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Incensed black womanist loathes being single mom

Single mom blames deadbeat dads/YouTube

Black chick hates motherhood. 

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ATLANTA — A viral TikTok video shows an exasperated black chick saying she loathes being a single mother. She despises Western culture too. It’s her assertion Pookie & Ray Ray are terrible fathers and popsies are rarely succored when it comes to raising kids. The disgruntled redbone is also relegated to working remotely from home because daycare centers are full, have long waiting lists, and are very expensive. “I absolutely hate motherhood and what we, as a society, have created motherhood to be,” she ranted. “I f*cking hate motherhood. I hate everything about it. Will I ever repeat this sh*t? F*ck no!” She also called her daughter “clingy” and said when people visit, they’re only interested in seeing the kid — they don’t give two f*cks about her. “Nobody cares about mothers,” she vented. “People don’t really like you, but they like your kid. It’s just super weird.”

The self-proclaimed womanist has clearly reached her breaking point. You can tell she’s sick of being strong and independent. Telling you dawg, we need to start encouraging Americans to date — not cohabitate. After all, shackin’ up usually leads to procreation. So marry before you carry. It’s not rocket science. Or, at the very least, use birth control and contraceptives.

That said… if you know a single mother who’s struggling, lend a hand.

Remember, it takes a village to raise a child.

Watch babygirl blow a gasket.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Its almost like they wanna be hoes …… without being treated like hoes 😑

  2. Only a Savage would say they hate motherhood…. Even feral animals love and protect their children to the death….. Homosapiens are the only animals on the planet that eat their own kids. #ANDREWTATE #KEVINSAMUELS #MGTOW4EVER

  3. I feel sorry for kids who are born, and have to grow up with idiots like this.

  4. I bet shes abusing of that child. Like every time she gets irritated by the child she probably screams at her. Shes desperately seeking child care so she doesnt have to deal with the child. Very sad and worrying

  5. Lady you are Disgusting. I wish I can look at your child’s face when they get older and hear this, how you hate being their Mother. Close you legs from now on. To think how many women out there that can’t have children, truly sad.

  6. Here we go again the AMERICAN BLACK WOMAN pointing 👉 fingers and trying to blame the AMERICAN BLACK MAN for their foolishness instead holding themselves accountable for their own actions.

  7. Being a single dad for sometime now and I am not complaining… Imagine that!!🤔

  8. That father is most likely involved or tries but she pushes him away because she is strong. Then goes to the internet to blame him, they all sound and look the same.

  9. Translation: I picked the wrong guy that turned out to not be a good father. She probably chose a cute guy that had the swag that she liked.

  10. ..then why did you have a kid? You apparently allowed the guy to climax inside you so you DIDN’T have him use a condom, you DIDN’T take Plan B, and depending on where you are and when, you didn’t try to get an abortion. But…its the GUY’s fault solely??

  11. She is beautiful! What baby daddy in their right mind wouldn’t want to build a family with her , she’s gorgeous!

  12. I have no sympathy for black women or any other women who are out here hoeing around being thots… Thinking they’re cute and then they get pregnant and if somebody else’s fault… You chose that man. You chose to have sex with that man. You chose to have sex with that man without protection. You chose to have sex with that man without protection without discussion of a future… And then you chose to have the baby when I thought you all were all so pro warning abortions… Take some accountability. Sycopan more taxes for all these people out here who can’t get it right.

  13. These women are sorry asf! Men will literally beg them to give them custody. No child support needed. They’ll refuse and cry about everything. So sick of these new broads. They need to delete themselves and spare the world the headache!

  14. 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨pray for this woman’s child. She is probably destroying her child mentally. The child won’t be raised by good role models. She’s too incompetent to seek out information and help for new mothers.😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️

  15. Awe how sad it is that you are currently in the consequences of your actions but you wasn’t thinking about that when you spread your legs to that man. Too bad so sad. You’re strong and independent you’ll be ight

  16. All of this is her fault she cant blame men for this. She made the decision to have unprotected sex and she has to pay the consequences. Avoiding this is simple dont get pregnant unless you’re married or if you want to have sex use Birth Control/Condom

  17. Stop getting women like her pregnant. She’s not a mother period. Just like women throw hate and negativity toward men who don’t want fatherhood but are literally forced into it. Motherhood is a blessing that I can’t wait to experience when I’m married. She had plenty of options like the rest of us women who don’t have kids. Plenty of options way before abortion. She just needs to suck it up and do her job. Baby didn’t ask to be here.

  18. I’m worried for the child, the government should probably take the child from her.

  19. It’s not what “we as a society have created motherhood to be. “ It’s what SHE has created motherhood to be that’s the problem.

