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Children’s Penis TV: John Dillermand’s ‘uncontrollable’ dick very bad for kids

John Dillermand facing backlash. Blog King, Mass Appeal DENMARK — The worldwide stratagem to transmogrify kids into debauchees continues. A Danish broadcaster released a controversial stop-motion animated children’s television series called “John Dillermand (aka John Pee-Pee).” It’s about a pervert with a prehensile, uncontrollable penis and he uses it to accomplish any task such as walking a dog, starting a ...

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Saved By The Bell: Trailer released, Lark Voorhies purposely omitted from promo

Saved By The Bell trailer is released.  Blog King, Mass Appeal LOS ANGELES — “It’s alright ‘coz I’m saved by the bell!” After a 27-year hiatus, the Bayside gang is back! Execs with NBC’s Peacock streaming service released the official trailer for “Saved by the Bell” and it looks interesting. The promo features original stars Elizabeth Berkley (Jessica Spano), Mario ...

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Jimmy Fallon: LL Cool J credits Ad-Rock, “Beastie Boys” for his hip-hop métier

LL Cool J dropped career bombshell. Blog King, Mass Appeal NEW YORK — Rap extraordinaire LL Cool J is a 2-time Grammy winner. He’s concocted a mind-boggling thirteen studio albums and he’s the lead thespian in the long-running crime drama “NCIS: Los Angeles.” But, as talented as he his, the 52-year-old entertainer wouldn’t be sh*t without the ministration of Beastie ...

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