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Warren Buffett leaves Bill & Melinda’s foundation but donates over $4 billion

Warren Buffett dumps Bill Gates. Blog King, Mass Appeal SEATTLE — Seems everybody’s divorcing Bill Gates these days. First, the Microsoft originator lost his wife of 27 years. Now Warren Buffett is leaving his Satanic ass. The 90-year-old investor resigned from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on Wednesday for no damn reason. Buffett also announced he’s gonna donate a ...

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Candace Owens claims Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci are evil & belong in prison

Candace hammers Gates & Dr. Fauci. Blog King, Mass Appeal WASHINGTON — Candace Owens raised eyebrows Monday night when she said Dr. Anthony Fauci should be donning orange in a “federal prison.” The conservative commentator also called Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates “pure evil” for impelling the coronavirus vaccine. Candace, who said she won’t “get the jab,” tweeted her exasperation. ...

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