see that you have other baby fathers WE DO NOT HAVE ANY REAL RESPECT FOR YOU. You have to many different men in your life & to many kids. I deal with the one child we got together, you added on the other problems. Nah you asked for this~

  6. Lemme tell you!! She’s getting more than 2 or 300 dollars in child support!!

  7. When you raise a generations of women to believe their actions and decisions shouldn’t have any consequences, well this is what you get woman who can’t see their faults in anything.

  8. My opinion is choose who u let buss in you more carefully most women have kids before the age of 25. I had my first of 3 kids at 25 an me an my wife still together as a team.

  9. She’s mad at the men for the choices she made ? She willingly got pregnant by these men , after the first one she should’ve been more careful.

  10. Maybe you should choose better men to “DATE” before you go knocking out a bunch of babies with them !!!

  11. This is a rant or should i say a call for a step daddy. That’s all….if she wasn’t raised by such a man why in the world would she give her womb to 4 men that are totally different from her father. Make it make sense🙆🏾‍♂️😭

  12. Her math doesn’t make sense. She gets $400 a month for four kids. I know that is not correct. She is getting $400 a month from the one father she married for the one child. The other’s are Pookies and Ray-Ray’s she isn’t getting a dime from. She is robbing the one child with a responsible father to take care of the other bastard children. This is what female agency leads to. Smarter men should have known better than to ever give women this type of freedom.

  13. These days couples are limiting themselves to just one kid because the economy doesn’t allow them to have more. Kids take lot of money and time to raise them right. You want to raise 4 with just your income. Good luck with that.

  14. Stop having babies
    Close your legs
    We dont feel sorry for you!
    The best help you can have is birth control!
    Entitlement at its finest!
    Dont you get welfare on these 4 kids?
    Where’s the food stamps and medical for these kids, do you pay that out of your pocket, or does the state take care of that bill?
    Just asking for Non system riders!

  15. There is a reason why she is a jump off. She will never be married. 4 dudes don’t want to marry you so that says something. Stop putting your business in the street women!

  16. I understand that woman’s pain but damn. She never thought have 4 different baby daddies was a problem? I know life is hard but it’s gonna be even harder finding a man that wants to come into your life and help you…

  17. You spread your legs for Chad, tyronne and biggie. Should of found a guy without the scholarship to federal Penn who had a job. But you wanted that toxicity and nobody wants you.

  18. Old saying that goes “Mama’s baby, Daddy maybe” if you’re a woman, just know that you push that baby out…not both of you. I made the CHOICE to be a mother..they’re my gift…not a burden

  19. She is disgusting!!! It should be against the law for heifers like this to have kids!!!

  20. Ma’am, you asked for child support and that is all you going to get. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. She’s stupid for becoming a single mother. There’s no excuse after Maury’s career. CLOSE YOUR DAMN LEGS. Stop bitching about the shitty aftereffects of your sheer stupidity.

  22. These single mothers are ungrateful. If the money ain’t enough, why do you bother to collect it? Let’s not forget that even if he were to pay as little as $5. She’s getting benefits that totals into the thousands. Ebt, welfare, medical, section 8, crystal stairs. The list goes on and on. When you tally it all up she’s getting at least 5 to 6000 worth of benefits that she herself does not have to pay for or pay back. All these mothers have to do is babysit their own kids. And they cant even do that. Yet they will complain about how much money they have to spend that they get from the government on their children. Plus his measly CS money. Which then means if these mothers are complaining, they are exposing an even more sinister truth. That they themselves don’t know how to budget and that they are very poor at managing their funds.

  23. She drags his name through the mud on social media only to come back and say he’s a good dad🤔 Bootleg Solange Knowles needs to stop playing Wheel Of Father

  24. Her body her choice… but it’s baby daddy’s fault? Wait huh? 🤔🤔🤔

  25. She’s definitely having some mental issues at that moment…. If she’s having a breakdown just let the kids go with there father. She needs a break.

  26. Four kids by four different men and she’s mad…. She’s blaming all four men but she’s the only common denominator in the entire situation and yet she isn’t the problem in any possible way, and she actually thinks she can reason four different fathers away, yeah… Ok…. You sound absolutely ridiculous.

  27. If you end up having one kid out of wedlock I’ll give you that one. Then that’s when you as the woman, the one who will get stuck dealing with the child and all the issues if the guy ain’t shit need to take it upon yourself to try and prevent it from happening again. Which means if there’s sex you’re on some type of birth control, make him use a condom even when you’ve been dating for a while. Like she said in video most relationships/marriages for the younger generations break down in the 2-3 year range of relationships. So yeah be on some type of birth control, and make dude use condoms. Yeah it may seem like putting all the responsibilities on women but if the guy isn’t worth shit who do they think going to get stuck with taking care of the child? So getting on birth control and having him use condoms is a small price to pay to make sure you don’t become a single mother of multiple kids like this lady. 4 kids with 4 guys and not with any of the guys still? She has to bear some of the blame here. Once I’ll give you that being young and naive about things but to end up in that same situation 4 times? Just shows you aren’t learning anything from your past situations

  28. you sexy as fuck until you opened your mouth. listen start a only fan

  29. keep your legs closed miss we need to stop men and women having kids by multiple people is ridiculous. it’s not a accident it’s irresponsible and wreckless. stop letting these men talk you out your panties and no protection. Women are left with all the baggage and struggle

  30. Keep your legs closed. Get on birth control pills. 15 phone calls a day from your kids’ school? 15?! Really?! I have three grown kids. I NEVER had even one single phone call from their schools for misbehaving.

  31. @IHOP Employee: There’s not on a short on good men, these women just don’t want the good men, they want the “badboys” the men that they know who have multiple children by multiple women, they literally chase, these men because they like the drama, and the victimization that these guys put them through. There are good guys who are doing good in life, but if we don’t have the swag, the mouth full of golds, or remind them of the hottest rapper of the week. They don’t want him. They pick bad. The Bible said “gullible women will be lead astray, by swift talking men” and tell me that’s not what’s happening.

  32. Imagine working all day and coming home to this. Smh
    Be careful who you knocked up!

  33. Any man who signs up to date this chick would be a fu*king fool!!! I feel sorry for her baby fathers, to her fathers just go get your kids!!!

  34. When she said “ONE OF MY BABIES FATHERS”” she lost she!

    Having kids by various men.. then you wanna complain and blame someone – take accountability for being a lost thot hun!
    Like- why you complaining? Close your legs and focus on doing better in life!
    Not the man’s fault – just like it’s not his fault you chose to have YET another child by ANOTHER man!! Wake up! Show your kids better !

  35. Dating a single mom with multiple baby dads is the greatest mistake any young man will make..

  36. Maybe she should keep her legs closed better yet get her tubes tide maybe she won’t have to worry about any of her 4 different baby daddy paying child support. Remember you no who you lay in the bed with and make a child with. If your with a no good man you get a no good baby daddy simple as that.

  37. This lady is a joke , her baby daddy’s must not be smart but horny af. There’s no way my masters in therapy degree having ass is gonna ever date a left over baby momma.

  38. I don’t understand why some women make it a point to have all the different babies for Tom, Dick and Harry. It seems that way……IDK now she complaining….. SMH

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