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President Trump pardoned 143 convicts ‘including’ his favorite rapper Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne gets Trump pardon.  Blog King, Mass Appeal MIAMI — Looks like Lil Wayne won’t serve a decade behind bars after all. That’s because President Donald Trump has decided to make the embattled lyricist a notable beneficiary of a presidential pardon before his successor, Joe Biden, officially takes office. Last December, Weezy (né Dwayne Michael Carter) pled guilty in ...

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Ava Louise licks an airplane toilet during ‘coronavirus challenge,’ Dr. Phil is pissed

TikTok vixen Ava threatens Dr. Phil. Blog King, Mass Appeal LOS ANGELES — Aspiring singer Ava Louise is catching hell from all gradients after she threatened to expectorate on Dr. Phil during a nationally-televised chinwag that aired Thursday afternoon. Ava, if you recall, is the supercilious damsel who licked an airplane toilet seat as an impolitic stunt of the “coronavirus ...

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