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Uncle Drew disses COVID vaccine

Shaquille O’Neal lambasted Kyrie.  Blog King, Mass Appeal BROOKLYN — Shaquille O’Neal has joined the celebrity campaign to get every American inoculated with the COVID vaccine. The NBA Hall-of-Famer, who lacks a medical license, made headlines this week when he said the Brooklyn Nets should fire point guard Kyrie Irving who’s against involuntary immunizations. Shaq, 49, spewed the diatribe during ...

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“Family Guy” characters Peter Griffin & company urge COVID-19 vaccinations

Family Guy joins vaccine campaign. Blog King, Mass Appeal HOLLYWOOD — First the Simpsons. Now this. “Family Guy” patriarch Peter Griffin, his son Stewie and their dog Brian released a public service announcement in support of the COVID vaccine. Produced by Seth Macfarlane, the 3-minute cartoon shows Peter complaining about immunizations during a doctor’s appointment. “God, I hate getting shots,” ...

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Rihanna dropped Nicki Minaj from fashion extravaganza after she dissed the vaccine

Nicki axed from Rihanna’s event. Blog King, Mass Appeal LOS ANGELES — Nicki Minaj dissed the COVID vaccine. Now she’s being blacklisted Mo’Nique style. If you recall, the 38-year-old artist tweeted the vax emasculated a family friend by making his penis diminutive and his balls distended. President Joe Biden called the accusation a goddamn lie. MSNBC’s Joy Reid spent a ...

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