  20. Man this is a disgusting display of the women in our western society. All these modern women are broken an im glad we men are going overseas

  21. Poor little victim the guy probably left her because she’s a crazy mess

  22. Did she wait to have sex till she was married? Did she let her folks vet the dude for 6 months? Did she even know the dudes last name? This is your fault lady!

  23. Modern women have achieved their goal – They now are as promiscuous and foul-mouthed as the men. Equality. Except when a baby comes along and takes her out of her “lifestyle.”

  24. I’m not surprised. We live in a society that teaches that “you are the most important person. Put yourself first”. When we live like that, anything that requires you to put aside your own desires for the comfort of others then becomes a nuisance. She has lived only for herself and how dare anyone ask her to think of others first. It’s a real problem in today’s world.

  25. WOW!!! TikTok. Where the woke go to display their idiocy to the world. They’ve had this thing called birth control for a pretty good while, now. Then, there are also rubbers for men to help prevent pregnancy. Of course you COULD stop being an ultra-arrogant ho-ho. The woke wouldn’t be half as offensive if they would only take responsibility for their own actions. But nothing is ever their fault. Their living conditions, their problems and the way they’re treated.
    EVERYTHING you do is based on the choices YOU make. It’s not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument or your age (or men) that is to blame. You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice you make. Period.

  26. I’m a single father since my child was two, I have had full-time job was left with debt yeah, life is a bitch right but these are the choices we made, my Child didn’t ask to be born so I’m not going to punish my child for the choices I made as an adult, clear and present choices. Take time to think about your choices and actions.

    I feel bad for this child hope she don’t see this in the future.

  27. Some women don’t need men, except to get pregnant and to blame someone when they don’t want to take responsibility. Motherhood is supposed to be hard dummy – especially w/o a father! Keep separating the family by voting for democrats, and this is what will keep happening. Someone needs to teach Gen Z that sex is for making babies, and there are plenty of other ways to have fun if that’s what you’re looking for.

  28. This women is an idiot and a moron.
    I dont get what she means by “Men get all the Grace” (im pretty sure she doesn’t know what she means either)
    But if she had UNPROTECTED SEX with some guy who dumped her (and it is very clear why she got dumped) – The only benefit or “grace” that he seems to receive is that he no longer has to deal with her.

  29. Talk about the younger generation being a bunch of dumbasses not wanting to take responsibility for their actions and when you got pregnant you should have started doing some reading on your own about breastfeeding etc she’s a true piece of sh*t she’s really complaining about her baby just wow I wish I could say it surprised me but this younger generation is beyond stupid and immature

  30. What’s missing is the precursor, which is SINGLE motherhood (babymama-dom). This is why marriage & extended family is so important. Young women don’t realize that true sacrifices of raising a child alone & that often other ppl disconnect from her poor choice of having a child unmarried. It’s an issue of lack of freedom & independence. I’m glad that she was honest. I’m hoping it changes the mind of younger teen girls to stop having sex & having kids without a husband. There are too many birth control options for this to keep happening.

    This female has made bad decisions and is not happy with her decision making. She curses too much. Not very ladylike.

  32. Just smash and pass chicks like this
    I met women like her in college all the dam time

  33. You the one who let him hit it RAW, you consented to unprotected sex, you knew the consequences of unprotected sex, other than diseases,you knew,you know theirs at least 10 forms of birth control, and you ignored them all,now you playing the victim,you control who accesses your body,blame yourself, and the one who raised you, ms i don’t need a man, I’m strong and independent, stop crying, or give the child to his,or her,farther and you pay child support to him.

  34. Yo ass was dumb enough to get pregnant and now can’t deal with the responsibility of being a parent. Pro Tip: Use Birth Control

  35. She needs to go to counseling instead of social media. She must have thought having a baby was gonna keep the man.

  36. Let’s just be honest. She’s selfish. A lot of modern women under 40 are extremely selfish. They lost the self sacrificing mentality of their grand mothers due to modern day womanism focusing on being a cake eater and making it about a woman’s “happiness”. She’s right we don’t care about her, we care about her kid. She’s not the important one anymore.

  37. I’m not a single mother, and I love my children. But being a mother is difficult as hell. Work, cook, clean, no clocking out, no time for yourself, can’t pee or poop in peace, always tending to someone else, it’s exhausting. I definitely miss my old life pre kids and wish I gave myself more time.

  38. She is not lying. She is just giving a review of one aspect of motherhood. There is nothing wrong with it. If people can complain about jobs why can’t someone complain about their experience? She didn’t bash anyone.

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