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Shanquella killed by haters

Shanquella killed on vacation/Leah Gordone

Shanquella killed by friends. 

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CHARLOTTE — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continues. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is conducting a probe after 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson was beaten to death while vacationing with a sextet of frenemies in Mexico. The pummeling transpired November 11th inside a hotel room in Cabo. Salamondra Robinson, Shanquella’s mom, was initially told her daughter died from alcohol poisoning. “[I] spoke with her Friday evening. She was having dinner and I never spoke with her again,” Salamondra told reporters. “On Saturday evening, they called and said she wasn’t feeling well, and they were going to call a doctor. And when they called, the doctor hadn’t arrived yet, but they said she had alcohol poisoning.” But Shanquella’s death certificate from Mexico shows she died from a severe spinal cord injury. There’s also video corroboration of a naked Shanquella being beaten to a bloody pulp by Daejhanae Jackson as Pookie & Ray Ray egged her on.

Daejhanae resembles a tranny.

“Quella, can you at least fight back?” Pookie said.

“At least [do] something.”

Shanquella replied, “no.”

After Daejhanae got her licks in, Shanquella’s other frenemy — Wenter Donovan — finished her off with a body slam.

That can be seen on a second video.

Salamondra found out the frenemies lied when she received Shanquella’s necropsy. “After they said it was alcohol poisoning, we received the autopsy report on Thursday, and it said that her neck had been broken and she had a back spasm,” Salamondra said. “[Her] spinal cord was cracked. That took it to a whole ‘nother level because that meant somebody had attacked her.”

Rather than contact authorities, Shanquella’s frenemies left her corpse in their vacation rental and returned to the United States.

Social media reaction was fierce. One viewer wrote, “No one is your friend but God. People let you down. God doesn’t. Be careful who you call your friend.” Another added, “Her friends left her body in a foreign country? Mexican authorities found a murdered woman and just let them leave the country? Passports should’ve been taken and a real investigation should’ve took place.”

Shanquella was an entrepreneurial beautician with her own boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina.

So jealously definitely played a role in her demise.

Also, during police interrogation, each frenemy spewed a different story.

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving donated $65,000 to Shanquella’s GoFundMe account.

Is it time to cancel Pookie, Ray Ray and Pookeisha?

Are they the biggest detriment to urban civilization?

Watch graphic footage of the beating.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. That young lady didn’t deserve that, and she wasn’t going to fight back she was to afraid to fight back, they had already planned her murder. However, someone or all of them probably had research and plan how to get away with murder Mexico, because they didn’t hesitate to fly back to the US. All of them needs to go to prison.

  2. That girl was nude and beaten. That big beast should be charged with murder. Send the beast back to Mexico and lock her up.

  3. I think it’s silly to shame that man for not interrupting women that are fighting each other especially if you have no relationship with them …but if you are related then you should.

  4. That’s what has happened to women, due to their own devices. Equal rights have f#cked things up, it is what it is! Men are no longer trying to save them unfortunately!

  5. Ya’ll wanna run around taking bout women are “equal” until they get in trouble, i can’t stand the inconsistency with you people. This is the price you price when you support feminisms.

  6. I think they all kicked her….. no friends were there for her…no humans were there for her….may they all rot in a mexican jail

  7. The young man that’s videoing need to be charged as well! He pretended to be her friend and yet his sorry ass is videoing her getting beaten to death. What a pathetic little monster boy he is! Send his ass on to prison along with the other evil doers!

  8. I’m a 80s baby and I must say some of these young new age niggaz are sad af.. There is no way I’m watching my best friend get her ass beat…while I record the entire incident. Then go lie to her mother about the situation. This next generation is lost both the guys and girls

  9. Well with the narrative being circulated that black women don’t need black men and black men looking at black women with disdain, the context is established for something like this to happen. These people need to be in jail. The Mexican authorities dropped the ball and I pray this lady and her family receive justice. A man of my generation would not have stood by and watch this happen.

  10. I don’t blame the dudes for not breaking the fight up…. these women don’t need a men…she deserved the non emotional response from the men…who are trash and nothing…… I think the gents did all the right things here…they recorded the fight…without the men…we would not see the fight and what happened…I myself promised myself I would never help a women…

  11. Wowwww….. they broke her neck and spine.. wowwwww….the sad part is that the so-called friends look like they broke with no money… this is just sad so sad.. RIP…

  12. Feed all of em to the stray dogs in Mexico!!!! They need to be extradited to legal authorities in Mexico expeditiously. Even if only two fought the other 4 waited to late to say what happen so yawl guilty as well. We don’t want you here in USA

  13. she went to caboo with POOKIE and pookiesha? good luck you will never make it back

  14. So men are getting blamed for letting woman do what the hell they want, like they wanted? They’re independent and strong.

