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Gay Cartoon: Netflix series ‘Q-Force’ gets negative reviews from LGBTQ community

Netflix’s Q-Force super duper gay. Blog King, Mass Appeal HOLLYWOOD — Netflix released season one of the gay superspy series “Q-Force” and, so far, it’s garnered negative reviews. The adult cartoon received a lowly score of 43 percent on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer. LGBTQ Twitter called it “offensive.” Tariq Raouf of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote: “A more captivating choice would ...

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Candace Owens: China is masterminding stratagem to turn American men ‘gay’

Candace uncovers China’s stratagem.  Blog King, Mass Appeal NASHVILLE, Tenn — America is China’s bitch, this according to conservative pundit Candace Owens who disseminated a vlog unveiling disturbing information about Xi Jinping’s stratagem to emasculate America en route to world subjugation. In the 17-minute video, the 32-year-old Republican elucidated China’s decision to purchase the most prominent film companies in Hollywood ...

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Gay Music Video: Lil Nas X ‘Industry Baby’ considered gayest music video of all-time

Lil Nas X delivers gayest video ever. Blog King, Mass Appeal LOS ANGELES — Homophile accolades are piling up fast for Lil Nas X. First, he delivered the gayest performance in “Saturday Night Live” history. Then he delivered the gayest performance in “BET Awards” history. Now he’s culpable for the gayest music video in world history. That’s because the 22-year-old ...

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