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Dr. Vanden Bossche believes COVID-19 vaccinations will turn us into ‘zombies’

Vaccine scientist forecasts doom.  Blog King, Mass Appeal GERMANY — Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, a renowned vaccine scientist who has collaborated with numerous pharmaceutical corporations, is sounding the alarm over the mass inoculation of coronavirus vaccines worldwide. In a recently released video, Dr. Vanden Bossche said it’s imperative we “halt all COVID-19 vaccinations immediately, or uncontrollable monsters will be unleashed.” ...

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GOP Convention: President Donald Trump excoriates Biden’s policies on final night

Mr. Trump makes presidential case. Blog King, Mass Appeal WASHINGTON — If you recall, a few weeks ago, President Donald Trump labeled the coronavirus pandemic a hoax. While delivering an hour-long oration during Thursday night’s Republican National Convention, the Commander-in-Chief doubled down on that assertion… and then some. Amid thunderous chants of “four more years,” Trump yapped his beak in ...

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