  15. Poor Girl. Maybe She didn’t know He was a Fish. That Fish belongs in a Man’s Room. U born a Man,.U will die a Man; even if U cut off the Balls and the Wood.

  16. She was an entrepreneur. You can’t nonchalantly tell people that you are an entrepreneur. The average person is not built for entrepreneurship. These people were haters. Haters will kill you.

  17. We need to hit the streets, like we did in the Black Lives Matter movement. It made a difference. It’s time for us to show the world that we as a race do not even tolerate this type of evil even from our own!!!!!!!! Let’s hit the streets!!!!!!!!! I do thank God for social media and the bloggers for doing such an excellent job at putting focus on Shanquella, however it’s time for us to physically show out! #justiceforshanquella

  18. 3 points: 1) Every adult male is not a man. Most female raised cats behave like women. 2) Women ALWAYS get in trouble from hanging out with their friend’s friend. If you know your friend’s friends don’t really like you, stay away from them. 3) People will hate you if you are hanging with them, but you make way more money than they do.

  19. These black people in America have lost their loving minds. this is soooo sad… gotta watch who you call a friend now a days. Ladies and Gentlemen.

  20. the girl who beat her up was jealous. and I hope she gets locked up. you don’t solve your friendship problems by beating someone to death using violence. Not everyone is your friend especially if you are doing well for yourself MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT HAPPY FOR YOU EVEN IF THEY SEEM TO BE NICE TO YOU PEOPLE PRETEND VERY WELL I HAVE SEEN IT FOR MYSELF. and the fact that they didn’t stop the fight, it just shows they all fake and should be held accountable healthy friendship doesn’t include violence. SO DISGUSTING

  21. Are we cursed as blacks?..cos I can’t comprehend…why can’t we love one another..RIP cutie 😭💔

  22. This is heartbreaking. The man stood there, unwilling to help, and instead told her to fight back. We need to realise men and women are absolutely not equal

  23. This is so horrific to say the least. This situation can occur with rich friends because wealth don’t control the attributes of the mind or heart. Evil qualities can be in the minds of rich people as with the poor, they all can harbor hate or envy in their heart. My prayers go out to the family of this decease beautiful woman.

  24. Damn shame how back then the man would’ve stopped it but this “boss bitch independent don’t need no man era” has hurt women more than it has hurt men..damn

  25. If I ever speak negatively about seriously needing to turn our backs on certain type of people from our community, it’s the ghetto ratchet a$$ n**gas like these. There is no amount of unity or protect all preaching that will ever allow me to align with mf’s that behave like this.

  26. She was a lovely girl, how she handled herself as she was being killed. She didn’t even fight. A truly peaceful and KIND young lady. Why is it that ruffians have to trample a beautiful flower as soon as they spot it?? They just stomp on beauty..True animals and savages are running our world today. So sad in so many ways..RIP Quella.

  27. Lock everyone of their asses up!!!!! FOR LIFE!!! S.I.P SHANQUELLA ❤️

  28. They ALL are lying and I’m hearing the guy filming was her boyfriend
    some friends they set her up and they all were in on it

  29. These the type of effeminate males society is promoting smfh that’s why I press a hard line when mfs come around my sisters or daughters some people have no morale character they’ll do and go for anything.

  30. All there sorry asses should get locked up forever!!

    R.I.P. Shanquella Robinson 🙏🕊

  31. I knew she wasn’t innocent, because lifestyles bring about results. You can look at this 25 yr old woman and tell she wasn’t Christian or clean. These ghetto, ignorant, horrible street lifestyles black women are living is the cause of the violence and hate. BBLs, surgery, tattoos, the drinking, the friends, the language, none of it was clean. Even the clothing style wasn’t virtous. I’m sick of the whole culture. Then we question why people get hurt or hurt other people. Of course no one has an excuse to kill or murder, it shouldn’t of happened, but Women in America have become so dirty and whorish. These families go long and hard to make their loved ones look good when indeed they are always either hiding something or into bad stuff. Nothing evil stays in the dark, it all comes to the light.

  32. Put all 6 in jail in Mexico and throw away the key just let them rot in jail on earth forever.

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