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Chiefs legend Travis Kelce debuts Saturday Night Live

Travis Kelce starred on SNL/YouTube

Travis Kelce made SNL debut.

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NEW YORK — Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce made his “Saturday Night Live” debut this weekend and the 33-year-old impending Hall of Famer represented the American Heartland quite well. During his opening monologue, a debonair Kelce delivered his best Patrick Mahomes impersonation before poking fun at his New Heights podcast partner and big brother — Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce — for losing Super Bowl LVII. If you recall, KC beat Philly 38-35 thanks to a timely defensive holding penalty on Eagles defensive back James Bradberry. Travis asked Jason, who was sedentary in the audience, if he agreed with the call. But the pissed-off lineman offered no response. Instead, Jason cut his eyes in disgust. Travis also confabulated gettin’ jettisoned from school for puffin’ marijuana. “Just goes to show you, if you’re bad at school and smoke weed, you can win the Super Bowl twice,” Travis cracked. His proud parents, Ed and Donna, were in attendance.

Can’t lie, the sketches weren’t particularly great.

After all, Travis portrayed a borderline pedophile in one and a swirling paramour in another.

Not to mention the other skits featured an array of woke propaganda such as gay pride, interracial relationships and all things blasphemous. That being said, a member of the Super Bowl champs served as honorary host and, as far as I’m concerned, that’s all that matters. The Chiefs are on top of the NFL and they’re favored in Vegas to repeat as world beaters next year.

Watch Travis set it off on SNL

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  1. I don’t usually care for the monologues, but the writers and Kielce made this one work.

  2. Travis passed this with an A+++++!!!! Congrats!! Kansas City proud!! CHIEFS!!

  3. Okay Travis is the cute brother that won the super bowl!! He is actually funny I liked it

  4. As a die hard Eagles fan, Jason Kelce’s reaction face was hilarious!!!!

  5. The writing for Travis was on point 💯shocker/funny 🤘🤘🤘🤘 GREAT JOB!!!

  6. “It just goes to show you if you smoke weed and are bad at school you can win the superbowl twice ”
    Best Line Ever

  7. Travis, an athlete, was a better actor and ten times funnier than Woody Harrelson last week. He killed it!

  8. Travis out-fashionista’d himself this time and wore a mens women’s power pant suit

  9. Seriously he’s so good and nailed all the sketches, one of my favorite episodes this season 🎉

  10. I actually really respect that he did a full monologue rather than a mini-sketch with some of the cast members. And it was funny as hell too!

  11. For sports personalities, this guy might be second to only Peyton. Holy hell I was not expecting to like him, I ended up loving him. He murdered the entire episode. 🤟

  12. … … the more 👁 look at him, he is just drop dead gorgeous… … he must have the whole world on his strap… … 👑👑👑👑… …

  13. Not every winning athlete can be funny on SNL. Tom Brady hosted SNL once, and he sucked! Travis Kelce may have won 5 fewer Super Bowls than Brady (so far), but he beat Brady to the punch when it came to hosting SNL.

  14. 2 time and soon to be 3 times Super Bowl Champion!! That’s our TE! GO CHIEFS!!!

  15. American Girl Café…..She just got her period, and is on the pill. Smart girl!😂😂😂

  16. I almost skipped the episode when I saw the host was an athlete. Really glad I didn’t, he did very well. Obviously a lot of credit goes to the writers, but Travis does deserve some of it, since as we’ve seen in the past, no amount of good writing can save a bad host from floundering. The only really negative thing I have to say about this episode is that he needs to fire whoever told him that suit was ok. I’ve never seen a jacket with a loincloth, and I don’t feel the need to see another one.

  17. American Girl Café is the worst sketch ever. I can’t believe how bad this sucked and it looks to be a new trend at snl. It’s rarely been any good but this is a low I didn’t think they had. The truth honey?

  18. Travis did a horrible job on the show, as expected, but it’s not entirely his fault: SNL’s writers just suck.

  19. What in the actual F**k!
    American Girl Café: A sick & twisted skit for Epstein and his cohorts. Bravo SNL.

  20. So I have loved this man since “2014” And I may have been his ONLY dedicated viewer on Catching Kelce, So he does no wrong in my eyes. lol ♥♥☺☺

  21. Wow,I really enjoyed Travis on SNL,after football,he has a very good chance of being an actor. Also Jason I enjoyed as well!

  22. I think people around the country got to see in this intro why he’s so beloved in KC. Besides his football talent, the guy is genuinely funny, charming, a sharp dresser and has enormous heart, which if you notice he starts to break up at the end of the monologue talking about being on the stage once belonging to SNL legends. He always wears his heart on his sleeve. Heidi Gardener did an interview with a Kansas City TV station a few days before this aired and she said she had been lobbying SNL to ask Kelce to host for a long time. Besides being a huge Chiefs fan, Heidi said she had worked with Kelce on the ESPY awards and saw first hand his natural comedic timing. I’m sure after this aired Heidi probably told Lorne Michaels “I told you he’d be great!”

  23. 🖕 SNL leftist socialist propaganda BS. Used to love watching this show before became so political.

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