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Walmart Brawl Video: Black woman got ‘pummeled’ fighting over PlayStation 5

Lady knocked out fighting over PS5.¬† Blog King, Mass Appeal CHARLOTTE — “You got knocked the f*ck out!” Law enforcement officials in Charlotte, North Carolina are investigating after two splenetic chicks got into a fight over a PlayStation 5 — leaving one of ’em knocked out cold. The bout of fisticuffs transpired December 13th inside Walmart. It was also captured ...

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Big lawsuit claims KCK detective Golubski framed Lamonte McIntyre for murder

KCK Detective facing lawsuit. Blog King, Mass Appeal KANSAS CITY, Kan — Former Kansas City, Kansas police detective Roger Golubski faces litigation for allegedly extorting sex from low income black women. In a lawsuit, filed by¬†Lamonte McIntyre and his mother Rose McIntyre, Golubski is accused of soliciting sexual favors from Rose. When she refused, the lawsuit says Golubski exacted reprisal ...

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