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Bill Gates admitted COVID vaccines are not effective

Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci under fire/YouTube

Bill Gates trashes COVID vaccine.

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SYDNEY — Microsoft founder Bill Gates, 67, raised eyebrows the other day when he said COVID vaccines don’t work. The computer geek-turned-philanthropist, who’s made billions off the mRNA panacea, yapped his beak during a coronavirus conference at the Lowy Institute in Sydney, Australia. Through his foundation, Bill invested more than $2 billion in COVID vaccines in 2019. Sounds like money wasted. “The current vaccines are not infection blocking,” Bill admitted. “They’re not broad so when new variants come up you lose protection and they have very short duration particularly in the people who matter which are old people.” Social media reaction was skeptical. One reader wrote, “For a college dropout he does a really good job pretending to sound like a virologist.” Another chimed in with, “It’s a badge of honor to be called a conspiracy theorist nowadays.😀” A third person added, “The question we should be asking is ‘What did Gates know in 2019 that he invested heavily in COVID vaccines?’”

Bill also said the aforementioned vaccination problems are “fixable” while promoting COVID inhale blockers.

Is Bill full of sh*t?

Is it time to put Pfizer and Moderna under a microscope?

Watch Bill pretend to be a virologist.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Oh oh. They would not admit this unless they have something up their sleeve. They keep hinting and doing test runscforcthd nexgvhuge contagion coming in. It is all about control and A.I.I Or is it about all of the lawsuits coming from vaccine injury?

  2. Who is this man to decide anything about healthcare? Such arrogance!

  3. Why are we listening to this creep, he’s not poked! He is part of WEF, Epstein, Fauci, evil,

  4. Bill gates invests heavily into vaccines, then there is a “sudden” outbreak and vaccines make more money than any pharmaceutical in history. Totally coincidental I’m sure.

  5. Whenever Bill Gates talks about vaccines or anything to do with medicine I can’t help but laugh. A computer guy who invested millions in vaccines and he talks about it and people listen to him like he’s the top scientist in the world

  6. Gates is speaking out now that he has got his profits. Prior to this he was promoting them … as were all the media, regardless of risk-benefit analysis.

  7. I can’t listen to anything that comes out of this “self entitled scientist” piece of sh$t

  8. So you are now an medical expert, deciding life and death over us ,you lizard/snake.
    Keep your evil to yourself and give it to your family. You are a tec billionaire , through betrayal and evil.
    Keep your dirty/filthy hands from my children and grandchildren as for me and my household we follow the LORD JESUS CHRIST and not your venom you snake

  9. i hate that they always call that psychotic opportunist a philanthropist

  10. Gates should take 1000 of his clot shots a year until he realizes what a piece of garbage he is for profiting off of poisoning people and laughing all the way to the bank. Gates couldn’t fix a computer virus so he’s allowed to pretend that he can fix human viruses?!? If I use Microsoft word for a while, I can be the CEO of Microsoft?

  11. Bill gates DID NOT TAKE THE VACCINE otherwise he WOULD BE DEAD by now!!

  12. As time goes by the conspiracy theorists are turning out to be absolutely correct.

  13. Bill Gates is a liar ,we know this already, he lied to his wife and the American people ,we just can’t divorce him like she did !

  14. What are these tech billionaires doing in medical and agricultural fields, both of which are the basic needs for survival?

  15. Bill gates you have already fixed our food by introducing GMOs. Now please don’t fix our immune system. Please!

  16. Bill Gates has ZERO ZERO medical credentials license to practice medicine or to give medical advice!!! Also he had ties to Epstien Island that tells me everything I need to know about this man!!!

  17. Bill killed and serialized thousands of people in Africa, now he is focused on killing Americans…. they can’t wait to release the big-one on us all, fauci and gates are the leaders of this covert genocide… China is building robots to pick-up and devour human bodies from the streets

  18. Bill Gates is not the problem, it’s all the people who are still listening to him,

    Sad sad state of affairs indeed!

  19. Wait, this founder of Microsoft is now a medical expert to talk about our world health? Or is it that he’s so rich he can afford to buy off anything to have his say

  20. He’s not trashing The vaccine. That’s a gross misrepresentation of what he said. He saying it could be better that’s all, what can’t be better. Viruses mutate dim wits. Ie That’s why the flu jab changes each year. A Very disingenuous. narrative. Only believable if you don’t know your science.

  21. We do not need all these vaccines ! If these bio labs (gain of function) stop existing, there will be no risk that a highly dangerous man made virus will escape. We all have a natural immunity system that, if we are leading a healthy living, can perfectly keep us safe. So, pharma should not try to hook us on something for their profit only !!!

  22. The vaccines do NOT stop the spread of the Covid-19 infection. The vaccines have a short duration of protection??? Protection from what? The vaccines are NOW finally revealed to NOT stop the spread of the Covid-19 infection in the 1st place! This is from Uncle Bill Gates own cake hole!

  23. 📌Bill Gates wife divorced him because she discovered how morally bankrupt he is. I wonder how many trips he made to Jeffrey Epstein‘s perverted island 🏝️ ???? Mrs. Gates said she met Jeffrey Epstein once, and describe him as evil personified. I don’t trust Bill Gates at all. Remember Gates parents were on baby Killing Board of Directors for Planned Parenthood they want zero population.

  24. Let’s see if I get this straight. Gates, Fauci, et al invented the Covid 19 virus, released it on the public, then bribed governments around the world to foist a “vaccine” that did not vaccinate on most of the population, with Gates alone making $500,000,000 in profit.
    Is that about right?

  25. The only reason why the insecure society listen to a person like him is because of low self esteem and low self worth, poverty mindset, waiting to be Saved. He uses climate change and ozone pollution as an Alibi. The planet earth is safe and fine no matter how humans behave, everything in nature is balanced, enough organic foods and resources a million times over, nature makes sure of that, but man’s Computer generated world moves society because many easily believe a man in a suit and a tie with wealth. More technology more radiation, cancer. Because he made software doesn’t mean he knows what the entire planet needs, his world for society to live in. If the planet was so bad we all would have died the after a few years of pollution, the planet has a natural recycling system, everything made here poison or not is naturally recycled, that’s why the earth is 98% water. Natural disasters are natural climate change.

  26. Yet people were mandated to have vaccines that don’t protect

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