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Players believe Chiefs are acting & in bed with Vegas

Judon thinks Chiefs & refs in bed together/YouTube

Judon calls out acting Chiefs. 

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FOXBOROUGH — And the Oscar for best actor goes to… New England Patriots linebacker Matthew Judon set the internet ablaze the other day when he disseminated a homophobic meme of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes kissing a male NFL referee on the lips — claiming the Super Bowl champs receive preferential treatment from the zebras despite being among the league leaders in penalties. Judon also insinuated temper tantrums thrown by Mahomes, head coach Andy Reid, and tight end Travis Kelce are “fake outrage” for TV cameras. After all, the Chiefs have no reason to be consistently vexed. They’ve won Super Bowls. They’ve dominated the division. They have a million television advertisements. And, Kelce is dating pop songstress Taylor Swift. Not to mention Coach Reid, Mahomes and Kelce are the only ones throwing hissyfits and all three, coincidentally, are paid actors starring in State Farm commercials.

The alleged “fake outrage,” according to many, is done simply to distract fans and media from the real issue. The turnover-prone Chiefs, who also lead the NFL in dropped passes, are not only in bed with referees — they’re copulating with Vegas oddsmakers too… and they’re doing it without a condom. Hell, Mahomes has Paul Crewe’s dramatis personae down to a tee.

When fans expressed vitriol over the homophobic meme, Judon doubled down — saying, “I see no lies.” Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “In Judon’s defense, the NFL is running an ad campaign that states: ‘The NFL is gay.'” Another chimed in with, “Go back and watch that Chiefs vs Bengals game for the AFC championship. Lots of cheating and plenty of acting.”

A third person added, “Doesn’t matter what team you root for, it’s all a fantasy to actually think any game that’s bet upon is legit. Evidence is overwhelming, except to dupes or someone with cognitive dissonance.”

Many fans, players and coaches believe the NFL is rigged for sports gambling purposes.

The league has partnerships with FanDuel, BetMGM and DraftKings.

The NFL also has a few “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” TV commercials about scripting games.

Watch the disturbing report.

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  1. They can’t catch one week but grab one hand balls the next. I know ppl can see the rig job/scripted BS.

  2. Fans are paying too much attention to the refs. So now we need the players to throw the game in order for the refs to call a “clean” game.

  3. As a 50+ yr Bengals fan, I can attest to NFL seeming to be rigged, WWE sports entertainment! That 5th down the KC Cheats received in the AFC Championship game last season utterly destroyed my faith in the integrity of the officiating! I still watch NFL out of nostalgia and appreciate great plays but have given up hope and am emotionally detached from the Bengals games to keep my sanity! I know my Bengals aren’t the only cheated team because this yr has been a train wreck for officiating in general!

  4. Once your brain understands that the NFL is scripted and rigged all will be understood!

  5. It baffles me that no one else had caught on…funny how in the same year sports betting is legalized the nfl starts getting sketchy…in the end it all comes down to money, don’t ever forget it.

  6. I’m a big Chiefs fan and have been fed up with all the drops BUT THEY ARE HUMAN Every one makes mistakes

  7. I believe Judon’s comments and that Fan’s generated AI Meme to be 100% correct and Factual , no matter which people I offend . 🤷‍♂️

  8. This is funny as hell. Break out the crying towels for chiefs fans. Lol.


  10. Just like WWE the NFL can not be called a Sporting Event… it has to be called entertainment

  11. I wonder when the players are sat down and given “the talk” about the games being rigged.

  12. Waiting to hear Double Vax Kelce has heart issues…Pfizer gonna pay him to do more ads?

  13. That’s because the world is a stage and we’re getting ready for the final act . Good luck

  14. The illusion of sports “competitions” are worth hundreds of billions annually for the matrix system
    It even plays a huge role in the social engineering of our gullible ,sheepish minds.

  15. It’s odd how refs just make obvious bad calls favoring certain teams, or keep the games close and it happens every year for ratings. It’s absolutely stupid to take NFL seriously, sad.

  16. Watch bengals beat the chiefs in 21 afc championship game. 1st half Mahommes is Jesus. 2nd half he is a high school backup

  17. Mahommes is a sellout player. But it’s the refs and play callers who rig the games.

    Mahommes is owned by the NFL. All the players are not in on it.

  18. Andy Reid too distracted coming up with more ads that make him look like a buffoon.

  19. Swifty is clouding the chief’s minds,…
    Travis should tell her to stay home on game day,…….

  20. Get rid of Patrick’s wife and Taylor Swift. They might start winning games again.

  21. Not to sound like a hater but this Taylor Swift / Brittany Mahomes “besties” relationship is so suburban – apple pie corny as hell. When they show them doing their little stupid football dance it is just corny and annoying. I admire Taylor Swift as an entertainer and respect the numbers she has done throughout the years but the NFL is a straight-up whore for investing into this.

  22. Just a friendly reminder… The NFL and the NBA are ENTERTAINMENT GROUPS just like the WWE….LOL. THEY CAN FIX ANY GAME…..🐑🐑🐑🐑.

  23. Someone need to tell Taylor she is almost 40, and to stop wearing 15 year old girls outfits, it’s delusional!

  24. How many times have the Chiefs won at the end of the game because of the refs? They shouldn’t have even made the SB last year. It should have been Cincy.

  25. That kiss 💋 is all wrong…Mahomes still has his pants on ! 💋 😘 🍑

  26. The swiftie curse has taken hold of the Chiefs. A distraction a team does not need. I guess Kelce has a choice to make. Either your teammates or Taylor.

  27. The chiefs, nfl comminisioner and his refs are ” SWIFTLY becoming a national embarrassment to American sports”….Jokers and cheaters.

  28. I don’t give a damn about Kansas City Chiefs or Taylor Swift! In fact I rarely watch professional football anymore because of its woke bullshit!

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