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Bachelors say single ladies ‘prefer’ Pookie and Ray Ray

Women want thugs, not nice guys/YouTube

Bachelors claim women want thugs.

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ATLANTA — A viral video shows a pair of effeminate bachelors elucidating why single ladies won’t date ’em. It’s their assertion today’s popsies are infatuated with Pookie & Ray Ray. “The closer you fit to that stereotype, they’ll be down — especially black chicks,” said one of the metrosexuals. “They like that sh*t, bro.” They also said fellas who don three-piece suits don’t stand a chance. “I’m not bashing black women,” he continued. “It’s just is what it is. I attract mostly latinas and white girls.” Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “Black women have mental issues. Most of them take antipsychotics.” Another chimed in with, “Get a passport, leave the country and find a wife who doesn’t identify with western culture.” A third observer added, “That’s why I don’t f*ck with black girls. They’re so f*cked in the head and entitled. I ain’t going through that.” Scuttlebutt has it, black chicks believe Pookie & Ray Ray are superior lovers. Doesn’t matter if they’re destitute or illiterate. Doesn’t matter if they’re mama’s boys or malefactors. Black chicks simply wanna f*ck.

Do you agree with the bachelors?

Have Pookie & Ray Ray cornered the coochie market?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Black Women dating options

    1. Date a n*gga in jail
    2. Pookie & ray ray
    3. Become a single mother

  2. Depends on age, and what type of black female. If they are real young in the mind that can impact the experience. Also, if there was no Male role model then yea they are searching for love. AKA getting they thot on trying to fill a void.

  3. He ain’t lying. We got nothing but beasty females here. One girl think I was cute I told her I was flattered she start making fun of me because I used that word. I would love to start a family with a black female but I don’t have hopes

  4. @the_realest1: You sounded corny af lol “im flattered”

    Move on to the next and stop drawing conclusions off of one experience. You literally are an example of the problem. Learn to move on ! One person does not define all

  5. Lol they just corny and from the suburbs because, they must likely blend better with white ppl

  6. @Larry David #MrCashflow💸: Niqqa I’m me I ain’t changing myself for no bih not every of one Of us wants to be super thugged out I bet you are unsuccessful tho keep thuggish

  7. Look at Wakanda Forever. Woman Kings. Why would you want to deal with women who are taught that they are above their men?

  8. Spoke the truth. Black women love the degenerate IMAGE and character type. I dont fit that shit so I went after what gravitates towards me, foreign, feminine, tanned skin, soft voice women.

  9. @fry hunnid bandz: Then how come both of my sisters have black husbands that went to the same college they did, and i was just looking at my current crush from high school yesterday she’s BLACK and she’s dating a BLACK man who helped her start her own business she’s running, Yall are brainwashed and retarded, yall need to be more specific and say black women in the CITY, and not even all city girls are like this because I was on campus in college with plenty of them.

  10. They don’t fit the ghetto democrat image

  11. @the great master: It was literally the lady power hour, they even turned two of them into lesbians. lol

  12. Why these niggas pressed to ruin they life 😂 it’s niggas goals to get away from these hood boogers and make it to those Hispanic and white women

  13. The nigga on the left probably takes longer to get ready than his dates do

  14. Let’s just stop talkin’ about women. Don’t get me fckn’ started!

  15. So black chicks like the hype and chaos, leaving you to be a single baby mama? While a black man that professional looking clean cut is too structured for a black female?

  16. Of all the races, black women are the heaviest and most masculine. A black man could transition to one of these “Woman Kangs” without losing weight or even changing his behavior and fool everybody. All he needs is a wig and glossy chapstick.

  17. Basically black women date dusty dudes, complain about it and blame all black men for Their problems…. SMH 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  18. I hate when I take a shit and the water splashes on my azz

  19. As a black man… These guys full of shit. Their preference is white and latina… That said, I can’t really blame them. This generation of black women move different. They think they’re the men in the relationship. Other races are just more submissive in general.

  20. Most women of the world want a black man. The original man the one with the swag.Often imitated but can’t be duplicated. But nobody wants a masculine, augmentative, over weight black woman…..most will die alone.

  21. Yes, hood chicks and black chicks from broken homes/ dysfunctional environments and with daddy issues are going to gravitate towards thugs and bums because they have low self esteem. Black chicks from decent upbringings with knowledge of self are going to want a dude who is solid and has his stuff together. But you have to be masculine, black chicks generally don’t like softer personality guys and that’s because of culture. But not being soft doesn’t necessarily equate to being a thug. Im a black dude who grew up in the hood but carry myself with a clean cut/professional presentation, and i have dated many quality, educated and loyal black women. So these guys are generalizing based on their personal experience.

  22. Get yourself some white or Asian women. They know how to behave and won’t embarrass you wherever you go. And bonus: real hair!

  23. They right but you morons in the comments dont want to admit it. That’s why black chicks are always gonna be single mothers to Pookie and Ray Ray.

  24. This is not new and this is not just a black girl thing. They say men are visual but women dont have good women around anymore that tell them or show them what traits and things to like in a man so they get it from what they see on TV and media. My friend was in the Navy and he said that when they Japan they would go to clubs and the japanese girls would be all over the black dudes that looked like the black dudes they saw on TV so they dressed like Lil Wayne and 50 cent and all the other hot celebrities of the time and would pull girls all the time. This has happened to me when I was in Miami and the latina chics didnt want to talk until I started turning it up in the clubs like dudes they saw in videos.

  25. @Edonus: Because you’re looking for a good women in a CLUB lmao. Are you stupid? That’s like expecting a healthy meal at mc Donald’s

  26. I come from an upper middle class Black family, two parent household. I speak well, I don’t dress like a rapper or a wannabe basketball player, no tattoos and I don’t do drugs. You’d think I’d be a catch to educated Black women right? Nope! They reject me majority of the time because I’m a “lame”. Mind you, these are alleged “college educated” BW — not Shaniqua with three baby daddies — and they still want the thug! I’ve given up on them and the Black community in general, I go where I’m wanted and that’s mainly with White girl’s and Latinas.

  27. @Sammy Right Hand: The issue with black women is that they think that sassiness and over the top attitude is cute and that men should push through them being rude to pursue them. They want banter and a back and forth but that is hard for intelligent cordial men because its a weird dynamic. Its like I am approaching you because there is something I like about you… not because I want to have an argument with you.
    The formula is engage in the banter get in to the argument hold your ground but let them feel right (women hate being wrong and people that make them feel wrong or beat them at things.) Lead them on with that… or let them think that they taught you something and you are in… but you have to hold your ground. They don’t like men they can walk all over.

  28. @Edonus: No man worth a damn are going to play these games …She either submits to you or you look for a woman who will…

  29. They think thugs are the epitome of masculinity 🤷🏾‍♂️When [email protected] just emotional mfs wit guns😆.. a lot of these “thugs” end up dead or in prison cuz them emotions they can’t control but wanta look hard/tuff to ah [email protected] n prove sumn to the homies…. I been locked up, Ive hurd the stories, I’ve also seen it on the outs.. so I was young adapted and changed, a lot of pu$$y.. but it’s always consequences wit that life style, so I had to change again.. went to college, got pu$$y there as well, because I became a top notch athlete. Dropped out after I lost the scholarship

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