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Netflix: Nola Darling back for promiscuous activity in Spike Lee’s “She’ Gotta Have It”

She’s Gotta Have It returning for No. 2. Blog King, Mass Appeal NEW YORK — It’s about time. Brooklyn diva Nola Darling is back for mo’ hanky panky! After a 14-month hiatus, the promiscuous damsel will resume her inglorious manipulation of the male species in season two of Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It.” The amorous reboot, billed as a “rousing ...

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2019 Oscar Awards: Spike wins a trophy, implores viewers to diss President Trump

Spike wins Oscar, slams Mr. Trump. Blog King, Mass Appeal LOS ANGELES — After accepting an Oscar Award on Sunday for his critically acclaimed film “BlacKkKlansman,” veteran director Spike Lee implored viewers to vote President Donald Trump out of office. Spike’s audacious behest was met with retaliatory tweets from the Commander in Chief. Can’t lie. Spike’s speech was arguably the ...

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Samuel L. Jackson shares crack tales

Samuel L. Jackson smoked crack alot. Blog King, Mass Appeal LOS ANGELES — Veteran thespian Samuel L. Jackson smoked crack in the 80s and 90s which is hardly a bombshell because, when you look at his eyes, you can tell he hit the pipe. Jackson, 70, finally opened up about his crack addiction in a recent Q&A with the Hollywood ...

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