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Black Panther actress gay?

Kehlani & Letitia got freaky/The Feed

Letitia & Kehlani go viral. 

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LONDON — Welp, she looked butch as hell in “Wakanda Forever.” Now we know why. A viral TikTok video shows “Black Panther” actress Letitia Wright gettin’ freaky with lesbian R&B singer Kehlani in the VIP balcony section of Fabric London nightclub. Cell phone footage shows a scantily clad Kehlani grinding on Letitia who was decked out in a manly black suit. Can’t lie, Kehlani looks sexy as hell. Me and my phallus are suckers for Stiletto boots. If you recall, Letitia — an outspoken Christian — turned down movie roles in the past because of her morals. Now she appears to be a high-profile member of the LGBTQ+ community. Social media reaction was wild. One viewer wrote, “I knew Black Panther was pushing a gay agenda.” Another chimed in with, “The same Letitia who was using her religion to judge folks?” A third observer added, “Kehlani finna write a song about that Vibranium dildo.”

Letitia spoke with The Independent recently about the importance of establishing credence within Christ. Now she’s munchin’ carpet. “The world is so fickle and there’s not much that you can really put your hope in to make you feel whole,” she said. “Even now I’m going through a new transformative stage of my life with understanding who I am, but with God you can really just get through these situations. It’s been beautiful to have my faith in Jesus, which is worth more than anything.”

New transformative stage?

Looks and sounds like Letitia is officially out the closet.

Click the view button and watch the ladies get their grind on.

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  1. It still doesn’t mean she’s gay. Lol I could imagine Kehlani saying they’re were gonna do that because they saw them cameras and know we love a good show 😅

  2. Stop cheating on me Letita!! If you wanted to be w/ Kehlani then all you had to do was ask & I would’ve been okay! 😭

  3. Kehlani is going to get to experience the vibranium strap … happy for her

  4. Damn girls grind on each other at parties all the time isn’t that normal lol😂😭y’all just horny for this woman and I think it’s actually not our business to speculate about someone’s sexuality like this😭… even if y’all love them. Just appreciate her beauty damn lmao 😭❤️😩

  5. @BlimeyWinter: It’s normal for ppl who don’t claim to be “the reborn child of God”

  6. Dam, the way it was all lesbians in that top balcony though. Did my invite get lost in the mail??

  7. So shes a homosexual

    I would not be grinding with a woman….only a man

    Yuck 🤮

  8. It’s not our place to judge we can only keep her in our prayers… there isn’t no sin greater than another…God bless

  9. Those huge hands was the money shot for me, Letitia totally a dude.

  10. Every knee shall or will bow down to Jesus! Every single one. Not may but shall!!

  11. Letitia Wright doesn’t deserve to be in a film like Black Panther 2: Wakandan Boogaloo. She’s way too good

  12. I did not expect this since she plays a character that uses the term “colonizer” for no fucking reason

    I just got humbled and learned not to judge an actor based on the roles she plays

  13. @Walmart Cashier: Who asked for ur opinion? Just because she is having fun doesn’t mean she loves jesus any less yikes here come the judgemental bible thumpers 💀

  14. Uuuuuh they were dancing! Lmbo stop making up sh!t! Lmbo just friends out having fun.

  15. I do think she’s a lesbian, but also women do dance on each other like we are banging when it means nothing

  16. One of the things the so called stars are going to do is change what it means to be a Christian. Be careful what you believe. Be discerning.

  17. Lord Jesus help your people, theres so much deception. Seek God and you’ll be able to discern between false spirits and the Holy Spirit

  18. Someone’s sexuality should not be based on how they choose to present themselves. We shouldn’t just assume.

  19. Who cares? If people make gay shit? So what ?!! People be gay! Like why is it an issue please !!!

    There are PLENTY of Christian lesbians! People are gay! Go kill yourself over it if you must! Like Christians are just so annoying. Let people be, dafq

  20. People just need to Leave her alone she’s just herself. People need to respect her privacy

  21. She’s always been a a skinny tom boy since her fist tv roles but they doesn’t mean she’s gay she’s a Christian too so I don’t think she is

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