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Basketball player is dead because of her hair weave

Jermani died tragically/Kingston Media

Baller dies tragic death. 

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NEW ORLEANS — They’ve finally identified her and babygirl had LeBron-esque handles coupled with a Steph Curry jumpshot. Jermani Thompson, a 26-year-old airport baggage handler, died tragically on the job after her hair weave got tangled in a conveyor belt. You can’t make this sh*t up. The freak accident transpired around 10 p.m. Tuesday night while Jermani was unloading a plane parked at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. The conveyor belt sucked her in and chewed her head off. Nobody was around to shutdown the machine. Jermani was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. “We extend our deepest condolences following the tragic death of a member of our ground handling business partner,” said an airline spokesperson in a statement. “Our thoughts are with her family and loved ones during this difficult time.”

Social media reaction was fierce. One person wrote, “Damn, nobody had a knife or scissors around? This is sad.” Another added, “Like many black women she loved fake long hair more than her natural hair of which she was not proud. Because of that she is dead.”

Jermani, an employee of GAT Airline Ground Support, played basketball at Hesston College in Kansas and Tougaloo College in Mississippi. She’s gone but definitely not forgotten. “She was my baby girl. Everybody loved her,” said Angela Dorsey, Jermani’s mom. “I’m just lost for words. I can’t even think.” Medical examiners believe a spurious coiffure did indeed take Jermani’s life.

Should women eschew weave and extensions and start donning their natural hair? After all, it ain’t helping ’em get married anyway.

And, are you willing to f*ck a baldheaded woman?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. You LITERALLY can pass away at any moment. Lord have mercy on us all. My condolences to her family.

  2. Father in the name of Jesus I asked you to protect his family and surround them with your loving arms, my condolences to her family and friends, and to her mother God bless you and protect your heart stay strong in Christ Jesus amen.

  3. Wow…unfortunately freak accidents do happen. The airlines should stress in policy that hair should be tied up. She was dealing with a machine that doesn’t know better. Her hair must’ve been really long.
    I pray peace to the family, friends & co-workers.
    God bless her soul.🕊🏀

  4. A part of me say this doesn’t even sound right but then again our world has been having the most freakish accidents and the worst crimes being committed idk if this did happen no one seen or heard her cry out for help ? Was she the only employee where she was ?? I’m confused and gosh I’m sorry this happened to her Rest In Peace 🙏🏽

  5. I work in the airport as well and it’s uniform to keep our hair up. We can’t have it pass our shoulders. Rest In Peace queen ❤️

  6. I worked in a warehouse with conveyor belts. A guy with longer hair got it wrapped around a bolt. It scalped him. There’s usually a warning sign (to relive the company of liability). I hope the family finds peace.

  7. Safety is very important on the job I work construction 🦺 and also working in a warehouse with conveyer belts constantly moving parts from 1 side to the other. Ladies and fellas with long hair keep that hair tied up! Be safe ppl ✊🏾

  8. I work for UPS and those conveyor belts are designed to hold thousands of pounds. They are very powerful and loud. I can see why no one heard her crying. Best thing to do keep your hair tied up for safety because that belt will not stop it will pull you straight in. I’ve delivered to the airport many times. The machinery is very loud. Prayers to her family

  9. The company is at least responsible for having negligent lock out/tag out procedures as well as their buddy system. Heavy/dangerous machinery always require both

  10. As a flight attendant I want to know why her hair was not in compliance and why a superior did not notice this and correct this. In all areas of aviation safety comes first and she should not have been allowed to perform her duties without her hair being secured. This is such a careless senseless loss. Perhaps she was very busy and her hair came undone, maybe she just forgot, which is why compliance checks are supposed to happen on a very frequent basis. This makes zero sense that non one cared to double check. I also want to know if anyone immediately shut off the machine and assisted her?? Why do these things seem to happen to US the most???

  11. @Nicole Lawson: Everything isn’t suspicious. If she had braids they should require everyone with long hair whether dreads or braids to tie them up. If a few braids were caught in between the conveyor belt it’s going to pull you in if you aren’t able to snatch your braids out. At 10pm I assume not a lot of people are around so no one could alert them to turn the machine off. This is sad.

  12. @Nicole Lawson: Sad and very tragic because she was so young. But It doesn’t sound like it’s something funny going on here. When you are working in places like that you should have your hair pulled back or tied up. It doesn’t take long for someone’s braids or etc to get Caught in something especially if you’re bending down. My condolences to her family.

