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Police Brutality Cartoon: Racist officer ‘murdered’ a black dude for jaywalking

Officer Choker murders negro.  Blog King, Mass Appeal HOLLYWOOD — Cartoonists at Cool Zone Entertainment are catching hell after disseminating a police brutality caricature that shows a pair of racist white cops murdering an unarmed black dude. Graphics were concocted by an artist named Cartoon David. The opening sequence begins with the negro pedestrian waiting at a stoplight when a ...

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Police Brutality Video: Black dude got ‘asphyxiated’ publicly by white officer

White cop chokes African American. Blog King, Mass Appeal MINNEAPOLIS — Law enforcement officials, including the FBI, are investigating after Derek Chauvin — a white police officer — choked an unarmed black man to death (à la Eric Garner) in Minneapolis. The suffocation transpired Monday night during a “forgery in progress.” It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage ...

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