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Scantily clad black chick lambasted for being sexy

A viral video shows a Hebrew Israelite excoriating a scantily clad black chick for dressing half-naked in public, à la Ciara at the Oscar Awards. As a matter of fact, it appears to be the same ensemble. The bout of contretemps transpired outside a strip mall in front of other patrons. “You think men respect this? If a man walked up to you right now, you think he wants to wife you?” the fashion cop said. “I don’t want to be a wife,” the woman replied. The Hebrew Israelite then went on a spiel about how Nubian popsies are the only ones who don seductive raiments. “Our people are the only ones who do stuff like this,” he told an Arab store owner.

Do you agree?

Is it time to purchase a passport?

Watch the clip.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Black women it’s time to respect yourself, because you deserve it, plain and simple ❤

  2. I ❤ them for correcting her with love. It’s time for us black women to stand up and hold each other accountable.

  3. We need more brother’s with this mindset. It’s not okay for our females to dress like this, we’re faced with enough disrespect as
    It is. Leave something to the imagination and stop putting everything on display.

  4. As a married black woman, I approve this message!!! Grandma said leave something to the imagination, her twin ( my uncle) said why buy a cow if the milk is free

  5. I love that these YOUNG BLACK MEN are standing up and telling young black woman that her behavior and the way she carrying herself is WRONG.. Very positive!!!

  6. She was not expecting that type of feed back when she got dressed this morning

  7. She walking on eggshells! 😂 They tuned her ass out of the conversation and she standing right there.

  8. he had em when he hit the middle eastern woman line.
    Much Respect

  9. I think he’s right about the way she was dressed but saying only black woman dress like that and middle eastern woman would not do it made no sense. It’s not a black thing and how do you know what Middle Eastern woman would do if they had the freedom to do it.

  10. As a black woman, my respect for these CULTURED, DIGNIFIED and DECENT black men sky rocketed!! My Kudos to their parents, for doing a GREAT job, bringing up these POWERFUL black men. ❤❤❤

  11. The store owner was right about it not being an exclusively black thing, but an American thing.

  12. Yes Black men, hold your Black woman ACCOUNTABLE!!! Period👏🏾!! Some ppl have to be put on BLAST to understand that they are MESSING UP. I RESPECT the fact they chewed her ass out 💯

  13. THIS IS AMERICA. The second the government tells us how to dress, everyone will be up in arms! I wouldn’t wear that outdoors or indoors. I agree with what the men are saying but I agree with the woman too. Whether she wants a man or not, she’ll find one.

    There’s a saying at work ” Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. The same concept applies for the type of person you attract. She’s not looking for respect and she has a right to do that.

  14. @Nunya Marie: This is a good point. The blessing of living in the US is that you have the freedom to dress however you want like she said she’s not looking to be a wife so she doesn’t care to present herself that way but the problem comes about when people are not taught that clothing is a form of communication. They wonder why they aren’t getting the response they want from the world around them and when someone is bold enough to say it they don’t receive the message, they just feel attacked and offended. 😢

  15. Look at the state of those males judging someone elses appearance. The store owner probably laughed at all of them

  16. Ew, the nerve of a man to try and talk down on a women he isn’t even related to or knows is disgusting, especially the people defending him are just as disgusting. People need to mind their business.

  17. Unpopular opinion: people who don’t want help… should not receive it

  18. To be honest she’s grown and she can wear whatever she wants. And the store owner is right it’s not a black thing it’s a american thing

  19. I think she became embarrassed when she realized it really was “all out of love” and then they brought the store owner in it too, so that’s even more embarrassing… they could have individually pulled her aside and said something… well hopefully she gets the message. She’s beautiful and doesn’t have to wear these clothing to get attention ❤🎉

  20. Y’all won’t confront Pookie & Ray Ray carrying guns in their draws but will stop to harass a black woman????

  21. I appreciate the store owner for trying not to belittle another race. He knows it’s not a “black thing” but more so that it is normalized in America. There are middle eastern women’s in America that dress “free” there are black women that dress modest. It shouldn’t be about the color of the skin but about self respect regardless.

  22. Just what we need, men telling women what they can wear and telling them they don’t know right from wrong.
    You don’t control women, stop trying to.

  23. They legitimately harassed her. Dressed like that or not you have no right to talk to anyone like that.

  24. Man she aint worried about nobody making her a wife, she trynna run errands that’s it, she a grown ass woman and she can wear what makes her feel comfortable

  25. Black men be talking about us and got they own issues.💯💯💯💯

  26. If the lady wasn’t going or returning from the beach…. there is no reason to be so inappropriately dressed.

  27. Men like us see this as trash but she doesn’t know any better does she. Its like us men have to help these helpless second handed third trash women who’ve been traumatized by men and now behave this way. Well done guys ❤

  28. To all the beautiful strong black queens out there keep it classy not trashy 💯💯💯

  29. This is a problem and deserves to be talked about. Too many black women walking around looking like prostitutes.

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