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Attorney General William Barr compares coronavirus lockdown orders to ‘slavery’

Attorney General attacks governors.  Blog King, Mass Appeal WASHINGTON — Attorney General William Barr ruffled some feathers on Wednesday when he drew parallels between coronavirus lockdown measures and slavery. The corpulent barrister called the national stay-at-home order the “greatest intrusion on civil liberties [in U.S. history] other than slavery.” Barr, 70, voiced the juxtaposition while speaking at a ‘Constitution Day’ ...

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Cardi B believes celebrities paid to share coronavirus test results to cause a panic

Cardi B addresses conspiracy theory.  Blog King, Mass Appeal ATLANTA — Cardi B believes celebrities and athletes are being remunerated to say they’ve tested positive for coronavirus to rouse societal trepidation, and she’s not alone. The conspiracy theory has gone mad viral (no pun intended) as the COVID-19 pandemic gathers steam. The 27-year-old rapper voiced her fulmination via Instagram Live. ...

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