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‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ is nice

Eddie Murphy sat down with movie critic Shawn Edwards of Fox 4 to discuss “Beverly Hills Cop 4.”

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  1. I’d still like to see a Nutty Professor 3! Doubt It would happen, in this day and age though!

  2. If Eddie can do another Beverly Hills cop, Wesley can do another Blade. That simple

  3. 80’s cinema ROCKS manFilms people talk about 40 years later…Aliens, Crocodile Dundee, Platoon, Predator,
    Top Gun, Die Hard, Untouchables, Wall Street, Fatal Attraction, Back To The Future..etc..iconic characters & movies.
    Hollywood go and make something original please.

  4. I would like to shit, on Eddie Murphy, why he has no material without the Older Wayan Brothers or the white script writers from old school SNL, When he does his own stuff GAy Donkey man is, who he is. The beginning is a monologue of stuff someone wrote for him to say. He has no talent.

  5. I think what makes this movie work is that all 3 characters are perfect (like Ghostbusters), Taggart is the totally serious no nonsense cop, Billy is the naive optimist and Axel is the virtuoso genius hustler. Those three types coming together are comedy gold (like Ghostbusters; Winston: serious everyman, Egon: Brains, Ray: Heart, Peter: The mouth).

    These character combinations in both movies are a perfect ensemble. Take one away and you diminish the presence of all.

  6. Why the huge publicity for this ?!? Most people have Netflix already anyway

  7. There has to be the nutty professor 3 to show Sherman his wife and kids. I have a script… Sherman has to retire as a professor and juggling with 5 kids that can be played by Murphys own kids with fat make up. Loses his wife (Janet Jackson) then comes up with an invention of time travel or something big…. no pun intended then goes back relive there memories over the past 25 years and gets his wife back. What y’all think of that script?

  8. When will we see a remake of the Golden Child … Come on Eddie with today’s special effects it would be Ooo-Tay!!!

  9. Wow 63.. And looking fantastic!! I went to the theatre to see the first Beverly hills cop and it feels like yesterday.

  10. Just watched Axel Foley a few hours ago and I really liked it! Eddie looks un-aged compared to ALL the other actors in this movie! Taggert looked the MOST aged IMO but hey, a LONG time has passed since the last installment in 1994 – we ALL get old! IMO this movie was success and Netflix did everything right! The whole “daughter” thing was a good plot to the movie and added character to everyone in the movie.

  11. I would love to smoke a blunt and just listen to Eddie talk in person. The dude is just naturally funny

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