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Anti-Vax Video: Several celebrities trash coronavirus vaccine and refuse to take it

Celebrities slam COVID vaccine. Blog King, Mass Appeal HOLLYWOOD — A video has gone viral that shows several celebrities lambasting Bill Gates’ coronavirus vaccine. Comedian Eddie Griffin said he’s eschewing the jab because “Bill Gates ain’t no doctor.” During a recent chinwag with Dr. Oz, talk show host Wendy Williams echoed a similar sentiment. “I don’t trust it,” she said. ...

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Warren Buffett leaves Bill & Melinda’s foundation but donates over $4 billion

Warren Buffett dumps Bill Gates. Blog King, Mass Appeal SEATTLE — Seems everybody’s divorcing Bill Gates these days. First, the Microsoft originator lost his wife of 27 years. Now Warren Buffett is leaving his Satanic ass. The 90-year-old investor resigned from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on Wednesday for no damn reason. Buffett also announced he’s gonna donate a ...

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