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Police Chase Video: Gangsta granny kills ‘accomplice’ during liquor store burglary

Drunken granny murders her help. Blog King, Mass Appeal HOUSTON — Diawannah Corteasher Thomas, 54, had her drunken ass thrown in jail after she accidentally killed an accomplice during a burglary attempt. The felonious ordeal transpired in Houston, Texas on January 21st. It was also captured on video. Raw footage shows the inebriated granny parked outside a liquor store in ...

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911 Burglary Call: NFL star Fletcher Cox threatens to shoot burglar with shotgun

Eagles D-lineman threatens burglar.  Blog King, Mass Appeal NEW JERSEY — Law enforcement officials in Gloucester County have released the disturbing 911 call effectuated by Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox during an armed burglary at his New Jersey residence. While on the phone, Cox told the dispatcher, “I got somebody trying to break into my house and I’m about ...

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Two angry chicks invade Italian bistro to ‘vandalize’ property while customers eat

Two angry chicks vandalize eatery.  Blog King, Mass Appeal COSTA MESA — When firing an employee goes terribly wrong. Passion Shenay Coleman, 27, and Laglennda Damona Carr, 24, were thrown in the slammer after the truculent damsels vandalized a Costa Mesa restaurant while patrons were ingesting lunch. Both invaded the venue donning hoodies and face paint. The donnybrook transpired Saturday ...

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