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Flyin’ Automobile Video: Japan released ‘breakthrough’ footage of its flying car

Japan’s flying car closer to release. Blog King, Mass Appeal JAPAN — Remember the animated ’60s sitcom “The Jetsons?” Well, their traffic modus operandi is close to being realized in the new millennium. That’s because Japan’s SkyDrive Inc. shared a video on Friday that shows an aviator test-driving the company’s airborne automobile called “eVTOL” (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing). Raw ...

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Robot Video: Japanese engineers release footage of their gigantic 60-foot android

Engineers test gigantic android.  Blog King, Mass Appeal JAPAN — Move over Godzillla! Here comes Gundam robot Yokohama! Japanese engineers with Gundam Factory Yokohama set the internet ablaze the other day when they released video of a gigantic, headless, 60-foot android taking his first steps on a damn skyscraper. The robotic humanoid is modeled after automatons in the “Gundam” science ...

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