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North Korea tests missile capable of hittin’ America

North Korea threatens America/YouTube

North Korea conducts missile test.

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PYONGYANG — First China. Then Russia. Now this. North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un tested an intercontinental ballistic missile Friday morning that landed in Japan and has the potential to reach the United States. The “new” missile, called Hwasong-17, was launched from Pyongyang International Airfield — flying at a distance of 999.2 kilometers (621 miles). It’s North Korea’s second major weapons trial this month as the sanctioned nation looks to amalgamate forces with China and Russia to annihilate the United States. Jong-un’s secret daughter made her first public appearance at the missile launch so he could teach her how to blow sh*t up. Social media reaction was vicious. One person wrote, “Our enemies smell blood in the water from a corpse that is our president. Remember when democrats and fake news told us Trump would start WW3? Now we’ve given all of our weapons to Ukraine and we are dangerously low. Well, at least the Warmongers in Washington are getting filthy rich!”

Another added, “They have no chance against American troops and NATO forces. So they’re prepared to die. It’s just a matter of when they’re ready. War is coming. God bless America!”

Jong-un told the Korean Central News Agency the test was intended to “clearly demonstrate” his country’s capability to counter what he termed the “hysteric aggression war drills by the enemies seeking to destroy peace and stability in the Korean peninsula.” Jong-un, if you recall, issued threats to the United States for levying tougher embargoes aimed at curtailing North Korea’s nuclear program. Because of those sanctions, North Koreans are generally malnourished and lack good healthcare.

China and Russia are against those moratoriums.

North Korea also remains unvaccinated against COVID-19.

That’s because Jong-un said his people will never get the jab.

The Biden Administration issued a warning for the millionth time, calling Jong-un’s missile test “unacceptable.” Airforce officials also deployed a squadron of B-1B Bombers over the Korean peninsula to show Jong-un we ain’t taking his sh*t.

Is it time for America to kick ass?

Or, should we prepare for war?

Watch intimidating military footage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. U.S.A be like for the 500th time – “North Korea, this is your last last warning” 😠

  2. North Korea are doing favors for Putin because they a a pip squeak country!

  3. I love these paper politicians. “It is absolutely unacceptable!” – but in reality is IT TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE because that’s exactly what they’re doing. Accepting it. Watch what people & countries DO, not what they say.

  4. It has been unacceptable from the start 🤣😂 I think ‘Unacceptable” means ‘It’s fine’ 😅

  5. Well, “Unacceptable” isn’t the right word. What they are doing is accepting it, even though they don’t like it. If it were actually unacceptable, US would have simply invaded N. Korea, laid waste to all the civilians and military personel, N. Korea would launch all their nukes into S. Korea and Japan and that would be basically done. Everyone should look on the bright side about this – we would dramatically postpone the overpopulation problem.

  6. Japan: nuclear falls in their zone
    Japan: The missile had range to hit USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    USA: WTF!? North Korea I said stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Japan & South Korea : Tell him!

  7. Year 2050: north korea 7000th missile
    USA: this is not acceptable.we strongly condemn. This is last warning

  8. Ain’t nobody worried about his little cold war era missiles and ICBM’s. They’re extremely outdated and highly inaccurate. Our advanced defense systems would knock them down before they even had a chance to strike us. He’s just wasting his missiles by launching them all. Soon he won’t have any left when the real fun begins.

  9. This is scary to think! Kamala Harris, Commander in chief, during wartime.

  10. They have a missile that can reach the US, the US has thousands that can reach N Korea.

  11. Why north Korea testing missiles is a threat ??
    Do US, China, and others also test missiles??

  12. north korea is just a kid with a new toy , just change his nappy and give him a bottle of milk before bed

  13. Yet it didn’t come near us nor did he make a comment about it coming near us

  14. Them North Koreans need to realize they are too weak to take the US down.

  15. We can easily take Kim and Putin out, why we haven’t is a concerning question

  16. North Korea needs to test more. When the US and its allies test missiles everyone applauds. When others test it is considered provocative. Double standards

  17. It’s their way of saying don’t F=============== with us .One must accept it, as there is no of course. It was okay when the US tested their weapons over 900 times since 1945. Just observation from older reader.

  18. Kim should spend missile money 💰 on his starving population hahahaha!!

  19. Poor Kim he’s like the little kid on the playground saying look I got missiles too 🚀

  20. China is using North Korea as a façade; they are literary testing the waters. One day a missile will continue straight to US soil with China’s name written all over it.

  21. Most likely will hit the white house. Hope it doesn’t reach over here 😬

  22. That delusional little Korean boy better wise up before he gets turned into a smoldering pile of ash

  23. And YET, old tater head in the US is more interested in destroying energy independence, starving and freezing his citizens, murdering babies, allowing crime to run rampant, and the abctq…. community, instead of being interested in the multiple threats of nuclear destruction.

    Does old tater head and his cronies not realize that if the US is ever invaded by any of these forces, that THEY will be the first ones lined up and neutralized?

  24. What our enemies need to realize is that North Korea is small. It can and will nuke the world while their population is literally prepared to live underground for decades while the earth heals.

  25. Just blow N Korea off the map once & for all. It’s a country full of zombies and controlled by a crazy, silly little fat man that looks half man half swine.

  26. With the weak leadership of the Biden’s/Harris administration and the rest of the Democrat socialist party what do you Expect

  27. Don’t forget, they’re trying to bomb just us. They don’t care about anyone else pretty much.

  28. Tips to North Korea: Wrap ur missle to look like a mexican or black and u’ll be clear for landing.

  29. It can travel to United States but it will be demolished by US anti missile system before reaching

  30. Revelation 12:7-9

    “And WAR broke out in heaven Michael and his angels fought with a dragon; and dragon and his angels fought but they did not Prevail, Nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer.”

    Revelation 12:7-9

    “So the Great dragon was cast out, that Serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

  31. Rocket mannnnnn

    look mom, i have one rocket lol

    meanwhile the U.S. has 400+ of those

    = 🤣

  32. Good for North Korea. The only thing keeping the threat of USA imported butt-sex, hormone therapy, and multi-racialism is their nuke threat. Hope it works out for them.

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