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Blunder Video: President Joe Biden made embarrassing gaffe during Covid briefing

President Biden losing his mind. Blog King, Mass Appeal WASHINGTON — During Friday’s White House briefing on the coronavirus pandemic, President Joe Biden told reporters “we have roughly 350 million people vaccinated in the United States.” But, the only problem is our population is 330 million. That’s 106%. To compound the blunder, he had notes. Jeez, you would think somebody ...

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Masturbation 101: New York educators ‘teaching’ first graders how to jack off

Dalton teachers facing a lawsuit. Blog King, Mass Appeal NEW YORK — First, they decided to inoculate children with Bill Gates’ coronavirus vaccine. Now this: Educators at the Dalton School in New York are catching hell for teaching first grade students how to masturbate for depopulation purposes. One of the teachers, Justine Ang Fonte, played a “Woke” cartoon for a ...

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