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Transgender inmate Layleen Polanco is ‘murdered’ in Rikers Island penitentiary

Transgender inmate murdered in prison.  Blog King, Mass Appeal NEW YORK — Law enforcement officials in New York are probing the insoluble quietus of transgender inmate Layleen Polanco who was found dead inside her jail cell Friday afternoon. Her passing took place at the Rose M. Singer Center on Rikers Island — a correctional facility that incarcerates female detainees. Layleen ...

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Wicked homophobe attacks transgender woman, bloody ordeal is caught on video

Homophobe drills transgender chick.  Blog King, Mass Appeal DALLAS — Edward Thomas is busy putrefying behind bars after the 29-year-old homophobe beat the sh*t out of Muhlaysia Booker — a black transgender woman — in broad daylight. The sanguinary ordeal, which was captured on video, took place Friday afternoon in Dallas, Texas. According to police reports, Muhlaysia got entangled in ...

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