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Dr. Martin said Dr. Fauci & Bill Gates had coronavirus patented for depopulation

Dr. Martin unveils ‘coronavirus plot.’  Blog King, Mass Appeal LONDON — When it rains, it pours. An explosive video titled “London Real: Transform Yourself” has gone viral and it shows Dr. David E. Martin — founder of IQ100 Index (NYSE) — explaining how Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Dr. Ralph Baric and Bill Gates established a patent ...

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Woke Rap Video: Biden’s Paradise offers frightening glimpse into future economy

Biden’s Paradise forecasts danger. Blog King, Mass Appeal WASHINGTON — Freedom Toons released a Woke rap video titled “Biden’s Paradise” — a parody of Coolio’s hit song “Gangster’s Paradise” — and the conception has gone mad viral. In the cartoon, a braided Joe Biden brags about sniffing children’s hair and selling our souls to China president Xi Jinping. “Damn I’m ...

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