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Naomi Osaka cried after heckler yelled ‘You Suck’

Naomi Osaka got heckled/YouTube

Naomi broke down in tears.

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INDIAN WELLS — Naomi Osaka cried us a river on Saturday after she got heckled by a fan at the Indian Wells Masters. The Japanese/Haitian tennis star broke down in tears after the nincompoop shouted “Naomi, you suck!” from the stands during her match against Veronika Kudermetova. The predominant white crowd booed the heckler. But that wasn’t enough. Naomi asked the chair umpire to jettison his ass but her request was denied. Instead, the 24-year-old wunderkind grabbed the microphone to address the crowd. “I just want to say, ‘Thank you,'” Naomi said after losing the match. “I feel like I’ve cried enough on camera. I just wanted to say, to be honest, I’ve been heckled before, like it didn’t really bother me.” Part of the reason Naomi was lachrymose is because she found out Serena Williams and Venus Williams were taunted at Indian Wells years ago.

“I watched a video of Venus and Serena [Williams] getting heckled here,” Naomi recounted. “And if you’ve never watched it, you should watch it. I don’t know why, but it went into my head, and it got replayed a lot. I’m trying not to cry.” Naomi has struggled with bouts of anxiety and depression the past year or so. She even took a hiatus from tennis to focus on her mental health.

Jackie Robinson was called all kinds of n*ggas during his Major League debut in 1947.

But Naomi couldn’t handle ‘you suck?’

Are today’s athletes “Charmin” soft?

Watch the meltdown.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I think this girl would help herself more if she withdrew from tennis and then the public eye. Easier said than done ? Not really . Basically what she is doing is playing out her issues on a tennis court .Its been tears in almost every match now since the french open .A ticket for a tennis match isnt cheap ..People are not there to shut their mouths to suit the players .Sadly ,Osaka seems to think shes helping others by speaking so honestly about her problem .Shes running the danger of doing the opposite im afraid . I wish her well.

  2. So we as sports fans can’t cheer or express our feelings from a fans point of view… A real pro would have ate that up and won the damn match… these new sports figures suck!

  3. Martina Navratilova said it best it is heartbreaking 🤮but you have to toughen up. As I understand it the heckler said it once and she falls apart. She actually asked the chair umpire when it happened if she could use her microphone to address the crowd. Omg during the match.

  4. All she has to do is stop talking like a preschooler. She’ll start feeling better instantly

  5. It’s very clear that she is in a fragile mental state for at least the last year, on the court. She is a very talented player but also seems to be a sensitive person and there is a big difference between having the ability to do something well, and having the right temperament – which she doesn’t seem to have – because the higher and more public you go, the more inevitable it is you will get criticized – hecklers or not, racism or not, jealousy or not, etc. Wish her well, she seems like a good person to me.

  6. If she doesn’t grow thick skin soon then she will never succeed in winning another tennis tournament. Right now she’s emotionally and mentally vulnerable and again if she can’t handle a heckler then you won’t make as an athlete especially when it comes any competition with fans. Sooner or later people are getting to get tired of her always playing the victim and again if she can’t grow thick skin then people get tired of you always feeling sorry for yourself.

  7. She’s cries about everything. Damn easy fix. Stop playing the game if you can’t deal with what comes with it. You played very bad. My 17yr old son was booed so much shoothing a free throw in the state finals and his team lost by one point. We talk about it and he moved on. Didn’t cry a Bit. I told him life goes on it’s just a game and it don’t mean anything. He went back to School and I went back to work the next day

  8. That’s what happens when you award weakness you get the weakest generation ever. Give a trophy to everybody. Don’t want to offend no one

  9. Haha! Her woke feelings got hurt. Focus on tennis instead of politics puppet!

  10. Lord she is soft. It’s really sad to watch. She just isn’t meant for that life.

  11. Gimme a break. Be a champion. You suck is supposed to be in a match. This is news?

  12. She’s a young woman of color that’s dealing with this racist…sick ….world and y’all trying to create a virtual moment off a kids pain …….do y’all have a daughter????

  13. Softest generation of athletes of all time. Across the board! It’s disgusting. Grow a pair. You could call me a$$ face for my lifetime for some of these salaries 😆

  14. Pathetic, and she makes how much a year? Don’t play anymore then if you can’t handle it. No sympathy from anyone is more than what she deserves.

  15. How can she compare this moment to what the Williams sisters get through?And this is the girl who beat Serena at the US Open? Her problem is somewhere else,she’s making a tons of it. Serena was heckled by a fan in Australian open 2010 final screaming “come on Justine,she’s not that good!” Serena turned the match around and won the Indian wells 2001 finally too with the crowd against her. She won the Australian open 2007 with style and fashion with all the media and former players destroying her and even destroyed Sharapova in the final. This is ridiculous!

  16. I’m really concerned for Osaka. Being a celebrity automatically makes her a target. I don’t know if she will be able to continue playing at this level if she does not find a coping mechanism. She is undoubtedly the best player on the WTA tour. She has an amazing ability to dismantle her opponents. Unfortunately, with great talent and success comes expectation. She has so many endorsements. She may have bitten off more than she can chew.

