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Pookie rapes nurse inside elevator and strangles her

Candy Laird raped & strangled/Viral Crimes

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DETROIT — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of aspiring nurse Elizabeth “Candy” Laird who was asphyxiated by registered sex offender James Quill Cockerham on an elevator. The femicide transpired on May 15, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. According to police reports, Candy was visiting her boyfriend at his apartment. When the 27-year-old beauty got on the elevator, James jumped in and joined her. When the door closed, the 50-year-old thug raped Candy before strangling her death. Then he tossed her corpse into a garbage chute. One of the residents reported blood inside the elevator — sparking a police investigation. Candy’s cadaver was found in a dumpster. After observing surveillance footage, police arrested James a few days later and charged him with murder. “That violent, predatory, cowardly suspect is now in custody,” Police Chief James Craig told reporters.

Chief Craig also called James a “career criminal.” That’s because his rap sheet includes charges for illegal firearm possession, criminal sexual conduct, armed robbery, car theft and, as previously mentioned, he’s a registered sex offender. What’s sad is Candy was just weeks away from completing her degree as a surgical technician. “She didn’t deserve this,” said her mother, Diana Cann.

“My daughter was bright. She was intelligent. She always wanted to be someone special in life.”

Candy’s big brother, Curtis, echoed a homogeneous sentiment.

“It’s the worst feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. I’m broken up in a million pieces,” he bemoaned.

“He should have never been let out.” 

Candy’s boyfriend lives in a gated community.

So how did James get in?

Should the boyfriend be investigated?

Watch the documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The legal system is so stupid. They parole out aggravated assault inmates with long rap sheet but not non aggravated petty drug inmates🙄

  2. This is for young men and women. Candice was young and innocent, rightfully so. Ambitious and hopeful. As unfair as it is, how could she know she was endangering herself by innocently exercising free will in broad daylight, in a public space. Proof, one can never be Too careful. As she approaches the elevator with the day’s tasks on her mind, why would she feel danger? Her boyfriend lives there and her car is outside. Evil found the perfect opportunity..seemingly no witnesses, a small and beautiful girl, an elevator…6 minutes is probably all it took to steal her virtue and her life. I’ve always believed, and this story is one of millions to prove CANNOT visit a man who won’t escort you safely to and from your car. 90% of the time, it’s fine. But the last 10% can kill you. I’m not blaming the boyfriend. Crime this emboldened and sinister is too extreme for young ones to fathom. Now every day, he must wonder if her life could have been saved had he walked her to the door. That one small gesture of carefulness and caution, some call chivalry…I call it more a responsibility that when shirked, can have dangerous and fatal consequences. I pray for Candice’s family and her boyfriend that they find a ray of hope that Candice is now safe, to lift the heaviness of that foul and wretched heartache we know as grief.

  3. The big Down side of being considered “attractive” is you’re always harassed

  4. He looked shady.He walked in looking around making sure no one could see him come in.He came in with a purpose.This is so sad.My ❤ and 🙏 go out to her family.He took a beautiful ,intelligent individual.She must have been so afraid ,he looked like the monster that he is.Why were he even released from prison?I do not understand for anyone to think he was reformed and that he let back into society.Sex offenders and child predictors should not be let back into society,more times then not.They are repeat offenders.There are no reforming evil human beings.Let them rot behind bars.So many would still be alive if monsters were not released back into the streets.

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