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The Mass Appeal Network has teamed up with Kansas City area schools to present “PROJECT C.L.I.M.B.” (Community Learning & Improvement through Motivational Building). This program offers positive media coverage of students and teachers. This includes student and teacher of the week, coverage of Math Relays and Science Fairs, broadcast journalism mentoring for students and more. Coverage of middle school & high school sporting events, honor roll students, debates, college visitations and student political committees are also provided.

To get daily updates on what’s new in Kansas City, Kan. education, check out KCKPS Channel 18 TV by clicking the play button below. Kansas City scholastic features and updates will also appear daily inside our exciting e-magazine. To sign up for it, simply visit ‘Email Signup’ above, on the far right, and enter your email address.

The e-magazine is FREE! FREE! FREE!

Again, sign up today!!!

Please keep in mind; “PROJECT C.L.I.M.B.” is strictly non-profit. The program is ran in conjunction with Northwest Middle School, but available for all academic institutions in the Greater Kansas City area. For schools and educators interested in “PROJECT C.L.I.M.B.,” please contact Mass Appeal’s Wayne Hodges today at 913.233.6425 or via email at [email protected]. We would love to cover your school!

Once again, welcome to Mass Appeal’s “PROJECT C.L.I.M.B.” Charitable contributions and donations are encouraged as we continue to expand the services of the program. We are doing some new and exciting things for students, teachers and parents in Kansas City. And we welcome your support.


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