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Iversen debunks fake war videos of Russia/Ukraine

Kim Iversen debunks fake war videos/YouTube

News outlets tricked the public. 

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LOS ANGELES — A video has gone viral that shows radio extraordinaire Kim Iversen debunking spurious Russia/Ukraine war videos that are being permeated through credible news outlets. The “Your Time With Kim Iversen” host said television networks are broadcasting footage of past wars and passing it off as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to incite public rage. That’s about as scandalous as it gets. “Emotions are running very high in the war between Russia and Ukraine,” Kim said. “People are upset, in shock and disbelief. But one thing that isn’t helping at all is the unbelievable amount of fake images and videos being spread not only on social media but also by legitimate news outlets.” Viewer reaction was vicious. One person wrote, “Putin is not the monster that he is being made out to be. There are reasons why Russia went into Ukraine which had a lot to do with corruption and breaking treaties… by putting in nuclear warheads and allowing NATO access to reach Russia through Ukraine. Also the 30 Bioweapon labs funded by USA. Wake up, people. Great job, Kim, as usual.”

Another added, “The war is fake.” 

TV stations are also accused of transmitting bogus footage of chock-a-block hospitals to hoodwink anti-vaxxers into taking the COVID vaccine.

Watch the alarming video.

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  1. That’s why don’t believe in any thing u see in internet the west controls the flow of information they can make things believable and make fearmongering now I know why many asian people call the west the empire of lies and deceipt

  2. Mark Twain said if you don’t read the newspapers you’re uninformed but if you read the newspaper you are misinformed

  3. lol.. who ever thought these videos are legit, would believe anything.. no wonder we’re doomed.

  4. You cannot trust the media. How many reports have we seen about the coup that was perpetrated in Ukraine in 2014? A coup perpetrated by the United States and the EU, using our CIA, to install a new government. None. The reason the media is in such full support of sanctioning Russian media is that they were reporting on it. Our media in the US is desperate to make Biden look strong going into the mid-terms so that people will forget about the disaster they face at the pump every time they fill up, which was caused by his policies.

  5. I’m sure there’s a lot of video from Others wars or whatever in TikTok lol. For views..
    But the war is real. Don’t let this brain wash you.

  6. Hopefully people are starting to understand the Internet is full of fakes. And you need to take everything with a grain of salt. Compare and Contrast everything people.

  7. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but all you have to do, is switch off your TV, disconnect from any and all western MSMs. Watch Russian TV instead, I know it’s mostly Russian propaganda, but it is much closer to the truth than those from the US, UK.

  8. ” lots of media outlets fell for it ”… is this another way of saying they were paid to push it … ???
    … whaaat ? … western media engages in propaganda , lies and censorship … ???

  9. Theres even a video of A BRAVE UKRANIAN GIRL confronting a russian soldier when in fact its a video of a blonde Palestinian girl confronting the Zionist IDF soldier…


  11. talk to people in ukraine, there is NO WAR, its all being stage via the media, DO YOUR RESEARCH FFS

  12. Kim has been in the business of spreading misinformation about Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness. Really sad to see someone with real prospects for being a legitimate journalist go down the rabbit hole of being willing to say anything to milk the conspiracy theorist contingent of American society. In this case of COVID-19, real people died because of misinformation.
    She makes business by spreading misinformation about the vaccine and the Ukrainian war ( even using video’s who are debunking the Russian misinformation ( for example the video game is used by the Russian).

  13. Finally! A news source isn’t afraid to get the truth out there! There is a lot of fake news from the Ukraine side that is originating from the US and other Western nations. For example, the video of 13 soldiers who told the Russian ship “Go F yourself” is fake and the Ukranian soldiers actually surrendered and are all still alive. Also, the footage of the ‘Russian tank’ driving over and crushing a car and killing an elderly Ukranian couple was actually a Ukranian tank, not Russian. And that’s just a small sample. I blame the Western media for this to generate hatred for Russia.

  14. over 35 milion cellphones in ukraine…….barely any raw footage……… makes you wonder how real is it?

  15. Never trust a word that comes out of the western media’s mouth. Every time they make a noise, it’s a lie. Everything that comes out of the western mainstream media is all F-fing FAKE!

  16. Right on Kim 👍 for not only bringing this to light but for opposing some of the views that your colleges were voicing . It’s very clear no one outside of these countries know what’s happening because of the lies and cover up that MSM have been reporting , or not 🤔 People are hopfully now more aware of what naratives have been fed into the public for power and control purposes .
    Well done Kim 👏

  17. we need to start throwing these journalists and news reporters in jail for spreading fake news

  18. Actually Putin said “the west and the US are the empire of lies” .. when i watch western news i feel so sad for americans how much they are brainwashed to the core 😆😆

  19. Perhaps if journalists put boots on the ground as they used to, we would get some accurate news.

  20. too bad here in the states we cannot believe anything we get on our news…we can’t even trust our weather reports, the USA has fallen to unbelievable lows.

  21. Yes, it’s to raise emotions of sheep so they feel justified in their false beliefs. But most important, they have a reason to Hate someone. Just like humans need to love, they apparently NEED TO HATE. there, new concept.

  22. Ecomically, Russia is turning into a financial basket case, and is no longer a world power. Most of the broken Russian army will have to leave its tanks, APC’S, helicopters, and trucks in the Ukraine, and get home short on food and supplies, many with untreated frostbite.Russia invaded and has now lost everything. The FSB will shortly be arresting Putin, and the world court will have to try him for war crimes and genocide.

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