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Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend harassed by Patriots fans, security had to “intervene”

Mahomes’ chick heckled by fans.  Blog King, Mass Appeal FOXBOROUGH — Patrick Mahomes’ inamorata, Brittany Matthews, tried to make herself sedentary in the stands of New England’s Gillette Stadium on Sunday to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs. But she received a contumelious introduction to east coast hospitality that elicited a swift relocation. During KC’s 23-16 victory, Patriots fans treated ...

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Black gunman tried to kill multiple white people as reprisal to Dylann Roof crime

Sampson sought deadly revenge.  Blog King, Mass Appeal NASHVILLE — Emanuel Kidega Sampson, 27, was in court Tuesday facing life without parole after the Sudanese gunman tried to murder a congregation of white churchgoers in September 2017. The sanguinary ordeal went down on a Sunday morning at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee. Donning a tactical vest and ...

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