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Phil Collins’ ex-wife is suing his ass over ‘repulsive’ hygiene and stinky body odor

Phil accused of being ‘squalid.’  Blog King, Mass Appeal MIAMI — Phil Collins and his avaricious ex-wife, Orianne Cevey, rekindled their romance five years ago following a 7-year lacuna. Now she’s suing the 69-year-old singer for two reasons: 1) He’s trying to evict her from their multi-million dollar mansion after promising a 50/50 ownership split, and 2) His hygiene is ...

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‘Young Money’ star Lil Wayne purchases extravagant Miami crib for $17 million

Lil Wayne buys lavish mansion. Blog King, Mass Appeal MIAMI — Donald Trump’s government shutdown has rendered no penurious affect on Lil Wayne’s wallet. That became crystal clear the past few days when the prodigal rapper purchased a waterfront mansion in Miami Beach for… $17 million. Weezy’s new crib, which contains 106,320 square feet and 7 bedrooms, is located at ...

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