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‘Area 51’ on PlayStation 2 reveals vaccination horror

Area 51 predicts apocalypse/YouTube

Area 51 reveals vaccine horror. 

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WASHINGTON — A video game clip has gone viral that shows Frederick White, the sadistic head of the Illuminati, and Dr. Winston Cray in PlayStation’s “Area 51” confabulating the coronavirus pandemic and the COVID vaccine. They basically said the government, at the behest of Satan, fabricated an outbreak to get everybody inoculated with microchips to concoct a zombie apocalypse. “Some have called our plans a Luciferian conspiracy,” White said. “But they will not say such things after the coming of the new God. They will hold their tongues. Not because they have had a change of heart. But because they will already have rotted out from the inside. The chips we’ve implanted in the majority of the population under the guise of vaccinations allow us to watch the watchers. Now how could anyone say the pact was a bad thing?”

Dr. Cray chimed in with, “The end result of these controlled experiments would be the resurgence of the Bubonic plague and Smallpox to create a pandemic allowing the government to control the surviving population with considerable ease.” Area 51 is a video game series inspired by the Area 51 military facility where extraterrestrial creatures are accommodated and researched.

Rumor has it 5G cell towers will be used to control the zombies.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. “The New God” hahahaaaaaa, These devils is funny..You’ll never be GOD, not mines anyway🙏

  2. zombie apocalypse began years ago zombies can be seen hanging in front of liquid store’s digging in dumpsters or walking and riding bike’s all day and night to see what they can steal from people just like the bike there riding😃😃😃

  3. And suddenly the fences all around the whitehouse and captial… MAKE SENSE..🤔🤔🤯🤯🤯

  4. So if the zombie apocalypse happens can I make zombies pull my sled up a hill because im lazy? Or is that against the rules

  5. He said “coming of the new God.”

    What God this fool talkin bout?

  6. The v’d are rotting out from the inside and full of chips, ready to worship the A. as God because they’re programmed to. Meanwhile they’re all oblivious and some are even playing this game.

  7. They use art to tell the masses what they’re up to. They know that the majority of people are too stupid to catch on. Most people be like, “oh it’s only fiction. Zzzzzz”. And when it actually happens, some are jolted out of their slumber while others are still fast asleep. The asleep are the ones receiving the sorcery concoction into their bloodstream.

  8. The world might end this year but this comment section is legendary 💀💀

  9. I might sound insane for this, but I’m looking forward to this. I’ve always wanted to be like the heroes in the zombie movies XD. What I mean is I like to go out to isolated and abandoned cities with guns. Jesus I sound too much like a little boy.😭

  10. Please study revelation 14:12

    Revelation 14:12
    12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

  11. In the video game: “Resident Evil: Revelations 2” there is a part where you have to turn off a tower that’s controlling the zombies/making them mad.

  12. Who is actually stupid enough to believe an apocalypse is going to happen? Stop watching daytime television and go educate yourselves.

  13. Used to be laughable about aliens and zombies but I see people will believe everything. It won’t be zombies will be demons. Better get Jesus yall

  14. Satan laughs in our face

    But Jesus Christ, our Savior, and God the Father… WILL HAVE THE FINAL SAY.

  15. I want to say that during prayer, a few months ago, I got a revelation that following the beast (from the book of Revelation) would imply to normalize being a cannibal, and eating people. In the book of Enoch, the giants, whom were a breed between the fallen angels and human women, started eating animals AND PEOPLE. Before that, people ate fruits and vegetables. The fallen angels started teaching humans about art, jewelry, make up, science, technology, etc. They even got involved with humans by leaving their angelic nature to breed with humans. This is when the giants were born. During the flood, God saved Noah, his family, and some food and animals, but everyone else died. God set the fallen angels as prisoners for what they did. The giants died in the flesh, but their spirits were cursed to stay on Earth- “these would be called bad spirits or demons.” These are the demons roaming around causing evil and seeking to destroy humanity. These are the spirits of the dead giants (demons), that would visit during Halloween and Day of the Dead, which people feared. This is why they would set a bowl of food for them outside of their door as “treats,” so that the bad spirits wouldn’t bother them. This is why they would put a jack-o-lantern outside of their house, to keep the bad spirits away. Others would put the jack-o-lantern outside as a death symbol, to let them know that they were part of the same crowd that was going door to door asking for children to sacrifice to their god (demon) Lord Samhain, or they would put a curse on them (trick or treat).. Think about it.. first the vaccines and now zombie preparedness.. hmm.. It looks like they’ve been warming us through the Netflix film “Pandemic.”


  17. What is “the pact” mentioned at the start? The pact between them and the people who take the vax?

  18. I believe vaccinated people will become zombies. Call me crazy but check back in a year.

  19. The zombie apocalypse is already underway. Just go down to your local Mcdonalds drive thru

  20. Okay, excuse my response, but now they just Fk’kn wit us! They know exactly what they are doing, and they are mocking us the citizens because they know half of the masses are spiritually blind and the other half of us are spiritually awake.

    This is going to be a hard battle if the spiritually awake don’t come together on the same page.

    Is everyone aware, that Elon Musk the founder of Neuralink had a chip implanted in his head so he could connect with the internet??!! He’s probably reading all of this right now.

  21. Anybody who gets a shot 💉 after this might as well pop themselves pop pop pop

  22. Okay so the trick is to run in a big circle to get all the zombies chasing you into a group. Not too fast, because then you’ll lose the herd making this survival strategy ineffective. Not to slow, because then they’ll get you. Once you have a herd of the undead, turn around, take some nice shots with your favorite firearm to thin out the heard. Once the herd is thinned, get to a safe spot to unleash hell and finish those bastards off.

  23. They’re always telling us their plans before they carry them out, if only we would listen and understand!

  24. Wow it’s in plain site… These Evil entities need to be put down like a sick Animal.

  25. So the jab is the mark of the beast or not? 🥵 And wow this game is telling us the whole truth that’s fking creepy!

  26. Everything they said is true and is happening but their plans will not be realized, in fact the satanic elite will be on their hands and knees begging for mercy once the king returns, The Lion of Judah!!!!

  27. So plan has 2 meanings to transform them from inside out that i knew but now they are Ai Satans eyes..if you have girl or husband or anyone who is V…you get the fic..away from them..its hard but you are the target and they are dead any way. It will come this year o know it maby nex max be sef giys and God bless

  28. Notice how it’s always white people colonization 5.0. this time of the soul the body wasn’t enough and the mind didn’t last long enough

  29. More proof of how they plan out and move to perpetrate their evil designs out onto the world. They always have to tell what they are up to in advance one way or another.👹
    They are so evil and pathetic‼

  30. Wow that’s crazy. The same thing I’ve been telling people since before all this nonsense started. Covid was just a gateway to enforce a way to get everyone to take the technology in there body for mass control

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