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Melania Trump called Stormy Daniels a pornographic hooker in secret recording

Melania Trump slammed Stormy.  Blog King, Mass Appeal WASHINGTON — While confabulating with a close friend, Melania Trump referred to her husband’s alleged paramour — Stormy Daniels — as “the porn hooker.” The First Lady spewed the risqué moniker in 2018 during a phone chinwag with former BFF and confidant Stephanie Wolkoff who secretly recorded the tête-à-tête for her tell-all ...

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Stormy Daniels slams President Donald Trump’s lovemaking skills in new book

Stormy laments Trump encounter.  Blog King, Mass Appeal WASHINGTON — Seems everybody’s transcribing a memoir nowadays and Stormy Daniels is certainly no exception. However, in her new publication titled “Full Disclosure,” the 39-year-old adult film star lambasted President Donald Trump, saying spreading her legs for the adulterous minuteman resulted in “the least impressive sex” she’s ever had. Stormy, in case ...

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