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Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction is overturned because his trial was unfair

Bill Cosby is free, sentence vacated. Blog King, Mass Appeal PHILADELPHIA — “Hey, Hey, Hey!” Bill Cosby finally got his independence close to Independence Day. That’s because the 83-year-old comedian had his sexual assault conviction rescinded Wednesday afternoon by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. A seven-member panel determined Cosby didn’t get a fair trial due to a mere technicality. So instead ...

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R. Kelly owes IRS roughly $2 million in ‘delinquent’ taxes, may be a flight risk

R. Kelly owes IRS delinquent taxes.  Blog King, Mass Appeal CHICAGO — His bank account is telling him “no”. But the IRS is telling him “yes”. It’ll take more than a stimulus check to rectify R. Kelly’s pecuniary predicament. That’s because the 53-year-old vocalist owes the IRS a mind-blogging $1.8 million in back taxes. Kelly, who’s serving time for a ...

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