    Richard Williams prepared Venus and Serena Williams for opposition both internal and external. I recall, Serena Williams, was down a break in the 3rd set of the 2010 Aussie open final against Justine Henin when a heckler shouted, “Come on Justine, you’re so much better than her (Serena).” That hecklers comment motivated Serena to play better and she came back and won the match.

    Osaka will have to work on improving her mental toughness just as much as her tennis, if not even more. Unfortunately, her opponents now believe they can beat her and know of her mental health struggles. They will try to capitalize when prize money and Notoriety comes with a win over Osaka. Hopefully Osaka will get stronger and Reassert herself as the top player on tour.

  17. This comment section is fucking disgusting. And I bet most of y’all are white. This has nothing to do with getting one insult and she clearly said that when she spoke to the crowd, she’s been heckled before it doesn’t bother her. What bothered her is being in a mostly white place as a young black woman, being a good athlete and having people still disrespect you because of what u are. That level of fear and uncomfort is something you’ll never be able to understand if you are not black or a person of color. Stop acting like your opinion rules and you are the say all be all of every lived experience. You are not on her shoes. Learn to have a little compassion. The worlds cruel enough already

  18. Man this chick is soft af.. This is the Lebron era tho! Soft ass athletes!!

  19. Sick and tired of all these athletes trying to control the total narrative. Don’t boo me, don’t heckle me, don’t ask me challenging questions as a reporter, don’t talk about me on social media, if you don’t have anything good to say… Blah blah blah. Family and personal stuff, ok. I get it. But to censor fans and media from commenting on your performance inside the lines? Gtfoh.

  20. Her reaction was honestly ridiculous. To be heckled in the tamest possible way to and to react like this is shameful. Asking for the umpire’s mic during the match to speak to the crowd is self indulgent. To then disrespect her opponent by giving an on-court interview after a loss was embarrassing. To then give a incomprehensible rambling speech comparing ‘you suck’ to the racist vitriol that the Williams family faced is out right disgusting. A once charming and talented tennis athlete has turned into a spoilt and narcissistic child.

  21. I don’t have any sympathy for Osaka, a supporter of the radical Socialist Black Lives Matter organization, which calls for the death of the police, is hate-filled, abortion-loving and is against traditional marriage. Need I say more about this whining tennis player. Moreover, you have people in Ukraine getting blown away by RUSSIAN aircraft, tanks and missiles and you can’t handle this?

  22. It’s hard to take Osaka seriously when she has no problem being around people and being in the limelight when they’re kissing her ass. She’s only a vulnerable introvert when she loses and is subject to criticism.

  23. Why are the comments so nasty? Have a heart, come on. Mental health isn’t a joke.

  24. Obviously Naomi needs to get herself right mentally before attempting to compete further as a professional athlete..There are hecklers in all sports and tennis is not exempt..By now everyone knows mental illness affect some individuals and is treatable.. However! At sporting events folks are not paying outrageous sums of money to see professional athletes whimpering and having meltdowns during competitions..Then the real trolls will show up..Some folks don’t care about her illness and is not going to have any sympathy for her because she making money and she’s a person of color..So! Man up

  25. Where the hell is her family and support system. I know her boyfriend is a rapper so she isn’t alone . Are they gonna wait till she commit suicide before they help her!?!?😳

  26. I strongly dislike this chick… I’m sorry. Every time things don’t go her way she’s crying.

    I too feel like she cried enough on camera. I can’t wait for her era to be over. Gosh.

  27. Osaka is in the wrong business. She wants to be Serena but it comes wita price lady. I guess you got the wake up call that you are black even though you call yourself Japanese and therefore not black. Welcome to the real world. You lack what it takes to be a tennis player.

  28. I understand that being an athlete requires strength in body and mind but some of you have no empathy! She’s a human being y’all expect athletes to be total zombies. I’d rather her show her emotions publicly than hide them and destroy herself. She’s emotional so what? She’s also at the top, an inspiration to millions, and and overall superstar. I do hope she strengthens her mental and I’ll have her back along the way ❤️

  29. The issue isn’t the heckling that is stupid but players get it all the time …Osaka is not ready to get back on public courts she has to first get on top of mental status..stay off court’s until then …

  30. She acts like her life is so hard. Are you a homeless person who has to figure out when their next meal is or to find a place to stay warm? Stop your whining. You get to go home to your lavish life

  31. Real classy and patriotic of the heckler and others to boo an American and root for the Russian.

  32. People don’t know how serious mental health is especially when we got people like Naomi Osaka, Chris Brown, Lil’ Kim, Beyonce, Simone Biles, Sha’Carri Richardson, Kayne West, Teyana Taylor, Britney Spears and so many others that all had history with battling mental health, and this is why we need to come together and show love and support to that person that suffering behind closed doors.

  33. I think it’s the way that Naomi’s generation was raised… never spanked and only treated with positive reinforcement (which is usually better than negative, but there’s a time for both). If all they ever heard was compliments and positivity, living in the real world where it’s not quite like that is going to be a bit more difficult.

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