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Pookie shoots his wife at crowded swimming pool

Shandell was murdered in public/YouTube

Pookie shoots wife at pool. 

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MIAMI BEACH — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Twisted Crimes released the murder documentary of 30-year-old Shandell Harris who was shot dead by her simpin’ husband, 45-year-old Carl Monty Watts, because she sought a divorce. The femicide transpired in broad daylight, at a crowded swimming pool, in front of family and bystanders, on April 3, 2022 in Miami Beach, Florida. Shandell was at the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center (JCC), where her 11-year-old daughter was taking swimming lessons. Carl showed up and implored Shandell to eschew pressing charges for stabbing her the night prior. He even proffered cash. When Shandell declined, all hell broke loose. “I looked up and saw the shooter with my own eyes chasing after somebody with a handgun,” a witness recounted. “Then we just ran. We ran and we hid.”

Carl shot Shandell multiple times in close proximity of her mother.

Then stood over her and fired some more until he emptied the clip.

“He followed her here, chased her down and shot her like an animal,” said Aaron Batten, a family member.

“Like he was hunting.”

Carl tried to escape but was held captive by private security guards at gunpoint.

He was arrested, charged and convicted of murder.

What’s sad is Carl deleted two other women he f*cked back in the day. In February 2009, 25-year-old Vickie Simmons was found deceased at a Biscayne Boulevard motel two days after she went missing. His baby mama, 24-year-old Trukita Scott, vanished in June 2014. “When I met him, I thought something was off with him,” said Lynnette Finnie, Trukita’s Aunt. “We kept hearing different things about him, and we all had a bad feeling. The second we knew she was missing, we knew he had something to do with it.”

In high school, Shandell was a member of the student government and debate team.

She then went on to major in political science at Florida International University.

Carl is serial killer with a rap sheet comparable to Charles Manson’s.

So it makes you wonder what Shandell saw in his black ass.

Ladies, choose better.

Carl and Shandell appeared to be the perfect couple on social media.

But, turns out, it was all a big lie.

Watch the explosive documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. If it’s one thing I’ve learned is that these social media couples are NOT goals and I don’t want any parts of one either.

  2. Background checks, background checks, if he/she has a violent and or criminal past dont even entertain the fool.

  3. I was introduced to a man who was on parole for murder. He told me that from his own mouth when I asked about his background. I told him I could not date him. I was only 19, but I knew I could never bring this guy home to my parents.

  4. It’s not her fault, but how could someone so community oriented, with seemingly high standards in everything else, give a man like that a chance in the first place!!! We’ve got to be smarter than this ladies, especially if you have kids, reach higher, we don’t have to settle for crumbs and hope it turns into a whole meal.. WE CANT CHANGE THESE BLACK MEN!

  5. Bro just out here living a good life with an arrest history like that? 3 kidnappings? Missing girlfriends? Damn.

  6. People need to educate themselves and children on narcissism! He clearly was one!

  7. The POS 💩 is 15 years older than her, 2 prior missing/murdered GF’s, had several kids outside their marriage, attempted kidnapping of a 18 year old High School Student at a bustop. 👿👹🤬
    This Murderous Unhinged Parasite wasn’t going to change his ways, just like a 🐯 and 🦓 cannot change their stripes.

  8. What a wicked bastard. Those men in prison will ‘take care’of him. When a man abuse you. Get a protective order then run. If not, he will either stalk you or find a way to kill you.

  9. What the heck is wrong with him, thinking he can just kill people when he gets upset ???🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  10. Damn his crime record was longer then my work history. She gave her love to a Demon. There a many Demons amongst us


  12. How can a mother of a lil girl get involved with a man like him? WTH is wrong with some moms?!?

  13. Women, please have important conversations with potential boyfriends. How did the conversations go when she asked about his past relationships? What did they talk about? Not shaming, just asking because this is scary.

  14. Anytime they play that “relationship” game on tiktok… there’s a 50% chance that domestic violence is involved behind the scene

  15. Mental illness. And some people hide it very well smh. Guy was a monster. She could have saved herself with background check

  16. I have been celibate for a year and a half keeping myself SMOOTH THE F away from BM. They are dangerously hurtful today a threat to your life in a lot of ways. Why are we trying to ignore this? I’m not quick to get into nothing with BM today they are dangeorus. If they not kylling they touching. NO THANK YOU.

  17. Another reason I don’t want no man. Let me battery up and keep to myself.

  18. Yal queens better wake up and get you a banger. It’s survival mode out here. They need to stop letting these mf men out on bond. And an order of protection is a fucking joke! If the mf say he gon kill ya the first time you better believe that shit!!! Stop being so damn thirsty out here for these fucked up ass men. I’ve been married 43 years and mine know not to fuck with me or even look at me crazy!!!

  19. My black sister’s stop dating these street niggas, these story seems to happen every day, every month every year.


  21. This guy has many black women as victims under his belt. I believe he is a serial k!ller. His gf was found murdered in 2009 unsolved, his babymother went missing in 2014 unsolved and now his wife murdered. He has been doing this for decades with no repercussions or consequences given.

  22. You can’t always tell your spouse that you are leaving, especially filing for a divorce. Some ppl can not handle that type of rejection or the thought of so called “losing someone forever”. It’s a hard blow for some men/ppl who may see their spouse as property.

  23. She is his 3rd victim. He killed Vickie Simmons and the mother of his child, Trukita Scott has been missing since 2014. All women wanted to end their relationships with him. This is so sad.

  24. Chased her down … in front of her daughter cause she didn’t want him anymore. Even tho she didn’t press charges she thought he would understand she wouldn’t come back after being stabbed by him. He knew it was over after that and had to take her life. Took her daughter from her … out of jealousy
    -now she’s without a mom, like he was w/o his wife. Just a pure evil narcissistic 🌚

  25. If your man gets a gun or woman gets a gun leave them ASAP or you going to be end up in a coffin ⚰️🪦

  26. He recently stabbed her! Omgggg!! Lord, why didn’t she report it and get a gun? Omgggg!! Poor without both parents! 🤲🏿💔

  27. Women’s hormones draw them to the bad boys. Neglect and abuse is the outcome. Teach your daughters to think about how to choose a good husband and father before their own hormones lead them to make bad decisions.

  28. The stabbing was the first sign that he had no conscience. That’s when she should have went to the police. Never assume you know the intent of a narcissistic person.They are unpredictable. Prayers to the daughter and family.

  29. Smh she sounded like a good mother. Taking her daughter to learn how to swim. These dusties are not worth marrying, let alone procreating with!! Rip to this beautiful mother. She was so young smhhh

  30. He doesn’t realize what he’s done to that child that witnessed her own mother be killed. This child should see a psychologist to help her deal with her hurt and pain at this difficult time. Prayers for that child, family and deceased mother. 🙏🛐✝️😢

  31. Black Women if you want to protect your love ones and grow old get out of Blackastan and don’t look back.

    All my friends that dealt or deal with Black men are now STRUGGLING baby moms and I am a happy wife of a non Black man. I don’t have too work but I choose to, we are happily looking for a bigger house to buy and my child is in a great school.

    Black men are taking us out every 5.5 hours and putting hands on 1 out of 4 of our children before 19. The good ones won’t stop the bad ones, they don’t want us to call the cops and they spread the message of No Snitching so that they can be cowards without expectations of protecting children, women and elderly people.

    If you want to end the struggle love, poverty life and less likely to be a victim of violence remove yourself from their neighborhoods, your womb and any place else they find exciting.

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