  13. Y’all seen that video of the man that passed a propellor (airport worker) and the propellor knocked a hole in his head and killed him instantly. Freak accident for sure. Propellor wasn’t even moving fast it’s just the force I guess sad for this young woman 🙁 had to be terrifying for her

  14. This is why i tell these kids not to be “at the red-light twerkin on the headlights” cuz accidents happen and theres no logic in making it easier for something to go wrong. This isnt that type of situation it just reminds me of it cuz shes so young.

  15. No emergency button to stop the machine?? I mean damn.
    Prayers to the family. Life lost to soon

  16. The long extension braids are heavy. Gotta keep em’ tied up good, or better yet just wear your natural hair ladies. To hell with the weaves and extension braids.

  17. Jermani was not killed due to the accident. After the accident, she was murdered by medical employees, who took charge of her for heinous, sadistic organ harvesting, DNA extraction & medical experimentation like most African-Hebrews are deceptively victimized in hospitals

  18. Sad but even supervisors break the rules with wearing long hair, in order to be cute, instead of safe , long hair purple and green , long earrings,all to break the rules , to not be controlled, to fit their lifestyle off the clock,,this is a hefty price to pay,, when keeping it real goes wrong,, needs to be part of a new safety video ,put out ASAP for airline employees, 3 ft long hair is now the standard, cardi B image, long hair don’t care, society.

  19. R.I.P to her but I’ve always thought of something happening like this 🙏🏾😪 Some of them girls wear their hair too long and I don’t believe they even think about it ever getting caught on to something causing them severe injuries. We need to think about what we do as well as why we do what we do, and the consequences that come with

  20. tie your hair
    read your bible
    repent of your sins
    trust in the Messiah

  21. Been telling y’all about that fake hair. We all know it’s fake!! And it looks silly on African Americans. You get ebt and spend hundreds on fake hair and nails. It should be illegal to wear the fake hair. It should carry a five year sentence and 20,000 fine

  22. That’s what happens when men and women are not held to the same safety standards when working around machinery. Men are required to keep our hair short or secured tightly, yet women generally have more leniency when it comes to their hair and are usually allowed to wear it long and free flowing to a much greater extent than men. As a manager, I would refuse to allow a man or woman with long hair to operate any kind of machinery with moving parts, especially with 2 feet of unnatural hair that was not grown from their own body. Sorry but no business should care about your feelings about your hair or your style. Safety comes first on the job site at all times. I have fired women in various lines of work for refusing to secure their hair or remove the unnecessarily long weeve, and was called racist and misogynistic. I would rather be labeled as racist or misogynistic rather than have the death of an employee on my hands 🤷‍♂️

  23. Whats most concerning is that she had a college degree and the airport couldn’t find a more useful job for her. Discrimination in hiring is a real thing. Maybe this young beautiful woman would be alive today if she had a different position

  24. I’m curious to why there wasn’t a shut-off switch near where she was working, or if there was one, was it not working. Did anyone think to look for it, if they had enough time. I had a part time job years ago as a check in agent at the airport, I took luggage from customers, did a 180, and put them on the belt. Shut off switches were never that far away.

  25. omg was this in front of everyone in the air port? I couldnt imagine watching and hearing that

  26. Where’s the health and safety in workplace procedures when it comes to hair tanglement or is it a freak accident cause if the employer did not advise the young girl about hair then I see a legal compensation case against the workplace coming up by the family of the deceased.

  27. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person!!!!! I’m sure she sued to get the right to wear her ethnic hair anyway she wanted and this is what got her. Good riddance!

  28. Long hair got her life took. The very things ppl care about so much can be the reason they slip. At least she lived her life playing sports ..she seemed cheerful forreal.

  29. I still don’t understand how this would kill you. If it was that much force wouldn’t it just rip the weave out?

  30. It’s the culture. Young girls always worried about their hair. The make up. The constant reassurance to help with self-esteem. Having hairstyles that do not comply with your occupation. I’ve seen young ladies with long hair down to their butts in the restaurant industry. Why is that? Just the constant wanting to be pretty and not worried about the job at hand. Sometimes you don’t have to be pretty all the time especially at work.

  31. Ohh hell no my real hair is to my butt but I would cut it for safety reasons

  32. Long weave or long hair of any kind shouldn’t be worn around any machinery, that’s basic common sense for your own safety, especially if you have worked that job long knowing the policy or any other with moving parts. Your job is responsible for providing a safe work place but it’s up to you to comply and work safe for your own good.

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