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YouTube vlogger hammers Martin Luther King’s Dream

Dr. King’s dream is a nightmare/YouTube

Jericho Green rips Dr. King. 

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LOS ANGELES — A viral video shows Republican vlogger Jericho Green elucidating his dissatisfaction with Dr. Martin King Jr’s ideology and the counterproductive impact it has had on African American commerce. Dr. King, if you recall, was a womanizer and socialist who hoodwinked millions of blacks into believing the government would proffer every necessity — both financial and socioeconomic. He also plagiarized his “I Have A Dream” speech. So even though African Americans were allowed to sit at the front of a bus during the Civil Rights Movement, proprietorship was forfeited in exchange — making urban residents victims of redlining and gentrification. Fast forward the clock and African Americans are expending mazuma at non-black businesses and, as a byproduct, urban communities are falling woefully short in sales tax revenue. Not to mention too many women have espoused the government’s welfare program as a pecuniary substitute for fathers.

In case you didn’t know, at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, single moms garnered food stamps and monthly paychecks as long as baby daddies weren’t residents of the home. Hell, it was once commonplace for men to hide in closets when case workers conducted unannounced visits. It’s really a damn shame. That’s why if you’re White, Asian, Indian and/or Hispanic, you should love Dr. King and celebrate his holiday. But if you’re black, you might be a little skeptical.

Because of Dr. King, there’s almost zero possibility of reviving ‘Black Wall Street.’

“He was a socialist,” Jericho said.

“He believed that the government is the key to fixing all of the black folks’ ills.”

Watch Jericho keep it 💯.

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  1. @John Q45: MLK wasnt even a Christian, he denied every foundational truth of christianity, denying the trinity, the death and ressurection,

  2. Imagine a white guy saying that? He got that black privalege goin on… We would get canceled for them words..

  3. Dr.King was just a Human,nothing more or less-but Just Human.Humans are not perfect,so therefore he wasn’t either.

  4. Funny how schools teach that he was assasinated by a racist when the King family sided with the “assasinator” in court and won a case saying that the U.S. government was involved.

    I don’t think MLK was evil, yes he was a socialist and accused of sexual allegations (although I think they were defamatory), but honestly on paper socialism sounds awsome, but there is a huge difference of reality. No socialist or communist state in any form has ever worked. I think he was a good man, not perfect, but if the government wants your head, you’re doing something right.

    Also the first guy I have seen who is also anti-government in that “no, we don’t want government, any involvement is always bad” besides Count Dankula who is also anti-government.

  5. They Always Tryina Drag A Black Man Name Through The Mud, Some People Will Do Anything To Become Or Remain Relevant

  6. He may have stood for some good points but he should not be held up as a saint the way he is today. He collaborated with and worked with numerous communist back organization which of the time he felt were allies in a common cause but today we are seeing the ramifications of leading communism into our society. On top of that, he’s held up as a moral example being a pastor yet there has never been any credible evidence that he was not a serial adulterer.

  7. A nigga who cheated on his woman more than 40 times will never be a historian or a figure

  8. The only things MLK cared about was money celebrity, and sex. Nothing about him was authentic nothing.

  9. For years i said the Civil Rights Movement was a grift and I know why they didn’t like Malcom X he was trying to make sure black people stayed independent of depending on white government and keep our black own businesses in the community, making sure black people didn’t become a political football for the Democrats.

  10. Martin Luther King Jr. plagiarized his Doctoral thesis, and he did not subscribe to key tenets of Christianity. He was a moral degenerate, an adulterer, a communist sympathizer (which was why the FBI had him under surveillance) and was not workhorse of the Civil Rights Movement. The man who was in the trenches, behind the scenes, was Ralph Abernathy; and it was a socialist, homosexual, named, Bayard Rustin, who planned and organized the 1963 march on Washington, D.C., for jobs and freedom.

  11. Same thing like they did with Obama. Polished him up and sold him to all of America, he and Mike. Yes MLK cheated on his wife for years.

  12. Malcolm X said u a traitor to the black community if u vote Democrat . But, like Biden and the democrats say, IF U DONT VOTE DEMOCRAT, U AINT BLACK 🤷‍♂️

  13. @Dwight Dow: Malcom X also denied evolution, was against interracial marriage and was a Muslim.

  14. Blacks were doing well during segregation. They were self reliant. But the evil wytes got jealous and had to destroy that as well. First it was slavery, then it was segregation, then it was the “civil rights movement”

    All these were tactics by the US gov to keep black people down. The worst one was the CRM because it destroyed black families and is responsible for the ghettos we see today.

    The only way blacks will prosper as a community is to unite and become financially independent and self sustaining. Then they won’t have to rely on any other race.

  15. Wasn’t it J. Edgar Hoover who said, the greatest threat to America is Black unity? Guess what Hoover and the FBI did to every Black movement or person that called for Black nationalism. Let’s start with Marcus Garvey.

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