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Stormy donned bulletproof armour during Trump’s trial

Stormy put Trump on blast/YouTube

Stormy wore bulletproof vest. 

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NEW YORK — While testifying last week against quondam President Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels (né Stephanie Clifford) wore a bulletproof vest amid trepidation that his supporters would bust a cap in her ass. The 45-year-old porn star gave a graphic account of her 2006 sexual encounter with Trump. Stormy’s lawyer, Clark Brewster, had a chinwag with CNN on Monday — saying his client had “a lot of fear” about “the security coming into New York.” He also said Stormy “wore a bulletproof vest every day” to the courthouse. As part of her testimony, Stormy told the judge Trump wouldn’t let her egress the hotel suite until she gave him some vulva. Trump, 77, allegedly stood in front of the door and said, “This is the only way you’re getting out of the trailer park.” Stormy also said she went to the restroom. But, as soon as she returned, a horny Trump was sedentary on the bed wearing nothin’ but underwear. Scuttlebutt has it he ingested a Viagra pill to ensure he wore that coochie out.

Stormy said she blacked out briefly. When she woke up, Trump was busy jamming his phallus into her vagina. “I was staring at the ceiling and didn’t know how I got there,” she testified. “I was trying to think about anything other than what was happening there.” Stormy said they copulated in the missionary position, and Trump didn’t wear a condom. Damn. If true, he better get checked.

Afterward, Stormy claimed Trump paid her $130,000 in hush money to keep their dalliance a secret.

Prior to waxing that ass, Trump reportedly told Stormy, “You remind me of my daughter. She is smart, and blonde, and beautiful.”

Social media reaction was vicious.

One commenter wrote, “Wow! Just when I thought that he couldn’t be anymore disgusting and gross. EWWWWW!”

Another chimed in with, “She’s a complete joke… using President Trump as her meal ticket!!!”

A third person added, “I’m still voting for Trump, I don’t care about all this BS.”

Trump has pleaded not guilty to charges of falsifying business records to conceal Stormy’s hush payment.

He also claims he never f*cked her.

Stormy, on the other hand, said Trump wore “satin pajamas” and she spanked him with a magazine prior to Pound Town.


Do you believe her?

Does Trump still have your vote?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. They need to put her in jail. Who believes this garbage. Are people stupid this never been done to a president before look at the Clintons. This trash. Made up trash by people in power who are mad because Trump put light on them.

  2. She blacked out? I’ve heard guilty people claim a black-out to avoid accountability, but why would Stormy use it? She seems to recall an awful lot of detail for someone who blacked out during one of her alleged meetings with Trump. Are there any witnesses to back up her testimony? Otherwise, it’s her word against his, so a perjury charge would not be likely. Reminder: The prosecution has to prove that Stormy was paid to keep quiet so that her alleged dalliances with Trump would not work against him during the election. If that can’t be proven, Trump is not guilty. That’s my understanding anyway. Paying someone to go away, in and of itself, is not illegal.

  3. What a gold digger She’s nothing but a paid assassin fronted by Bidens circus

  4. Broke ass Trump fans denying that he slept with her even though he’s done way worse is hilariously

  5. Stormy put them in their place! ️ MAHA! Haaaaaa Haaaaaa Haaaaaaaa! 😂😂😂😂

  6. Mistrial Mistrial Mistrial
    She accepted my client’s “Hush payment”
    Legally speaking Stormy should not be testifying
    The Judge should not let her testify since she was paid to “Hush up”

  7. He should of stayed at home with Melania and a Bible. Just had to see Stormy.

  8. I dont beileve stormy for a second. She suggested she would spank him with the magazine he showed her? I dont believe it. And if she really honestly met him at a hotel, she knew what she was getting her self into. This was purely to try to humiliate a former president who is going against the incumbent,right before an election. Y’all are sad. Really sad, if y’all are cheering for a former president to go to jail.

    Honestly they should ask her under oath if she was pushed or paid by someone to change her story from what she said back in 2018. It is election year, why did E. Jeane Carroll wait 20 years to come out with this story? Why did Stormy decide to change her mind a year before the election?

  9. So is Stormy going to give back the money since she isn’t being quiet? Sounds like she breached the contract. They should sue her!

  10. WE THE PEOPLE don’t give af what donald trump did with his dick or money 20 years ago. At this point they reaching for anything

  11. The man has an alleged affair so what is the crime here. Bill clinton was a confessed affair to an intern but was not convicted. This trial is just to smear his election chances.

  12. Daniel’s testimony was COMPLETELY the the opposite of what she said years ago (2006) when being interviewed by Bill Maher. She’s on the stand right now doing everything she can to make this into some sort of sex assault case. Or at least sway the court while eluding to some sort of toxic behavior. This woman’s testimony is dishonest theater. Disagree? Go and watch the interview with her and Bill Maher.

  13. Trump should really stay away from yard sales.
    She was only worth 25 cents.

  14. Sickening having an incompetent president trying to smear an AMAZING PRESIDENT like PRESIDENT TRUMP !!!!! FJB

  15. @Michael Schaefer: The crime Trump committed was Illegal use of campaign funds; hide and reuse for personal reasons called “Hush Money”. To help your “know nothing syndrome” it’s a federal crime punishable by fines and possibly prison time up to 5 years (I believe) depending upon the severity. In Trump’s case it’s severe. The FEC (Federal Election Committee) was created to prevent the buying and selling of our United States government while running for office. Also, Trump may be in trouble on a new charge- Bribery. He is recorded telling Big Oil executives if you donate to my campaign,$1Billion dollars I will relax or eliminate EPA restrictions and allow this and that and so on”. Sorry dude that’s bribery and selling the POTUS office for favors; a crime. This is exactly what the FEC was setup to prevent.

  16. Should of stayed at home with Melania and a Bible. Just had to see Stormy.

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