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President Joe Biden urges companies to vaccinate employees or fire their asses

President Biden orders mandate. Blog King, Mass Appeal WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden pissed-off anti-vaxxers Thursday when he announced a new order that requires larger U.S. businesses to mandate COVID vaccinations for employees, saying, “many of us are frustrated with the nearly 80 million Americans who are not fully vaccinated.” In other words… no jab, no job. The authoritarian policy ...

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Phil Collins’ ex-wife is suing his ass over ‘repulsive’ hygiene and stinky body odor

Phil accused of being ‘squalid.’  Blog King, Mass Appeal MIAMI — Phil Collins and his avaricious ex-wife, Orianne Cevey, rekindled their romance five years ago following a 7-year lacuna. Now she’s suing the 69-year-old singer for two reasons: 1) He’s trying to evict her from their multi-million dollar mansion after promising a 50/50 ownership split, and 2) His hygiene is ...

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