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Wendy Williams havin’ 2nd thoughts on divorcing her cheatin’, absentee hubby

Wendy Williams rethinks divorce.¬† Blog King, Mass Appeal NEW YORK — After 21 years of holy matrimony, scuttlebutt extraordinaire Wendy Williams filed for divorce on Wednesday. Now she’s harboring second thoughts. Word on the street claims Wendy is giving strong rumination to reconciling with her fornicating husband — Kevin Hunter — despite the fact his paramour recently gave birth to ...

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Wendy Williams hospitalized after her husband’s mistress gave birth to his kid

Wendy hospitalized, health in jeopardy. Blog King, Mass Appeal NEW YORK — Just days after informing the world she’s addicted to cocaine, talk show extraordinaire Wendy Williams was hospitalized¬†on Monday after her husband’s paramour gave birth to his baby. The 54-year-old scuttlebutt star was so inebriated, she required emergency treatment in ICU. After being on IV fluids for several hours, ...

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Wendy Williams drops huge bombshell, confesses to being addicted to cocaine

Wendy Williams shared a secret.¬† Blog King, Mass Appeal NEW YORK — Wendy Williams raised eyebrows everywhere when she told a national television audience she’s addicted to cocaine. The 54-year-old talk show host shared the startling revelation during Tuesday’s edition of “The Wendy Williams Show.” Right now she’s residing in a sober house away from her husband, which explains her ...

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