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Taliban Video: Raw footage shows Afghan civilians fleeing, plunging to their deaths

Stranded Afghans tortured, executed.  Blog King, Mass Appeal KABUL — A pair of terrifying videos have gone viral that show Afghanistan civilians chasing U.S. military aircraft after the Taliban seized control of the capital city of Kabul. President Joe Biden had troops retreat over the weekend, leaving thousands of Afghans stranded who succored our military. The Taliban is already in ...

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Inspirational Video: Kashmiere Culberson handlin’ business despite having no arms

Kashmiere thrives ‘against all odds.’  Blog King, Mass Appeal DALLAS — Because of a rare birth defect called “Bilateral Phocomelia,” Kashmiere Culberson was born without arms. But she’s still more efficient than most, thanks to her ten magical toes. The 22-year-old college grad owns a catalog of inspirational videos on her YouTube channel that shows how she’s adjusting to life ...

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